Small Business Loans

Working capital loans, asset based loans.  Small business loans $3,000 to $500,000 fast and easy. Use for any reason.   Wide range of customer profiles eligible.

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  • Tough transactions are made routine.
  • Do you need a business loan fast?   We specialize in fast business loans.
  • Process is fast and easy.
  • Unsecured cash flow programs widely available!
  • Quick approval and funding process.   The revenue loan and gross sales loan are as fast as 2 to 3 business days.
  • No upfront or processing fee.
  • Traditional programs have a high decline rate.   We have a high approval rate.
  • Your request will be handled by an experienced industry representative throughout the process.
  • In business for as little as 3 months.
  • Low credit scores accepted.  No minimum credit scores for several programs.

Click on the online application above, or on our “contact Me” above.  One of our highly experienced industry credit representatives will contact you.   Your small business loans needs and funding options will be assessed often within 24 hours.  United States and Canadian companies only.

Small Business Loans
Small Business Loan options available

Question: Which of the small business loans does my business qualify for?




business loans features:

  1. Sales revenue based cash flow programs
    • Almost all businesses have revenue and cash flow.  Almost all businesses can  pre-qualify.
  2. Asset based programs available.
    • Almost all  have either receivables or assets.   Accounts receivables, real estate and hard assets can be used.

Frequent requests by callers:

How can I get a small business loan?   I need a small business loan.

Help me get a small business loan

What types of small business loans are available?

Answer: Requirements may vary for each program.  Minimal requirements can allow you to pre-qualify for several programs including accounts receivables program, real estate program and sales based program.

Question: How much can we qualify for with one of these small business loans programs?

Answer:  The amount your business can qualify for depends on several factors.   These include time in business, the value of assets owned, and the business’ gross sales.

Question: What if I need $100,000 instead of $50,000 and I only qualify for $50,000?  How can I get to the $100,000 total?

Answer: There are several funding programs available.   You can get $50,000 under the first program funding.  They can then get another $50,000 under a second program.  A customer can get the first $50,000 under an asset based program, then get the second $50,000 under the gross sales program.

Question: Do you offer approvals that are just in the company name for which a guarantor is not required?

Answer: What is referred to as corp only or corporation only approvals may be obtained.   These are approvals for small business loans that are just in the company name. They are more difficult to get approved.   A business must have over 5 years in business.

Sample small business loans transaction:

Other advantages of our programs include significant tax advantages. Payments on the asset based loans may be 100% deductible.

Assets are used as collateral but only a small part of the business owners assets are used for any transaction. In most cases, only a fraction of their assets are used. This compares very favorably to most other programs where real estate, all the company’s accounts receivables, or their entire assets are held as collateral.

There are often tax advantages for the asset based real estate program, comparable to the traditional home mortgage deduction.   The entire payment instead of just the interest portion of the payment.  The customer may lower their tax obligation.

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