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For an Asset Based Loan, Small Business Loans Depot offers an Asset Based Loan with high approval rates and very high pre-qualification rates.   There are many types of assets that businesses have they can use for an Asset based loan.   Businesses can use receivables, real estate, some types of equipment as assets for capital.

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Many business in the past have been frustrated with conventional financing and have never understood why they are turned down for financing when they have significant sales or equipment. Small business loans depot is in agreement and can provide your business an Asset Based Loan today! Does your business have Assets? Then we can get you money in a easily and efficiently.

– Qualifying for this Asset Based Loan will result in obtaining up to $150,000
in working capital.
– The process is fast and easy with minimal paperwork in most cases.
– Tough transactions are done routinely
– Low amounts such as $7,500 and up are considered.
– No requests for “up front” money or “up front” application fees.
– Just a 1 page application is all that is needed.

This Asset Based Loan provides major tax savings which compare to the powerful home mortgage deduction. Write off the entire payment, not just the interest.

This Asset Based Loan allows a business to do something banks won’t do. Take the money that is sitting idle in equipment and use it instead to generate revenue. Businesses use cash as a starting point for many of their activities which eventually result in revenue. Don’t let cash sit in assets!

The types of equipment which can be used vary greatly. Our Asset Based Loan program allows for Computer Electronic equipment, including desktops, laptops and servers, industrial equipment and machinery, such as drill presses, brake shears, CNC milling machines. Equipment with a value as low as $1,000 can be included in the transaction.

Credit scores for this Asset Based Loan start at 500 for some programs and 600 for some additional programs. The higher the credit score, the more funding that can be obtained.

Total funding for our Asset Based Loan program will typically total no more than $150,000 though it can be higher. The stronger the company’s sales, amount of assets and equipment, credit and time in business, the more that will be funded to your business. If a business can qualify for a maximum of $50K and needs more, Small Business Loans Depot can do a 2nd funding part under an additional program which allows a business to get $100K, $150K or $200K.

Call to Today, Toll Free at: 855-787-1113 to put cash into your business quickly and easily!

Sample of recent Asset Base Loan transaction:

A business consulting firm with 3 years in business and modest business credit needed a $20K Asset Based Loan. They submitted the application. Upon approval in approximately 48 hours, documents were E-Mailed to the customer. The customer returned the original documents overnight.

Upon receipt a final verbal verification was completed per telephone. The transaction funding and funds were wired to the customer within 3 business days.

What are advantages this type loan over other loans? There are several advantages, as follows:

– An asset based loan, in general, tends to be approved for a higher amount than other small business loans, especially compared to unsecured loans.
-These loans also, in general, require far less paperwork
– There are many more options for this type of a loan due to the simple fact that there are many types of assets. Unsecured is basically just one type of loan

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Top Reasons for going out of business

Is your business having severe problems and is going out of business?   Below are the Top Reasons for going out of business followed by the complete list.

You can take fast, easy, and efficient steps to avoid going out of business.    This may include securing working capital to bridge the difficult period.    We have numerous options for all business situations.

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Top Reasons for going out of business

1. Running out of Money.   Running out of money is probably the main reason for going out of business.   There are different circumstances under which businesses run out of money.  The business is going through a slow period.   Revenues have been low since the business opened.

3.  Too much debt and overhead.   The owners or the business itself may have too much debt and overhead to deal with.   They can’t handle it and go out of business.

4.  Insufficient starting capital.   Many businesses never really had enough capital to start.   Often there are problems after opening.  This is followed by the business not having enough capital to overcome them.

5.  Unable to get financing or enough financing.   Many businesses need working capital or other types of business financing after starting.  Some of these needs are critical.   If they cannot get the financing needed for equipment or short term working capital, the business may not survive.

6.  Not enough back up capital or emergency capital.    Business owners have liquid assets and net worth.   If the business needs more working capital than

7. Bad Employees.   This is usually employees that are bad performers with low quality work and low production.   Some employees are out sick on leave a lot.

8. Bad Marketing and Sales.   Some businesses have owners with expertise in certain areas.  They may have technical but not sales and customer service.   These other areas can be crucial to the survival of the business.

9. Inflexible ownership.   This is resistance to change or new ideas.   Many business owners have aggressive take charge personalities.   This is often what drives them to accomplishing starting a business.   It can hurt some business owners significantly.  Many business owners are not open to new ideas or alternatives different than the ones they believe in.   They are often very resistant to criticism.

10.  Market changes.   Businesses need to keep up with what is happening in their industry and stay up.  Some businesses show poor awareness to market trends and changes.

11.  Not keeping track of competition.   Businesses that do not keep track of what the competition is doing may be left behind.    Competitors may introduce new products, programs and incentives.

The reasons listed are usually the top reasons for going out of business.  Some solutions and ideas are offered to avoid going out of business.   If your business is closing, the SBA offers a list of items to consider when going out of business.




Top 6 business loan decline reasons

Businesses are declined for business loans for many reasons.   Below are the top 6 business loan decline reasons.   Your business can do several easy things to prevent many of these declines.   Use the following list to increase your chances of getting approved for a business loan by avoiding the decline reasons listed.

Contact us below to be guided to get your business loan approved, not declined.

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Don’t let your business get turned down for any of these top 6 business loan decline reasons.


Top 6 Business Loan Decline Reaons
Top reasons why a business is declined for a business loan


Top 6 business loan decline reasons

1. Personal Credit.   Poor, damaged, or delinquent personal credit  of the owner is
the main reason for being turned down for a business loan.  Most businesses are less than 35 employees and the personal credit of the owner is usually part of the credit review.   If the personal credit score of the owner is low, there are some steps that might be taken to minimize the impact.
Short term Solutions:
A.  Spend time researching different business loan products  before applying. Try to apply for business loan products that have less scrutiny of the owner’s personal credit.  If possible talk to the lender first.  Find out how much of an impact personal credit has on their business loan product.
B.  If there are multiple owners of a business and one owner has better credit, the owner with the better credit should be the first applicant.   If the owner with the better credit is over 50% owner, the application may be approved without the other owner.   This may prevent a decline for weak credit.   The 2nd owner may not even be required.
Longer term solutions:
A. Get a copy of your personal credit report.   Look for errors.   If there are errors, you can dispute them with the credit bureau.  If they are removed, your credit score will go up.  If there is derogatory credit, look at how old it is.   If it is close to 7 years old, it may be on the verge of dropping off your report.    You will then know your credit score will go up once it drops off.   Limited credit may also be an issue.   If you have limited credit, this may be a time to consider what accounts you can add to your credit bureau.

2. Derogatory Business Credit.   Businesses can have derogatory business credit.   This derogatory business credit may appear on a business credit report.   Examples are State Tax liens, Federal Tax Liens, Suits and Judgements, Past Due Accounts and Collections.
A.  Get a copy of your business credit report through Dun & Bradstreet or Experian Business credit report in advance of applying for a business loan.  If there is incorrect information, the process of correcting it is similar to the process of correcting incorrect credit reported on your personal credit.   Contact the business credit agencies and dispute the incorrect information.   If the business credit agency cannot verify the derogatory credit, it may be removed from your file.

3.  Insufficient Cash Flow.     This is sometimes also referred to as negative cash flow or unacceptable cash flow.   Businesses are often declined for a business loan due to insufficient cash flow.   The official decline reason varies, though the basic reason is the same.  The lender believes that the business does not have enough cash flow to handle the new debt.   If the lender is reviewing a P & L, Profit and Loss statement and it is showing a negative net income, that may a decline reason trigger.   If the business has
How to avoid this decline reason: 
A.  If your business is declined for this reason, contact the lender to discuss it.   There may be alternative solutions.   Your business might be approved for a lower amount.   This can include a starter line.   A starter line line is usually a small line that the lender offers just to get the relationship stated.   Lenders sometimes do this with borderline decline instances.   They want to take a small risk hoping that the borrower will develop into a good long term customer.

Weak financial statements.   For many types of business loans, financial statements are still required.   This is more often the case when the terms are very favorable.   If a companies financial statements are weak and show a low net income, decreasing revenues, or other weaknesses, it can easily cause a decline.
How to avoid this decline reason:

4. Collateral.   Some loan products are asset based.  In these cases, the Collateral must be satisfactory or the business loan will be declined.   This is the case for Real Estate backed loans, Accounts receivables financing, or Equipment Loans.   Even if the customer has excellent credit and time in business, if the assets do not have enough value or other conditions are not here, they may be declined.

5. Time in Business.   The time in business requirement varies from one business loan product to another.   For some lenders 2 years or more time in business may be required. Ask the lender if there is a time in business requirement.    If there is, ask if it a hard and fast rule.   For some lenders, if the applicant has other strengths in their profile, it may override the time in business requirement and be approved.

6.  Industry.   Some lenders will decline a business just for being in a certain industry.  This is often referred to as a restricted industry.   Often business do now know when applying the lender won’t even loan to their industry.   This is an easy decline to avoid.  Put this in the list of questions to ask a lender before applying.   Do you lend to my type of business?   Sometimes lenders have preferred industries that they lend to.   Some lenders have industries that the do not considered favored industries.   They may consider your industry as challenged or place it in a more difficult to loan to internal category.   Ask the lender: Is my industry a preferred industry you lend to?   Not all of these 6 top business loan decline reasons have to be corrected.   Some cannot be corrected.   The steps that should be taken are on a case by case basis. Every company has different hurdles to being approved for a business loan. 

Using some of the tips above and your business can overcome many of these top 6 business loan decline reasons and get critical business capital.

There are other excellent resources available to assist small businesses in preparation for a loan.   The SBA has a 30 minute video session on how to prepare a business loan package.

Should you worry about any more decline reasons?   What are other steps you can take?  There are others to consider besides these top 6 business loan decline reasons.  Others include declines for key financial ratios such as debt to income and declining revenues.   In some cases, the business is approved but not with the terms the business wants to accept .   These reasons are less frequent.  They can be acted on differently.  Additional action steps in addition to the top 6 business loan decline reasons.

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Ethical business loans

Ethical business loans

March 31, 2017 – Not getting straightforward information when applying for a business loan?   Business owners are often told they are approved only to find out they are not.   They are surprised they must pay significant fees at closing they were not told about upfront.   Get ethical business loans through credible, honest and upfront information.
Contact us and our representatives will work with you as your business advocate, not a salesperson trying to sell you a product.    Get full and thorough information from representatives with integrity to put you on the path that is best for your business, not best for their business.
Attach the last 3 months bank statements.  Or call us at Tel:  919-771-4177, or E-Mail:

You will be given a fair assessment of your businesses’ chances for approval, the cost and charges.    The strengths of your profile will be discussed, along with any weakness or obstacles to approval.     You will be receive help in the same manner if you hired a paid consulting company that is working for you, not someone else.

Loan programs include:
– Business Loans based on the Gross Sales of your business
– Business Lines of Credit
– Asset based loans, such as loans against Tractor Trailers, Construction equipment
and Accounts Receivables.
– Financing to obtain equipment
– We specialize in difficult to approve customers.   Difficult to approved business loans
because of credit, time in business, low revenues.

Get a free full consulting session with your business advocate.

Our consultants work much differently than tell you which products are available and push you to apply.  We will discuss what your situation is and what are you trying to accomplish.  We will ask you basic facts about your business to determine all the realistic and attainable options.   By doing this, you will only be talking about products that are the best match for your business.   Then we will discuss their features and benefits.   You can then decide which of the options will work best for your business.   You will not be pushed into any product.    With this method, you can get a business loan through a legitimate and impartial manner.  An authentic, true, reliable and objective assessment will be made. An ethical business loan is what your business deserves.

Ethical Business Loans
Credible, honest and ethical business loans

You will get clear information upfront.  You will get detailed information and what you are told and expecting.   We build trust and trustworthiness by working as your business advocate.   Get an honest business loan for your business.

For other broad loan options and business assistance, check with the SBA.   Useful business information such as business plans and specialized programs is available.

Start your business on the right track today.   Thank you for visiting our ethical business loan page.

Ethical business loan resources:
Assistance is available in many cities to help you with your business
based on the Region you are in.   

Used car dealer loans

Used Car Dealer Loans

Loan for used car dealer up to $500,000.

April 23, 2017, 04/23/2017.  For Immediate release – Used car dealer loans of up to $500,000 can now be obtained fast. Terms available from 3 months to 120 months.   Low credit scores under 500 and tax liens can be worked with.   3 Months or more in business.

What types of used car dealer loans can I get?
Used car dealers and new car dealerships now have fast business loan options.   Programs are available.  No financials or Tax returns are required.

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Car dealer loans

Buy here pay here business loans

Buy here pay car dealers have always had difficulty securing business loans and rarely get financed by banks.   Now they can use financing based on the cash flow of their dealership to get business loans fast.     They need to make several deposits per month and keep at least $3,000 average daily balance in their business checking account.

New car dealer loans

New car dealers can also get financing using their revenues.   The process is also fast and easy.   Just a few business days for financing and a one page application.

Used Car Dealer Loans
Loans for Used Car Dealers

Callers request a used car dealer loan,  a loan for a used car dealer or a business loan for a car dealer.

Other requests include loans for a new car dealer, and loans for car dealers.

Callers this week have requested loans for a used car dealer and a business loan for a used car dealer.    Other callers have requested used car dealer financing and financing for used car dealers.    Our most recent customer specifically requested financing for a used car dealer.   The most basic requests are car dealer loans and used car dealer loans.

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LGBT Friendly Business Loans

LGBT Friendly Business Loans

April 15, 2017, 04/15/2017.  Gay and LGBT friendly Business Loan and business owners welcome.   Full and equal access to business loans.
Attach the last 3 months bank statements.  Or call us at Tel:  919-771-4177, or Send E-mail

How are we different?    We will first discuss your business in detail.   Your future business goals and needs will then be reviewed.   From that, the business loan products that are the best fit and can be approved will be discussed.   We stay with you through the entire loan process.   

500 and lower credit scores can be approved.   Tax liens, short time in business accepted.   $5,000 to $500,000.   Short and long term loans. 3 months to 120 months.   Fast turn around.   Same day responses in most cases.   Short 1 page application.   Fast and easy process.   

We will help you get an LGBT business loan fast through this program.

LGBT business owners sometimes encounter discrimination in the loan process.  Our loans avoid these problems.  There is full and equal access to business loans for the lgbt community.  We discuss the specific needs of each business owner in detail.   We help them determine the product that best fits their business now.

Gay & LGBT Friendly Business Loans
Gay and LGBT Business Loan Center Assistance

We work with and volunteer extra professional assistance to the community.   There are many requests.  Callers call in asking for gay friendly business loans.

Business Loan for Gay and LGBT businesses questions:
Are some of these lgbt friendly business loans programs specifically for the LGBT Community?  
No.   These loan programs have been reviewed to insure they are friendly to the Gay and LGBT business community. All customers are welcome as well.

Business loans for Gay and LGBT Businesses Resources:

For more resources, visit the SBA.

Thank your for visiting our LGBT Business Loan page!

Consolidate Merchant Cash Advances

Consolidate Merchant Cash Advances

April 27, 2017.   How to consolidate merchant cash advances.  Many businesses have multiple loans that have been stacked and are looking to lower their monthly payments.
These businesses want to consolidate MCA merchant cash advances, which consolidating an ACH Loan, or consolidating and ACH Business Loan.    If your business does, it may be able to consolidate merchant cash advances into 1 loan.    Your business may also be able to extend out the term of the advances.   We can assist in paying off 2, 3 or 4 other advances and lowing your payment by as much as 50% or more.

Attach the last 3 months bank statements.  Or call us at Tel:  919-771-4177, or Send E-mail

Some businesses have more than one merchant cash advance. Some businesses have 2, 3 or more short term advances.  Due to the monthly cash flow impact, they cannot pay the advances and need cash flow relief.  They need to either consolidate or extend the term.   Consolidation and extending the term is an ideal solution.

Consolidate merchant cash advances for businesses
Consolidate Merchant Cash Advances

Funding can be advanced to allow your business to consolidate merchant cash advances into 1 loan.

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions:
What does it mean to consolidate merchant cash advances?
How can I consolidate my merchant cash advances?
I want to consolidate my merchant cash advances.

Tips on how to get approved for a cash advance consolidation:
–  Keep paying all your current advances on time.
–   Wait until 30 days after the most recent cash advance to apply for a consolidation.   Most consolidation requests be declined if a business took out it’s most recent advance in the last 30 days.    Lenders want to see how a business is paying it’s most recent debt before it agrees to approve a consolidation application.
–  Don’t have more than 5 overdrafts or 5 NSF’s per month.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance consolidation loan?

A consolidation loan is when one large loan is used to payoff several smaller loans.  The purpose is to lower the total payments through a lower rate, extending the term, or both.

How do I qualify for a business Consolidation loan?

A consolidation loan best can be obtained by contacting lenders that advertise they specialize in consolidation loans. Lenders who specialize in business consolidation loans will have the best programs with the highest approval rates and best terms.

How do I apply for a Merchant Consolidation Loan?

Consolidate merchant cash advances by applying and providing the lender the names and terms of the loans they want to consolidate.
A business can dramatically improve their cash flow when they consolidate short term cash advances.   Your business may be behind or past due on an ACH merchant cash advances and want to avoid and prevent defaulting on a ACH merchant cash advance.   Consolidating and extending the term may be the best solution.

How to qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation Loan

Complete a 1 Page Application.  Provide information on the existing advances.  Give the approximate balance and the daily payment.   List how many months are left on the existing merchant cash advances or ACH Merchant Advances.    Determine how much per month your business can afford.  Consolidate merchant cash advances from 6 months to 3 years or more.    This results in businesses significantly reducing their monthly payment.

A business may be able to cut their monthly payment by 75% or 80% or more.   As an example, a business has a $3,000 monthly payment on 2 merchant cash advances combined.   By paying those off with one 48 month loan, the payment can be cut to between $500 to $750 per month.    The business now has an extra $2,500 to $2,750 cash flow.   It can use the savings for advertising, payroll, inventory, equipment and many other items.

Merchant Consolidation –
FAQ’s – Frequently asked Questions:

How do you consolidate Merchant Cash Advances?
Get the business approved for 1 loan to payoff the other advances.   The begin paying the new loan.  Make 1 payment instead of several payments.

How can I consolidate Merchant Cash Advances?

As stated above, get 1 business loan to payoff all of your other Merchant Cash Advances.
Make just 1 payment on the new loan.   Your daily and weekly payments are typically reduced by 50%.   Save your business by consolidating your advances.

What is a Merchant Consolidation Loan?

They are financing products that either consolidate or provide cash flow relief from your current Merchant Cash Advances.

Most frequent Requests:
– I need a MCA Merchant Cash Consolidation.
– Help me consolidate my MCA Merchant Cash advances.
– I need to lower my merchant cash advance daily debits.
– Please help me save my business.   I need to get out of these merchant advances.
Some customers call in, skip the questions, and just ask us to do consolidate advances.  All of these requests fall into the same MCA consolidation relief product.

These are the most competitive Consolidation programs:
– No net funding requirement.
– No minimum credit score
– Any number of positions consolidated.
There are Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly repayment options for all advances and loans, not just on consolidations.
We try to tie payment frequency to your deposit frequency.In consolidations, the main things we look at are:

– The repayment history on current advances.
– If we are materially cheaper, and if your business has been able to pay your existing higher cost advances with minimal NSFs, we will aggressively pursue a consolidation.
– Deposit volume and consistency are reviewed.  If deposits vary significantly from month to month, we will typically look at the lowest month when calculating an amount to offer.  Up to 1.25 times your deposits with a 6 to 12 month term are offered.
– (NSF) insufficient funds and overdraft frequency are looked at.
Other features of the Merchant Cash Advance and other loan products:
1. Advances are available in all states EXCEPT California.   Term loans are available in
35 States.

Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation Benefits

2. Your future consolidation advance acts like more of a line of credit than a typical advance — a merchant can request additional capital at anytime from us.  We will quickly re-underwrite it with no fee and offer additional funds and keep your scheduled payment the same.

You do NOT have to pay off our advance with us in order to get more capital.  This holds true if your business requests more capital after one month, or after six months.  Your business saves money at renewal.   Your business will not pay interest on interest if you renew.

– No origination or underwriting fees unless three or more advances are consolidated.  Then those fees are still lower, $250 to consolidate 3 to 4 advances, $500 to $750 for 5 or more advances).  No NSF fees or other junk fees are charged.
–  The Maximum initial advance or loan is $100,000.
6. This is first position funding only.   This funding can be the only funding following a consolidation.  A standard Line of Credit, Credit Card split loan, traditional bank loan,
SBA Loan, car loan, student loans and home loans can be left in place.

7. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payment options are available.

Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation Examples

April 7, 2017 – Orlando, FL – for immediate release.   Central Valley Steel closes a $75,000 merchant cash advance consolidation through  3 Merchant cash advances were consolidated.    The remaining terms varied between 3 and 6 more months.  Central Valley was paying $12,500 per month on all of the Merchant cash advances.   Their new payment was $6,000 per month, which reduced their payment by 100%.  President Wayne Smith told Senior Management,    “This Merchant cash advance consolidations improved our cash flow by $6,000 per Month.    With the savings we will be able to buy needed inventory and bid on new contracts.   By securing new contracts, we will be able to increase revenues by an estimated $250,000 per year in the next fiscal year.
We look forward to working with Smallbusinessloansdepot in this current Consolidation and for other financing needs in the future.”

Business owners call in requesting help to consolidate.   They will ask about consolidating merchant cash advances or to consolidate ACH advances.   They also ask to consolidate merchant cash advances.   Some callers ask about consolidating short term advances.  This product is available in all 50 States.   Call now to consolidate merchant cash advances.

Your business may need help creating a business plan.  The SBA may be able to assist with ideas and programs to develop a business plan.

Open tax lien business loan

Open Tax lien business loan

An open Tax lien business loan can now be obtained fast. Proof of payment arrangements are not needed.   Terms available from 3 months to 18 months. Your business can get a business loan even with an open tax lien and no payment arrangement. The open tax lien can be a personal open tax lien or a business open tax lien.   Get a loan for business back taxes.
Attach the last 3 months bank statements.  Or call us at Tel:  919-771-4177, or Send E-mail

Businesses with open tax liens can get a business loan.  There are 2 programs to choose from.  One program is based on the revenues of the business.  The 2nd program is based on the assets of the business.  If the business has over $10,000 per month in sales, they may be able to get a business loan based on their sales.  Funding is then used to payoff the open tax lien.

Commercial real estate with equity can also be used to payoff the open tax lien.   At closing the tax lien is paid off from the proceeds.   Another option is to use business equipment. Get capital based on business equipment.  Use the funds to payoff the tax lien.

Open tax lien business loan
Loans for businesses with an open tax lien

Business loans with Tax liens

Business loans with an IRS tax lien payment plan

There are several business loans that can be obtained for a business with an IRS tax lien that has a payment plan. A business can use the revenues of the business or the hard assets of the business.  This can be Real Estate or Equipment.

Business loans without tax lien payment arrangement or payment plan

A business that has a tax lien without a repayment plan can be financed.   A tax lien that is not under a repayment plan is also called an open tax lien. Businesses needing an open tax lien business loan can now quickly use their revenues or assets to get working capital or a business loan.  The process is fast and easy.   Up to 5 to 10 business days and just a one page application.

What is an open tax lien?

Frequent Requests and needs by callers:
– I need an open tax lien business loan
– Help get me an open tax lien business loan
Customers that have an open tax lien often have a lot of anxiety.   They are cannot sleep at night.   They want help immediately.   They often do not have much time to fix this problem.

For immediate Release – New River Construction closes $100,000 business loan to payoff a tax lien and an open tax lien.   President Steve Howell told the Phoenix Business News, “This financing will save our business.  We were behind in prior years tax obligations and could not get out of it through existing cash flow.   We needed a workout solution for the tax lien.  Through, we paid off both of the open tax liens and have had a levy removed.  This financing has really helped get us back on the right track.  We are also able to pay it back over 36 months, which we can handle.   With the improved cash flow, we will be able to put the focus back on Sales, Marketing and expanding our client base.  We will also be able to add additional staff over the next several Quarters.  We look forward to expanding this financing relationship.”

Demand for tax lien financing has increased fast.   Business owners are calling in weekly.   Callers are requesting a loan for a business with an open tax lien.

Assistance is available in many cities to provide information on an asset based loan depending on the Region you are in.

Other sources of information on merchant cash advance consolidation increases may include the SBA small business administration


loan against Tractor-Trailer or Semi-Trailer

loan against tractor trailer

April 10, 2017, 04/20/2017. For immediate release – If your business has Tractor-trailers and needs capital, it can get a loan against tractor-trailers or a loan against Semi-Trailers.   2 or more Tractor-Trailer Trucks are needed to get capital.   Loan amounts normally start at $10,000 and up.   There are several loan programs and resources available in the marketplace to get Semi-trailer truck financing.   Credit scores can be lower under this program.  Credit scores of the owner can be below 500 and still have a strong opportunity to qualify.

How to get a Semi Truck Loan or how to get a loan for a Semi Trailer or loan against a Semi Truck.

Attach the last 3 months bank statements.  Or call us at Tel:  919-771-4177, or Send E-mail

A company should make up a list and provide it to the lender to get a loan against 18-wheelers.   The trucks normally have to be free and clear.  The terms the customer can get are usually attractive because they are not short term and the collateral is valuable, so the lenders will give more attractive rates.
A one page application is completed along with an Equipment list.   The customer normally can get a decision within one or two days.   This type of business loan is closed within 1 or 2 weeks.

Click on the Contact link to get more information.

Loans against Tractor-Trailers
Business loans against Tractor Trailer rigs.

Loan amounts are based on roughly 2 to 1 collateral and on the wholesale value.   If a business has 2 Semi-Trucks and they are worth $100,000, the loan amount will probably be in the $40,000 to $50,000 range.  For customers in Canada, this financing is available and should be inquired on under a related program.
Canadian callers should ask for a “loan against a transport truck” or loan using a transport truck.

Online resources include an interest calculator.   Customers can type in the loan amount, the number of months and the monthly payment to find out the interest rate.

As an example, on a loan for $100,000 for 60 months with a payment of $2,163, the interest rate calculates to 10.77% with a total repay of $129,780.    Rates may be higher in most cases because the credits scores may be lower.

No other collateral is required.   If a company obtains this loan, a site inspection is normally done by the lender.  This may or may not have to be paid by the customer depending on the program.  Tips: The trucks have to be accessible and in working order.  A UCC filing is placed with the Department of Motor Vehicles in the State the business resides in.

Assistance is available in many cities to provide information on an asset based loan depending on the Region you are in.

Assistance is available in many cities to help you with your business based on the Region you are in.   What cities and towns do you service?   Below is a list of cities by region that we service for this asset based loan.

Service locations.

Northeast Region:

Consultants representing the following Northeast cities can be called to schedule
an appointment: 

Connecticut, New Jersey and Rhode Island: In Bridgeport, CT. In Camden, NJ. In Hartford, CT. In Jersey City, NJ. In Milford, CT. In New Haven, CT. In New London, CT. In Newark, NJ. In Norwalk, CT. In Norwich, CT. In Providence, RI. In Stamford, CT. In Trenton, NJ.

New York: In Albany, NY. In Batavia, NY. In Buffalo, NY. In Cheektowaga, NY. In New York City, NY. In Niagara Falls, NY. In Rochester, NY. In Schenectady, NY. In Seneca Falls, NY. In Syracuse, NY. 

Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware: In Allentown, PA. In Baltimore, MD. In Bethlehem, PA. In Columbia, MD. In Dover, DE. In Harrisburg, PA. In Lancaster, PA. In Lansing, MI. In Lebanon, PA. In Manchester, PA. In New Castle, PA. In Philadelphia, PA. In Pittsburgh, PA. In Reading, PA. In Salisbury, MD. In Scranton, PA. In Towson, MD. In Weirton, PA. In Wilmington, DE. In York, PA.

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts: In Bangor, ME. In Boston, MA. In Burlington, VT. In Cambridge, MA. In Concord, NH. In Montpelier, VT. In Newton, MA. In Portland, ME. In Providence, MA. In Springfield, MA. In Warwick, MA. In Worcester, MA.

Midwest Region:

Consultants representing the following Midwest cities can be called to schedule a same day appointment: 

Michigan and Ohio: In Akron, OH. In Ann Arbor, MI. In Canton, OH. In Cincinnati, OH. In Cleveland, OH. In Columbus, OH. In Dayton, OH.  In Dearborn, MI. In Detroit, MI. In Flint, MI. In Grand Rapids, MI. In Marion, OH. In Maysville, OH. In Muskegon, MI.  In Parma, Ohio.  In Toledo, OH. In Wilmington, OH. In Wyoming, MI. In Youngstown, OH.

Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin: In Anderson, IN. In Carmel, IN. In Aurora, Illinois, Chicago, Illinois. In Elgin, Illinois.  In Rockford, Illinois.  In Joliet, Illinois.  In Lee’s Summit, Missouri. In Naperville, Illinois.  In Springfield,  Illinois.  In Peoria, Illinois.  In Elgin, Illinois.  In Waukegan, Illinois.  In Cicero Town, Illinois.  In Champaign, Illinois.  In Bloomington, Illinois.   In Decatur, Illinois. In Eau Claire, WI. In Fort Wayne, IN. In Gary, IN. In Indianapolis, IN. In Madison, WI. In Milwaukee, WI. In Naperville, IL. In Green Bay, Wisconsin.  In Kenosha, Wisconsin, In Peoria, IL. In Racine, WI. In Springfield, IL. In Waukesha, WI.

Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri: In Bloomington, MN. In Columbia, Missouri.  In Davenport, IA. In Des Moines, IA. In Duluth, MN.  In Independence, Missouri.  In Kansas City, Missouri.   In Minneapolis, MN. In Overland Park, MO. In Rochester, Minnesotta. In Springfield, MO. In St. Charles, MO. In St. Joseph, MO.  In Springfield, Missouri.   In St. Louis, Missouri. In St. Paul, Minnesotta. In St. Cloud, MN.

Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota: In Council Bluffs, NE. In Kansas City, MO. In Lawrence, KS. In Omaha, NE. In Wichita, KS.

South Region:  

Consultants in the following cities can be called to schedule a same day appointment: 

Kentucky, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia: In Alexandria, VA. In Arlington, VA. In Chesapeake, VA. In Hampton, Virginia. In Huntington, WV. In Kenner, VA. In Lexington, KY. In Louisville, KY.  In Lynchburg, Virginia.  In Newport News, VA. In Norfolk, VA. In Petersburg, VA.  In Portsmouth, Virginia.  In Richmond, VA. In Roanoke, Virginia.  In Suffolk, Virginia.  In Virginia Beach, VA.

North Carolina, South Carolina: In Anderson, SC. In Asheville, NC. In Cary, North Carolina. In Chapel Hill, NC. In Charleston, SC. In

Charlotte, NC. In Chattanooga, TN. In Columbia, SC. In Concord, NC. In Davidson, TN. In Dunn, NC. In Durham, NC. In Fayetteville, NC. In Franklin, TN. In Gastonia, NC. In Greensboro, NC. In Greenville, SC. In Henderson, NC. In Hickory, NC. In High Point, NC. In Kingsport, TN. In Knoxville, TN. In Maudlin, SC. In Memphis, TN. In Morristown, TN. In Murfreesboro, TN. In Myrtle Beach, SC. In Nashville, TN.  In North Charleston, South Carolina.  In Raleigh, NC. In Sanford, NC. In Lenoir City, TN. In Shelbyville, TN. In Spartanburg, SC. In Wilmington, North Carolina.  In Winston-Salem, NC.

Florida: In Cape Coral, FL. In Clearwater, FL. In Daytona Beach, FL. In Jupiter, FL. In Fort Myers, FL. In Ft. Lauderdale, FL. In Hialeah, FL. In Jacksonville, FL. In Lakeland, FL. In Melbourne, FL. In Miami, FL. In Ocala, FL. In Pensacola, FL. In Kissimmee, FL. In Naples, FL. In Orlando, FL. In Ormond Beach, FL. In Palatka, FL. 

In Palm Bay, FL. In Pensacola, FL. In Port St. Lucie, FL. In Saint Petersburg, FL. In Sanford, FL. In Tallahassee, FL. In Tampa, FL. In West Palm Beach, FL. In Winter Haven, FL.

Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi: In Atlanta, GA. In Augusta, GA. In Birmingham, AL. In Gulfport, MS.  

In Hoover, AL. In Huntsville, AL. In Jackson, MS. In Mobile, AL. In Montgomery, AL. In Savannah, GA.   In St. Mary’s GA. In Talladega, AL.

Arkansas and Louisiana: In Baton Rouge, LA. In Fayetteville, AR. In Forrest City, AR. In Lafayette, LA. In Little Rock, AR. In Metairie, LA. In New Orleans, Louisiana. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   In Shreveport, Louisiana.  In Lafayette, Louisiana.  

Oklahoma and Texas: In Arlington, TX. In Austin, TX. In Bartlesville, OK. In Beaumont, TX. In Corpus Christi, TX. In Dallas, TX. In Edinburg, TX. In El Paso, TX. In Ft. Worth, TX. In Houston, TX. In Killeen, TX. In Lafayette, LA. In Mission, TX. In Muskogee, OK. In Oklahoma City, OK. In McAllen, TX. In New Braunfels, TX. In Round Rock, TX. In San Antonio, TX. In Shawnee, OK. In Sugarland, TX. In The Woodlands, TX. In Tulsa, OK.

West Region:

Consultants in the following cities can be called to schedule an appointment: 

Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming: In Albuquerque, NM. In Aurora, CO. In Boise, ID. In Cheyenne, WY. In Colorado Springs, CO. In Denver, CO. In Helena, MT. In Lakewood, CO. In Santa Fe, NM.

Arizona and Utah: In Albuquerque, AZ. In Avondale, Arizona.  Chandler, Arizona.  In Flagstaff, AZ.  In Gilbert, Arizona.  In Glendale, Arizona.  In Goodyear, Arizona.   In Mesa, AZ. In Nogales, AZ. In Ogden, UT. In Phoenix, AZ.  In Peoria, Arizona.  In Provo, UT. In Scottsdale, AZ. In Salt Lake City, UT.   In Scottsdale, Arizona.  In Surprise, Arizona.  In Tempe, Arizona.   In Tucson, AZ.  In Yuma, Arizona.  In San Tan Valley, Arizona.   

Nevada, Oregon and Washington: In Bellevue, Washington. In Eugene, OR. In Everett, Washington.  In Henderson, NV.  In Kent, Washington.  In Las Vegas, NV. In Olympia, WA. In Portland, OR. In Reno, NV. In Seattle, WA. In Olympia, WA. In Paradise, NV. In Portland, OR. In Renton, Washington.   In Salem, OR. In Seattle, WA. In Sparks, NV. In Spokane, WA. In Tacoma, WA. In Vancouver, Washington.  In Yakima, Washington. 

Alaska, Hawaii and California,

Representatives service the following cities in the Western Region can be called to schedule an appointment locally.    

In Anaheim, CA. In Anchorage, AK. In Bakersfield, CA. In Carlsbad, CA. In Chula Vista, CA. In Fontana, CA. In Fremont, CA. In Fresno, CA. In Hayward, CA. Ini Honolulu HI. In Irvine, CA. In Madera, CA. In Modesto, CA. In Merced, CA. In Oakland, CA. In Ontario, CA. In Oxnard, CA. In Riverside, CA. Roseville, CA. In San Francisco, CA. In San Jose, CA. In San Diego, CA. In Santa Ana, CA. In Santa Clara, CA. In Santa Rosa, CA. In Sacramento, CA.

In Salinas, CA. In San Bernardino, CA. In Santa Barbara, CA. In Santa Maria, CA. In Sunnyvale, CA. In Stockton, CA. In Thousand Oaks, CA. In Vallejo, CA. In Ventura, CA. In Visalia, CA.

Help getting a business loan

Help getting a business loan

Do you need help getting a business loan?   If you and your business has experienced going to traditional banks or alternative lenders and not fitting into one of their programs we have some options and free counseling.  Find solutions, learn and understand which programs are best to help getting a business loan for your business.

Options for help getting a business loan include options based on assets such as equipment assets, and based on just the sales of your business.

We will discuss your company’s particular situation and needs.  We will help you determine what the best funding options are for your business.   Once that is identified, we will
help you get together any paperwork you need for that program and get you started.
Most businesses have the easiest time qualifying for either the loan against assets or the loan against equipment.

ONLINE APP.  List Email and name to access App.  Attach the last 3 months bank statements, or send App only.
To Call tap Tel # link>, CALL US, then Press Dial.
Or tap TEXT US, and Text contact info.

Many businesses that have been denied financing due to either unacceptable credit, collateral or financial statements have complained that if they have significant sales, so why can’t they get funding against their sales?   We agree.   We have assistance programs that provide help “getting a business loan” through just your company’s revenues or equipment.   The funding functions similar to a business line of credit.   The approval is based mostly on the business’s total monthly deposits, average daily balance and time in business.

We will provide help getting a business loan by assisting your business with the processing.  Just provide your most recent 3 months complete business checking account statements and a short one page mini-app.  Other ease of program include:

Fast and easy processing
No financial statements to provide
Easy personal credit and time in business requirements
Quick funding through a wire into the business checking account
within one to two business days.

Help getting a business loan
Tips to help businesses get approved for a business loan.

Approvals are up to 125% of the total monthly deposits.  If a business deposits $50,000 per month, the business may qualify for up to $62,500.  The amount they will qualify for will depend further on the time in business and average daily balance.   Terms are between
3 and 18 months, while most approvals are for 6 and 9 months.  The customer can borrow and repay repeatedly.   Once the customer pays the original balance down to about 40% of the original balance, they can borrow against the line again.   The best way for help getting a business loan is to get the assistance of an experienced representative.  Early payoff is limited and the customer will not get much of a discount.

We need to talk about time in business.  The business only needs to be operating for 9 months, though any time in business more than 2 years means you will have more of a chance of being approved and increase the approval amount.   All other things equal, a business that has been in business for 3 years will get
higher approvals than a business that has been in business for
only 6 months.

There are more choices for help getting a business loan through the loan against assets program.  A business can get working capital using either their computer electronic equipment, machinery, industrial equipment, construction equipment, dental equipment or medical equipment.  Loan sizes are from $10,000 to $250,000, with just an application only for most cases up to $40,000.   The business just provides a one page application and equipment list.   Up to 75% of the current value of the equipment can be obtained.

Terms are 24, 36, 48, or 60 months.   There are early payoff options, although they are not favorable or give a large discount for early payoff.   The funding is set up either as a lease or an equipment finance agreement.  Leases are designed to provide the biggest deductions but are not the best for early payoff.

Sample transaction in which a business received help getting a business loan.

Sparks Engineering needs $50,000 in working capital.  They complete a one page application and equipment list.  The list includes technical equipment such as measuring instruments as well as computer equipment, including Servers, technical engineering software and hardware.

Their bank statements show they are depositing an average of $60,000 per month.   They are approved for $30,000 on a loan based on bank statements and $30,000 on a loan against their equipment.   The $30,000 loan based on bank statements is for 9 months.  The loan against equipment can be done for 24 to 60 months.   Sparks Engineering does not want to have the entire $50,000 financed for only 9 months because the monthly repayment would be too high.   They decide to take $20,000 with a 9 month term and $30,000 with a 36 month term.

Both sets of documents are E-Mailed to the customer.  They complete and return the docs.  After the docs are checked for accuracy, a final verbal verification is completed with the customer.  Once the customer confirms the transaction, funds are wired into their account within 24 to 48 hours.


Most frequent Requests:
– I need a business loan.
– Get me a business loan.
– Help me get a business loan.
Some customers call in, skip the questions, and just ask us to do consolidate advances.  All of these requests fall into the same MCA consolidation relief product.

Question: How much of a loan can we get?

Answer: The amount depends mostly on the amount of your business’s sales, the amount of equipment the business has, the time in business, and the credit.

For more information, you can visit Money Planet

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Credit Inquires you cannot avoid

March 20, 2017.  “Credit Inquires” has been a topic of much conversation and concern in recent years.  The following is current information you should know about “credit inquiries you cannot avoid”.

Do not try to avoid virtually all credit inquires.   A growing number of people do not want any, or virtually any credit inquiries to be pulled on them even if they are applying for credit.  They tell lenders that they want to be considered for the financing without their credit being pulled.  There are “credit inquires you cannot avoid”.
This is not feasible or realistic, especially if the request is in the name of an individual.  In most of these cases, these request are in the name of a small business and the owner wants the request to stand in the name of the business by itself without their name.
If a business has less than 35 employees, in most cases the lender requires the owner’s credit to be reviewed.

Click and complete this > ONLINE APP.  List Email and name to access App.  Attach the last 3 months bank statements.
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Virtually no lenders will decide your loan request with a consumer obtained bureau.  Consumers can contact credit reporting agencies as well as outside vendors that provide bureaus and get all 3 credit reports.   These reports are not the same reports that lenders obtain.  Consumer reports are formatted differently and are simpler than the lender’s report.  The consumer version often provides more written explanation and sometimes less numerical detail.  Consumers will sometimes take these reports and tell the lenders that they want the lenders to use their consumer obtained reports rather than what the lenders use.   However, the lender’s version is usually more current than the consumer’s version.  The consumer version may be two or three weeks old.  The lender feels that the consumer’s version may not reflect items on the bureau that may have happened within those most recent two or three weeks.

Credit Inquiries you cannot avoid
Some inquiries are worth the product you are applying for.

There are many outside vendors that provide intermediate party credit reports.  Lenders are not, and should not be expected to know whether those vendors provide updated and satisfactory information.  Lenders are not obligated to use those reports.  As a result, consumers should not expect to avoid credit inquires by demanding that lenders use their consumer credit report version.

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