Bank Statement Loan

Bank Statement Loan

A new niche bank statement loans program for your business.
– Credit scores as low as 500 and lower.
 Time in business as short as only 4 months.
– No Collateral is required.
– Only provide the most recent 3 months complete business checking account statements.

ONLINE APP.  List Email and name to access App.  Attach the last 3 months bank statements, or send App only.
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Get a bank statement loan today based on your company sales.   If your business has 3 months of revenue, get business bank statement funding based on sales

Many businesses have excellent cash flow and payment history.   Even so, they are often declined because of limited collateral or unsatisfactory personal credit.   These businesses feel they should have access to capital.

We agree.   Small business loans depot can provide business bank statement financing quickly.  Based on your Business revenue, we can get your business the capital it needs within 3 to 5 business days or less.

Bank Statement loan
Bank statement loan for businesses.

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Business Bank Statement loans include the following features:
– The highest approval percentage of any business financing. 
– Every business has Cash flow, so almost all businesses can qualify. 
– Only 3 months bank statements requested.
– Just a short 1 page application is needed. 
– Fast turnaround, one or two day approval common.
Get your Bank Statement Loan today.   Call us now at Tel: 919-771-4177 or Toll Free: 855-787-1113.
– Daily, weekly and monthly repayment options are available.
– Large business loans available. Programs for a business loan over $100,000, $150,000 and $250,000.

New Flex Payment program – Flexible payment program

Flex payback is when a %  of the client’s incoming cash flow deposits to pay down their advance.  Merchants and most businesses like the flex payment terms because they only pay when they have a cash flow coming in, instead of a fixed daily payment.    A business may have a few slow weeks.   They won’t have nearly the worry about making their daily ACH payments.    If their cash flow goes down, their payments go down.

Contact us today.  Get your business funded.  Start now.

Other bank statement loan features:
Up to 100% of a customer’s total monthly deposits may be approved.  If your business has average monthly deposits of $50,000, then an approval up to $62,500 is possible.  If the businesses average daily balance is strong, the approval amount can be higher.

This Bank Statement Loan can be used as a line of credit.   The customer uses the line and repays at their discretion.  The customer can use the full line or part of the line amount again immediately.  The line can also be left idle for months until it is needed again.   This line does not require an annual pay down.   Annual or quarterly financial statements are not needed for bank statement financing, also known as an ACH Business loan.

Provide the most recent 3 months business checking account statements.   The higher the total deposits per month are, the more the bank statement loan amount may be.

Required to qualify or pre-qualify.
– Signed and dated application from 50% of ownership.
– Last 3 months complete business bank statements from main business operating
– For amounts over $150,000:  The most recent 6 months business bank statements
and first page of the most recent business tax return.

Required for Loan Contracts:
– Valid and clear driver’s license.
– Voided business check for approved account.
– Valid E-Mail address for owners.
– Federal Tax ID number, or TIN.

Other business bank statement loan customer benefits:
– New loans offered 60 days after closing first loan.
– Renewals and renewal options start at 40% pay down of balance.
– No standard site inspection.
– Tax Liens < $175,000 can be accepted.
– Bankruptcies > 1 Year O.K.
– Only 50% ownership required in many cases.
– Soft Credit pull for certain programs
– No personal guarantee required
– Loans are amortized daily for certain programs.
– No prepayment penalty for certain programs, if qualified.

The newest option is an open Tax lien business loan under $10,000,  which can now be financed.   An IRS payment arrangement is not required.   3 month to 18 month terms are available.   Business with an open tax lien and no payment arrangement can be financed.

October 26th, 2016, Charlotte, NC – for immediate release.  Peak Transport, Inc. closes $250,000 business bank statement loan with   CEO Harrison Davis told the Charlotte Business Journal how the funding would help expansion plans.   “With this financing, Peak Transport will be able to offer Transport and Courier services throughout the Carolinas.  We will expand into refrigerated Transport services and add Grocery Store transportation services for our customers.  This business line will allow us to increase revenues immediately in the next business cycle.  We expect revenues to increase approximately 25% in the next 12 months and by 40% by the end of 2018.  We look forward to continuing and expanding our financing relationship through”

August 12th, 2016, Columbus, OH -for immediate release.   Atlas Landscaping secures $100,000 business bank statement loan through   President Jason Sweeney told the Columbus Business Journal how the funding would greatly assist his business.   “With the funding, Atlas Landscaping will expand and become a leader in commercial landscaping in the greater metro Columbus area.   We will add some new trucks and add pond and stream design into our services.   We will hire several new employees to service our expanding customer base.  We anticipate increasing sales during the last of the summer months and into the fall, with a major sales increase beginning in the spring of 2017.   We anticipate sales increasing by 25% in 2016 and by 50% by the end of summer 2018.  We look forward to using this credit line to help our expansion in the future.   We also will continue to work with in the future for our financing needs.”

June 30th, 2016, Chicago, IL -for immediate release.   Johnson Dental completes $100,000 bank statement loan.   Owner Dr. Gary Johnson will use the funds to help bridge cash flow shortfalls.   Dr. Johnson stated, “This line give us the best flexibility to use funds whenever there is a critical need.  During December and in August there are normally slow patient periods.   More patients have also been paying out of pocket recently because of no insurance and having to finance service.  The terms of financing are 12 months.   This greatly extends the time needed until full payment is obtained.   This line helps us bridge the gap while patients are under financing.   The line will also be used for certain inventory or specialized advertising when we are sure of the return of investment. We look forward to expanding this relationship and increasing the line size in the future.

Frequently asked business bank statement financing Questions:
Are all these products about the same?

These products fall under one basic product type.   Callers call in with many different requests.   Requests from callers include a “business bank statement loan” and a “loan based on bank statements”.  Other requests from callers include a “business loan using bank statements”.   “bank statement loan for business”, and “bank statement financing” are also requested.

What is the maximum we can get? 
The bank statement loan line size depends upon the total dollar amount of deposits per month and the average daily balance.   Time in business is looked at.   There is no minimum credit score.

Is this product available nationwide?
Yes.   This product is available in many cities.   Business owners can speak with local representatives.   It is available in Canada.   It is not available in Puerto Rico or other U.S. Territories.

How long does funding take under the bank statement loans program? 
First submit your bank statements.  Approvals are obtained in 24 to 48 hours.  Funds are wired into your business checking account within 24 hours of receiving completed closing documents.

How long is the repay time? 
The term of these bank statement loans are between 2-18 months.  Term options depend on cash flow and time in business.

Overdrafts and Insufficient Funds days.    A Maximum of 5 per month are preferred.

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