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A Bank Statement Loan is available now by Small Business Loans Depot

A new niche bank statement loans program for your business.
– Credit scores as low as 500 and lower.
 Time in business as short as only 4 months.
– No Collateral is required.
– Only provide the most recent 3 months complete business checking account statements.

Get a bank statement loan today based on your company sales.   If your business has 3 months of revenue, get business bank statement funding based on sales.

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Many businesses have excellent cash flow and payment history.   Even so, they are often declined because of limited collateral or unsatisfactory personal credit.   These businesses feel they should have access to capital.

We agree.   Small business loans depot can provide business bank statement financing quickly.  Based on your Business revenue, we can get your business the capital it needs within 3 to 5 business days or less.

bank statement loan for small businesses
bank statement loan for business

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Business Bank Statement loans include the following features:
– The highest approval percentage of any business financing. 
– Every business has Cash flow, so almost all businesses can qualify. 
– Only 3 months bank statements requested.
– Just a short 1 page application is needed. 
– Fast turnaround, one or two day approval common.
Get your Bank Statement Loan today.   Call us now at Tel: 919-771-4177 or Toll Free: 855-787-1113.
– Daily, weekly and monthly repayment options are available.

Contact us today.  Get your business funded.  Start now.

Other bank statement loan features:
Up to 100% of a customer’s total monthly deposits may be approved.  If your business has average monthly deposits of $50,000, then an approval up to $62,500 is possible.  If the businesses average daily balance is strong, the approval amount can be higher.

This Bank Statement Loan can be used as a line of credit.   The customer uses the line and repays at their discretion.  The customer can use the full line or part of the line amount again immediately.  The line can also be left idle for months until it is needed again.   This line does not require an annual pay down.   Annual or quarterly financial statements are not needed.

Provide the most recent 3 months business checking account statements.   The higher the total deposits per month are, the more the bank statement loan amount may be.

The newest option is an open Tax lien business loan under $10,000,  which can now be financed.   An IRS payment arrangement is not required.   3 month to 18 month terms are available.   Business with an open tax lien and no payment arrangement can be financed.

07/29/2015, Colorado Springs, CO.  Dental practice in Colorado Springs receives $130,000 based on their Gross sales.   The Dental practice used the length of their time in business, credit and consistency of sales to obtain the capital.   The owner had tried to obtain working capital from a traditional bank.   The financial statements were not strong enough and they were declined.

07/01/2015, Ann Arbor, MI.   Great Lakes Manufacturing secures two separate $125,000 bank statement loans.   Great Lakes Manufacturing President Rick Skinner made the following announcement.   With these lines, Great Lakes Manufacturing will expand production facilities in the Ann Arbor Headquarters to produce a new line of machining tools for the automotive industry.   We anticipate revenues will increase by $500,000 by the end of 2015 and by 25% by the end of 2016.   Field sales representatives will be hired to expand our customer based in the upper Midwest region.

Houston, TX,  June 19, 2015 – Highland construction announces $150,000 bank statement loan.   Marcus Eaton spoke at the company’s monthly meeting.  “We are very happy to announce the establishment of a credit line through SCF Funding.    This line allows us to implement our expansion plans in Northern Texas and New Mexico.    We will be able to provide clients with additional construction services including foundation and soil moving work.    This will allow Highland Construction to become a leader in the State in the Construction industry.”    Mr. Eaton commented further.   “Profit expectations for 2015 and 2016 will increase by $250,000 to $500,000.   We are in competition for some government programs.   If Highland Construction secures these programs, expected profit margins will increase significantly from these figures.”

San Francisco, CA, April 17, 2015 – Elite Gaming is pleased to announce the establishment of a $150,000 credit line.  Elite Gaming is headquartered in San Francisco and specializes in software gaming.   President Mike Brand announced, “We are pleased to establish and have access to this line.  The credit line will allow Elite Gaming to expand specialty lines.  New programmers will be hired.   We are on track to become a leader in the battle gaming industry.”  Mr. Brand expects revenues to double within 2 years. He plans to expand Elite Gaming services to include some government contracts in the future.

03/12/2015 – For immediate release.  Long Island Development, Inc. announces $450,000 business bank statement loan line.   President Ron Matthews told the Long Island Herald, “Long Island Development will use this business bank statement line to begin commercial projects in east long island.  These projects will continue through 2016.  Employees will be hired and raw materials will be purchased.   The line will be paid down as each stage is completed.   We look forward to expanding this relationship into the future.   This line will help Long Island development become a leading real estate developer in Long Island and New York State”.

01/30/2015 – Macro Systems Gaming, Inc., in Carmel, CA establishes a $150,000 line.   In an interview with the San Jose Mercury News, CEO Murphy Daniels said , “With this line, Macro Systems Gaming, Inc. will strengthen it’s position in the rapidly expanding gaming market.  Programmers, System Engineers and additional staff will be be hired.  We will also expand our product line into the increasing female market.  The over 30 market will be targeted”.

Frequently asked business bank statement financing Questions:
Are all these products about the same?

These products fall under one basic product type.   Callers call in with many different requests.   Requests from callers include a “business bank statement loan” and a “loan based on bank statements”.  Other requests from callers include a “business loan using bank statements”.   “bank statement loan for business”, and “bank statement financing” are also requested.

What is the maximum we can get? 
The bank statement loan line size depends upon the total dollar amount of deposits per month and the average daily balance.   Time in business is looked at.   There is no minimum credit score.

Is this product available nationwide?
Yes.   This product is available in many cities.   Business owners can speak with local representatives.

How long does funding take under the bank statement loans program? 
First submit your bank statements.  Approvals are obtained in 24 to 48 hours.  Funds are wired into your business checking account within 24 hours of receiving completed closing documents.

How long is the repay time? 
The term of these bank statement loans are between 3-18 months.  Term options depend on cash flow and time in business.

Overdrafts and Insufficient Funds days.    A Maximum of 5 per month are preferred.

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Visit the SBA and learn how to develop a business plan and  financial statements.


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