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September 9, 2017.  Get a Bank Statement Loan for your Businesses today.

Niche bank statement loan program. No need to try to provide major Collateral or high credit score. Get a bank statement loan today based on what your company already has – Sales! If your company has sales, it can be approved within 24 hours. Credit scores as low as 500 and lower.

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Business owners ask:
Our company has excellent cash flow and has shown a long previous history of being able to amortize debt. Why should we be declined for limited collateral or “derogatory” personal credit?

We agree!
Small business loans depot can provide a loan against your bank statements now. If your business has the cash flow, we can assist you in getting money, quickly and easily.

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Bank Statement loan features
– High Approval Rate
– Among the highest qualification % of any business financing
– EVERY business has Cash flow
– Approximately 3 months bank statements requested, Quick
program only 1 Months statement required
– 1 Page Application
– Fast turnaround, one or two day approval common

Frequently asked Questions:
Question: Can you tell me if I will qualify?
Answer: If your business has at least $10,000 or more per month in deposits, makes 5 deposits per month
and has an average daily balance of $3,500 or more, your business can qualify.
Question: Do I have to provide a lot of extra documentation?
Answer: No. You only need to provide a simple one page application and the most recent 3 months business
checking account statements for approval.
Question: How long does the whole process take?
Answer: The approval process is one to three days. The entire process takes approximately 5 to 8 business days
and funds are wired directly into your business account.
Question: Are there any application fees or closing fees?
Answer: No. There are no application fees, no upfront fees and no fees paid to close.
Question: How much can I qualify for?
Answer: You can qualify for approximately up to a maximum of 100% of your monthly deposits or average daily balance. The amount of the bank
statement loan will also depend on the time in business, and the average daily balance. If the business has business credit, this can help as well.
Question: My business is growing and I will need more funding later. Is the process for higher limits based on growth?
Answer: Yes, limits are increased almost automatically as you grow. As your cash flow numbers grow and you repay, the limit on this loan will increase and you can borrow again for any of your business needs.

Bernanke calls for tighter control

In an April 9th speech at the 2012 Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Markets conference in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Chairman Ben Benanke said, among other things, “our economy is far from having fully recovered…. from the darkest days of the financial crisis.”

Bernanke also was in favor of closer oversight of non bank financial firms.  He noted that currently, some important non bank financial firms which avoided strong comprehensive oversight were significant contributors to the 2008 and 2009  financial crisis.

Bernanke also wants tighter controls of what he referred to as “shadow banking”.   Shadow banking refers to the intermediation of credit through a collection of institutions and markets that lie at least in part, outside of the traditional banking system.


Markets remain volatile

The stock market has been on an erratic ride all week since the S & P downgrade.   It appears that the market is very undecided about what is going to happen,  reacting in an amplified manner to any good or bad news this week.    The indexes are using both bad and good news to piggyback on the S & P news to justify it’s fears and concurrently it’s hopes, not having anything solid to base a steady upward or downward slide.

It will take one or two more weeks for it to chart it’s short and medium term course.    Stay tuned while the wild ride continues.