Equipment Loan

Learn how our equipment loan program can solve your businesses equipment needs.

Our features and benefits page will help you understand and learn how to use this equipment loan financing program for the life of your business.   Since almost all businesses need equipment, virtually all businesses can benefit from this program.

Businesses can find a flexible solution to their equipment needs today, including short time in business,  and lower credit score concerns in the $3,000 to $150,000 range.

Equipment loan

Equipment loan


Complete the contact form in the menu above, or call Toll Free at: 855-787-1113 to find out how to get the equipment you need at your place of business as fast as 3 business days.   Approvals can be obtained in as little as one day and funds are wired into your business account as quickly as 2 to 3 days.

Use this equipment loan program to obtain computer electronic equipment, industrial equipment, machinery and medical equipment fast and easy. Scores as low as 600 and in some cases, lower,  are accepted.    There is no minimum time in business.  New businesses can qualify to get equipment.

Other Equipment loan Features include: – Very flexible qualifications - Application and processing is fast and easy – No minimum time in business minimum requirement – Equipment loans as low as $3,000 to start – The equipment loan does not appear under the borrower’s personal credit

Frequently asked Equipment loan program questions:

What are my chances of being approved? If you have been in business for as little as 2 months or longer, you may qualify for an initial equipment loan to get up to $25,000 in equipment.

What is the most equipment I can get under the equipment loan programs? The higher the Gross Sales of the business, the longer the time in business and the higher the credit scores are, the more the business can get in equipment.

What are the terms of financing? Available terms are 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.  

How fast can it be done? The full process takes approximately 5 business days from the time the application is submitted, to the Vendor, or your business  being funding by wire.     

Finding  “loans for attorneys” and “attorney loans” is a thought that comes to mind for many Lawyers that have not had success getting working capital for their practice through conventional financing.  Getting a “loan for attorney practice” or a “loan for legal practice” are other pleas that are becoming more common.

Get your legal practice a short term loan, or term it out longer, starting from 6 or 9 months, all the way out to 36 months or longer.

Call us at Toll Free :855-787-1113 or Tel: 919-771-4177 or click on the Contact Button below now.

Determine how much you would like to get.   Get your most recent three months bank statements and complete a list of your equipment assets, which includes computer and technology equipment. There are multiple options available.  In some cases, we can take existing equipment and offer a longer term, up to 24, 36, and 48 months.  Another excellent option is to use existing sales for a shorter 6 to 9 month term.

We will approve a loan and payoff any other loan balances you want to payoff.    We will help you in setting up a 6 to 48 month repayment term.   If you choose a term of 24 months, your monthly payments will be significantly lower compared to the shorter 6 or 9 month term product.

loans for attorneys

loans for attorneys

If your legal practice takes out a $25,000 short term loan for 6 months, the monthly payment would be about $5,457 per month.   If the loan is extended out to 24 months, you will reduce the monthly payment to $1,550 per month,  $3,900 less than the 6 month payment.   If you choose 36 months, you will reduce the monthly payment down to $1,075 per month, $4,380 less than the 6 month payment.   This lower monthly amount will ease your legal practice’s cash flow significantly.

You need only complete a short 1 page application and provide either the most recent cash flow statements such as bank statements, or an equipment list.  The equipment list can also be completed online.  The approval process takes one to three business days.  Once you are approved,  we will review the terms with you.   The closing documents are sent to you via E-Mail.    The docs are completed and returned via Fax.  A final call, known as “a verbal”  is done with the owner of the legal practice and funds are wired into the company account within 1 to 2 business days.

You won’t have any more need to look for “loans for lawyers” or  a “business loan for an attorney  practice”.

Call us at  919-771-4177 or Toll Free at 855-787-1113, or click on the Contact Us button above or on the Menu bar, and we will help you get funding for your legal practice in this restrictive industry and boost your practice’s cash flow.

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  1. Not so much, but restaurant equipment is more difficult. Any equipment that is specialized may be more difficult to get financing for because it is more difficult to liquidate in the event of a default.

  2. co signers help when they are already owners of the company and live in the same city or area. If the Co signer lives several states away or is not an owner, it will not help much

  3. The only exception to the out of state non owner co signer is if the person has a high net worth and proves this through tax returns and a personal financial statement. In these cases, the lender will often strongly consider the loan when they would not have before because they will feel that the loan repayment is protected via the co-signer.

  4. Gajen Rupta of AP Tech in Dearborn wrote to us asking, “We want to finance IT equipment, but about 40% of the cost includes software. Can you finance the software together with the computers, or will you only finance the computers? We need financing for all of it because we cannot come up with almost the whole amount if we include the sofware.”

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