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Bank Statement Business Loans

Bank Statement Business Loans

April 23, 2017.   Bank statement business loans for your business.
– No minimum credit score options for many programs.
– No Collateral needed.

Attach the last 3 months bank statements.  Or call us at Tel:  919-771-4177, or Send E-mail

Get a bank statement business loan today using your company revenues.  Many businesses have strong cash flow and are still turned down because of bad credit and lack of collateral.

Turn your decline into an approval with our programs.   Get approved for the Capital your business needs using just the last 3 months business bank statements and online application above.

Bank Statement Business Loans
Get an easy and fast business loans through your bank statements

Start Now!

Bank Statement Business Loan features and benefits: 
– 1 day approvals common.  Easy approval.  Fast closing.
– Provide just the Online Application and last 3 months business checking account statements. 

– Every business has Cash flow.  Almost all businesses can prequalify based on their Cash Flow.  
– Very high approval rate.
– Large business loans also available. Programs for business loans over $100,000, 250,000 and $500,000.
– Daily, weekly and monthly repayment options available for many businesses. 

Other bank statement business loan features:

Up to 125% of a customer’s total monthly deposits may be approved.  If your business has average monthly deposits of $100,000, then an approval up to $125,000 is possible.  Higher credit scores, a longer time in business and higher daily balances will usually result in a higher approval amount.

How to qualify

– Provide a Signed and dated application online.
– Send the last 3 months complete business bank statements from the main business account.  Return September 2016, October 2016 and November 2016 business bank statements along with the application.
– For amounts over $250,000, include the most recent 6 months business bank statements and the most recent business tax return.

Other bank statement business loan benefits
– No prepayment penalty for some programs.
– Tax Liens < $100,000 may be accepted.
– Most programs require only 50% ownership required.
– Soft Credit pull for some programs.

Business line of credit style use.   The business can use the line and repay when they want to repay during the month.   The customer can then use the line again right away or it can also be left idle until it is needed again.    Annual or quarterly financial statements are not needed for bank statement financing, also known as an ACH Business loan.

Frequently asked Bank Statement Business Loans Questions:

Question:   Are there different products of the same type offered?
Yes, different products of the same type are offered.   Callers have many requests. Requests include a “business loan using bank statements”,   a “bank statement loan for business”, and “bank statement financing”.  Callers also request a “business bank statement loan” and a “loan based on bank statements”.

Question: What is the maximum we can get? 
Answer: The bank statement business loan line size depends on the total dollar amount of deposits per month, the average daily balance and time in business.  Other factors are whether the business has any existing short term advances.

Is this product available in Canada and the U.S.? 
Answer: Yes.   This product is available in Canada as well as Puerto Rico.

How long does funding take under the bank statement business loan program? 
Approvals usually take about 24 hours.  Funds are transferred to your business checking account within 24 hours of closing.

What are the repayment terms? 
The repayment terms are between 3 Months to 24 months.

Are Overdrafts and NSF’s allowed?  Yes,   A Maximum of 5 Overdrafts per month, or 5 NSF’s per Month are allowed.

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For further general small business assistance, visit SCORE, Counselors to
America’s Small Business.

Business Bank Statement Loan

business bank statement loan

April 15,  2017, 04/15/2017 –  Your business can get a business bank statement loan based on the Gross Sales of the Business.   Since almost all businesses have sales, almost all businesses pre qualify.   The funds can be used for any reason, marketing, advertising, inventory, expansion, additional employees, cash flow, new product lines, or taxes.

Attach the last 3 months bank statements.  Or call us at Tel:  919-771-4177, or Send E-mail

For this business bank statement loan product, businesses provide their last 3 months business checking account statements and a simple one page application.   If the Gross sales figure is significant, the approved amount will often be higher.   Repayment terms for this product are 2 to 18 months.

What is a business bank statement loan?

How can my business get a loan using bank statements?

Features and Benefits:
– Only 4 to 5 Deposits per month are needed in most cases.
– No Site inspection for most clients.
– Renewals often possible once balance is 40% to 50% paid off.

What is needed for Approval?
– Most recent 3 months complete business checking account statements
– Signed and dated within last 30 days application.

What is needed for closing?
– Completed closing docs.
– Copy of driver’s license
– Copy of voided check.  Specifically, this is a copy of a voided business check.
– Other requirements may apply.

Funding amounts of up to $500,000 can be obtained through this business bank statement loan.   Up to 125% of the total dollar amount of monthly deposits can be approved.   For example, if the customer deposits $50,000 per month, a maximum of $62,500 can be approved.    Approval time is 24 to 72 hours.  In most cases, businesses are approved for 25% up to 100% of their total average deposits of the last 3 months.    As an example, if a business deposits and average of $40,000 per month, they will most often be approved between $15,000 to $40,000.

Approvals can be higher with a higher average daily business checking balance. If the customer has more than one business account, then both account statement can be provided.   2 lines may be approved.    If your business is seasonal, then the last 12 months account statements can be provided.   This will strengthen the request.

For example, a construction business is often a seasonal business with at least 2 or 3 months in the winter being low volume months.  Rather than receiving a lower approval amount due to this, simply provide the last 12 months, which will include the higher volume months.

Required to qualify or pre-qualify.
– Signed and dated application from 50% of ownership.
– Last 3 months complete business bank statements from main business operating
– For amounts over $150,000:  The most recent 6 months business bank statements
and first page of the most recent business tax return.

Required for Loan Contracts:
– Valid and clear driver’s license.
– Voided business check for approved account.
– Valid E-Mail address for owners.
– Federal Tax ID number, or TIN.
– Other requirements may apply on a case by case basis. 

Other business bank statement loan customer benefits:
– Renewal options may start at 40% pay down of balance.
– No standard site inspection in most cases.
– Tax Liens < $100,000 may be accepted.
– Bankruptcies > 1 Year O.K.
– Only 50% ownership required in many cases.

November 11, 2016 – for immediate release,  Erie, PA.  Great Lakes Construction closes $400,000 business bank statement loan.    The company intends to use the funds like a line of credit.  They intend to borrow, repay, then re-borrow the funds.    Company President Harold Barnes announced the closing at a board of directors meeting.   “We are pleased to announce the closing of this $400,000 funding line through Smallbusinessloansdepot.com. With this line, we will begin a new work on Commercial strip construction projects.   We anticipate the number and dollar value of these projects to increase in the next fiscal year.  Revenues goals are expected to increase Gross Revenues by 50% within the next 24 month period.  We will also begin bidding on other large contracts.   New equipment will be financed and employees will be hired to fulfill the contracts.”

June 20th, 2016 – for immediate release, Memphis, TN.   Hughes Distribution completes a $200,000 business bank statement loan through SmallBusinessLoansdepot.com.   The distribution company wanted to expand their auto parts distribution.   The currently distributed only in eastern states.   Additional Staffing, Technology Systems and Advertising was needed.   President Mark Boynton announced to Senior Management, “This business bank statement loan allows us to fulfill or goal of expanding our auto parts distribution business throughout all the 50 States.   Additional Sales staff, Technology equipment and advertising will be implemented starting in the next Quarter.   Our largest customers have been asking us to provide distribution to their West Coast Facilities.  This line allows us to accomplish this.  We expect Sales to increase 25% within the first 12 to 18 months after the distribution network is complete.   Once we are able to fully distribute to all States, we expect total revenues to increase by 200% within 24 months.”

December 28, 2015, Richmond, VA., for immediate release.   Mid Atlantic Medical Center closes $250,000 business bank statement loan.   CEO Robert Stallings announced, “With this line, we will expand our services and offer Pediatric care to our customers.   This will include outfitting additional offices currently vacant at our current location.   We will also use funds for minor construction to have separate entrances for pediatric patients and their families.  We anticipate increasing revenues up to 50% within the first two years and up to 100% within the next three to five years.    We hope to continue and expand our relationship with Smallbusinessloansdepot in this area and increase the financial tools used for this expansion.”   Mr. Stalling further stated, “We will also request a traditional construction after this 3 to 5 year period.   With the forecasted increases in revenue, we anticipate relocation to a newer facility after a 5 year period.”

December 18, 2015, Spokane, WA., for immediate release.    Big Horn Transport announces $300,000 business bank statement loan.   President Albert Rodriguez announced, “With this line, Big Horn Transport will expand it’s primary delivery range through southern California.   Although we transport Nationwide, our primary range was from Seattle to San Francisco and eastward to Salt Lake City, UT.   We will also enter the Car Transport business and financing several refrigerated trucks.   We are about to secure two large contracts for which this equipment will be needed.   This line will allow us to obtain all the required trucks needed to fulfill these contracts.   We look forward to using and expanding usage of this line over time.  We also look forward to working with SmallBusinessLoansDepot for future financing needs.


A Dental practice in Lakeland Florida needed some expansion capital.   Due to the recent time in business and some past credit issues, the company wished to use their strong Gross Sales.

The company provided their most recent 3 months business checking account statements. A one page application was submitted.   Within 24 hours, they were approved for a $40,000 business bank statement loan.    They chose a repayment term and original documents were E-Mailed. The customer returned the completed documents.

A simple verbal verification was completed with the customer.   Following the verbal, the funds were wired directly into the customers account within 24 hours.    The customer had access to the funds and was able to pay a contractor to begin expansion and remodeling of a section of their practice immediately.

Features of this business bank statement loan product include:

Low credit score acceptable.   Credit scores even below 500 accepted.
No application fees or advance payment fees.
Unsecured transaction.   No collateral is required.
There are no restrictions on how the funds are used.
Fast and Easy application process.
The entire process takes approximately 5 business days.
Difficult transactions handled routinely.

Use                                         to get

Business Bank Statement Loan
Business Bank Statement Loan
Business Bank Statement
Business Bank Statement






What are common decline reasons that you may be able to approve?
– 5 or more overdrafts or NSF’s per month.
– Less than $7,500 per month in revenues.
– Less than 2 Months in business

What are the primary factors that are looked at for this business bank statement loan?

Average daily balance.   The average daily balance is considered.  Lines begin with an average daily balance starting at $3,000.   The higher the average daily balance, the higher the approved amount will tend to be.

Number and dollar amount of Monthly deposits. A minimum average of 5 deposits per month are requested.  The higher the dollar amount of the average monthly deposit, the higher the approved amount.  Approvals are up to 125% of the average monthly deposits.

Beginning bank balances. The balance at the beginning of the month is reviewed for each of the six months.   The amount of the beginning balance is not critical.   Many businesses have some of their largest monthly expenses at the end of the month.  These include monthly business office rental payments, business mortgage payments and other payments.  After payments such as these, the beginning balance at the first of the month may be lower.

Ending bank balances – The balance at the end of the month is also reviewed.   For reasons similar to the reasons above for reviewing the beginning  bank balances, the ending balance is assessed.   Many businesses have large expenses at the end of the month, including many automatic debit payments.

Insufficient funds and overdrafts. The statements are reviewed for the total number of overdrafts and insufficient funds per month.   A company can have some insufficient funds and overdraft events per month.  The statements are reviewed to make sure that the numbers are not excessive per month.A customer wishes to obtain a higher business bank statement loan approval amount. What can they do?  Provide strong Financials.  What are strong financials?

Gross income.   Gross income figures should be increasing from any one year to the next.    This includes Profit and Loss statements.   If the Gross income figure decreases from one year to the next, this is considered a negative and will hurt the request.

Net income.   The Net income figures should be flat or increasing from year to year.   Net income figures should be $25,000 or higher.   Lenders will question the ability to repay if net income figures are too low.

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The SBA offers assistance with business plans and putting together financial statements.

Loan Using Bank Statements

Get a Loan using Bank Statements.    Small Business Loans Depot offers a loan using bank statements or the often requested “loan based on bank statements” through a company’s Gross Sales.   Every company has sales, so almost all companies can qualify.

Many callers call in and request a “loan using bank statements” or a “business loan using bank statements”.  To get started on this financing, companies provide their most recent 3 months business checking account statements and just a 1 page application.
Attach the last 3 months bank statements.  Or call us at Tel:  919-771-4177, or E-Mail: scffunding@gmail.com

  1. Our Loan using Bank Statements can be used by a business to get up to $250,000 working capital, and as much as $500,000 in some cases.
  2. The funding can be used for any purpose the business needs.
  3. Applying is fast and easy.  The entire process takes approximately 3 to 7 business days.
  4. This product has no upfront application fees.
business loan using bank statements
Get a business loan using bank statements

Ask about our Flex payment or Flexible payment product.   In this product, the business ACH loan has a variable payment.  It is not a Fixed payment.   Example:

A business is approved for $25,000 with a 6 month term and a $100 daily payment.  With other programs, the business has to repay $100 every business day even if sales are slow or if sales are higher than normal.

With the Flex payment program, if the customer’s deposits drop 25% one day, then the daily debit is $75.   If the deposits increase 50%, then the daily debit is $125.    This program has a great advantage for customers.   If their sales are slow, they won’t have a higher burden to make the payment.   If their sales increase, they will still have the same percentage taken out and will repay the funding sooner.

A business can get up to 125% of it’s monthly deposits with this program.   The customer’s beginning bank statement balances, ending balances, amount of monthly deposits and average daily balances are looked at to determine the approval amount and terms.    The repayment term is between 2-18 months.

If a customer has more than one active business checking account with significant balances, then the statements for all accounts should be used.   To maximize the approval for a loan using bank statements, using the statements for all accounts will bring the maximum approval.   The minimum time in business is 4 months for the start up program.
Your business should provide it’s first 3 months statements to try to qualify for the start up program.

– Just 4 Deposits per month required in many cases.
– No Site inspection for qualifying deals.
– Renewals may be available once balance is 40% to 50% paid off

What is required to submit for an approval?
– Most recent 3 months complete business checking account statements
– Signed and dated application.

What is required for closing?
– Copy of voided check.  Specifically, this is a copy of a voided business check.
– Copy of driver’s license.
– Landlord contact information.
– Other requirements may apply.

Required to pre-qualify or qualify:
– Signed and dated application from at least 50% of company ownership.
– Last three months complete business bank statements from the main business
– For amounts over $150,000:  The most recent six months complete business bank statements and the 1st page of the most recent business tax return.

Required for Loan Contracts to be sent:
– Clear copy of driver’s license.
– Copy of a voided business check off of the approved account.
– Valid E-Mail address for the owners of the company.
– Federal Tax ID number, or TIN.
– Other requirements may apply.

Other business bank statement loan customer benefits:
– Renewals and renewal options often begin at 40% pay down of balance.
– No standard site inspection is performed or required for many customers.
– Bankruptcies older than 1 Year are usually acceptable.
– Only 50% ownership needed in some cases.

June 15, 2016 – for immediate release – Wilmington, NC – Coastline Fabrication takes out $75,000 loan using bank statements.   The company needs working capital at some times during the years between invoices receivables.   In addition, the company wanted to expand into the Amusement park and convention sectors.   The company wanted to further specialize in video game conferences that use custom made arrangements for it’s gamers.    President Bobby Snider made the financing announcement to Senior management at a quarterly meeting.   “With this line we will expand our niche services into offering custom manufacturing to the Amusement Park and Convention industry sectors. Our specialty in custom work is a unique fit for these industries.   We look forward to adding new customer in these fields.  We will add new sales staff and add new marketing in these areas.   We will also expand our current state contract work.   Coastline Fabrication will become a leader in these niche manufacturing and fabrication industries.     We look forward to continuing and expanding our financing relationship with smallbusinessloansdepot.com.

May 12, 2015 – for immediate release – Seattle, WA – Rainer Concrete closes $200,000 loan using bank statements through Smallbusinessloansdepot.com.    Company President Radford Stevens told the Puget Sound Business Journal, “This $200,000 business line will be used to expand operations throughout Washington State.   We will expand our sales reach into Oregon and Northern California.   Additional employees will be hired, including sales personnel.  We will expand our customer base to include municipal, city, local and state government.  We expect sales to increase 15% in the next 12 months and 30% in the next 24 months.  We will become a leader in the concrete manufacturing industry in the northwest.”

Ft. Worth Medical Supply needed $100,000 for inventory.   They completed the 1 page application and provided their October, November & December Business checking account statement.   The company had consistent deposits and were approved for a $100,000 line.   The customer agreed to the terms and closing documents were E-Mailed to them.   They completed and returned the docs.    The documents were reviewed  for accuracy.

A final verbal verification was completed over the phone with the President of the company.   Funds were wired into the customer’s business checking account within 1 business day.   The repayment began the next business day.

If a customer’s sales increase in the 6 months to year after the line is established, the line size may be increased very significantly due to both the increase in revenues and satisfactory repayment.

As previously stated, other issues that are looked at for the Loan using Bank Statements program include average balances, amount of deposits per month, number of deposits per month, beginning balances, ending balances, and overdrafts and NSF’s.

Average Balances – The average balance to qualify under the Loan using Bank Statements is at least $3,000 to $5,000 average daily balance.    The higher the average daily balance, the more the customer will qualify for.

Amount of deposits per month – The amount of deposits per month should be at least $10,000 to $15,000 or greater.   The reason this is higher than the beginning, ending and average balance amounts is because expenses paid out of the account will always cause the actual balances to be lower than the monthly deposit amounts.

Question:  How much time does the process take and how long does it take to receive the funding?

Answer:  The decision process takes approximately 24 to 72 hours.  Upon an approval, the customer receives the loan documents the same day or the next day.   Once the customer returns the completed documents via Fax or overnight, the loan documents are reviewed.  Once the accuracy of the documents are confirmed, a verbal verification is done with the customer and funds are wired to the customer with in 24 to 48 hours.  The entire process takes about 5 to 8 business days.

Question:  Should I apply for the most I think I have a chance of getting?
Answer: Do not apply for the most that you think you may want.  The more you apply for, the more difficult it is to get approved.   If your business needs $25,000 to $35,000, then apply for that amount, don’t apply for $50,000.   Many applicants think that the more they apply for, the higher the approval amount will be, even if it is not as much as they asked for.  This is a bad strategy.

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Cash Flow – Are reviewing business bank statements critical?

When lenders have requested financial statements as part of a small business loan review process, historically they have requested 1-3 years business and personal Tax Returns, and usually an interim Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.    They have in the past not always and currently often do not ask for the most recent business bank statements.

However, is reviewing a business’ bank statements critical to the process?

If the last 6 months business checking account statements are reviewed, they will provide a real time specific indication of the current cash flow of a business, certainly in terms of current balances, beginning balances, ending balances, average balances, # of deposits per month, expenses, and if the company has had any, or significant insufficient funds or overdraft activity.

The tax returns, while very detailed and provide significant financial information that business bank statements do not provide,  are still a snapshot of a company’s financial condition that is at 4-12 months old.    If it is the previous years return, it is at least 16 – 24 Months old.

If the Personal Financial Statement of the owner is requested, a cash on hand figure will be provided, though this too is often months old.  If the additional new debt service being considered is,  as an example, $1,500 per month, then if a company keeps steady average business bank statement balances of $10K – $20K in the past 6 months, will have a stronger likelihood of being able to easily service the new debt.     Conversely, if the company keeps average balances between $1,500 to $5,000, then there may be greater stress on the company to service the new debt.

Reviewing Bank Statements for Cash Flow
Reviewing bank statements for cash flow.

Unless there are other reasons not to request the statements, such as the customer is a long time repeat customer, or the amount requested is clearly small based on the revenues of the company, requesting the last 3-6 months business bank statements will greatly assist lenders in assessing a businesses real time cash flow.

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