Small Business Loans: What IS available during Covid-19 Coronavirus

Get small business loans fast and easy from $2,500 to over $1,000,000 including programs during Covid-19 Coronavirus.

What is available?   Options include bank statement loans and asset based loans.   Other alternatives also include loan against equipment, as well as some options for retail businesses with vehicles or accounts receivables.    Funding for business payroll and emergency or crisis business funding are available.  Yes, many businesses can get funding.
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    • Tough transactions are made easy including previous default programs.
    • Do you need funding fast?   We specialize in fast business loans with same day and next day funding in most cases.
    • Unsecured cash flow programs widely available!
    • Quick approval and closing process.   The revenue loan and gross sales loan are as fast as 1 to 3 business days with same day funding in some cases.
    • No upfront fees
    • Traditional programs have a high decline rate because traditional lenders require financial information.  As a result,  we require far less paperwork and have a high approval rate.
    • Your request will be handled by an experienced industry representative throughout the process.
    • Time in business for as little as 3 months.
    • Low credit scores approved and scores as low as 400 for several programs.
    • Programs available for U.S. and Canadian companies including Puerto Rico.

Above all, click on the online application above, or on “contact Me” above.  One of our highly experienced industry credit representatives will contact you.  Funding programs are available for United States and Canada, including Puerto Rico.

F.A.Q. Frequently asked small business loans questions:

How do I qualify for a small business loan?
Answer: Make a list of your type of business, time in business, approximate credit scores,  amount requested and approximate annual business revenues.  List any weaknesses you or your business may have. Discuss with the lenders in advance to determine which of the programs your business will most likely qualify for.
What types of small business loans are available?
Answer: Requirements are different for each program.  Your business may be able to pre-qualify for several options.   They include a bank statement loan, accounts receivables financing, loans against real estate and other asset based loans.
How much can my business qualify for ?
Answer:  The amount your business can qualify for depends on several factors.   These include time in business, personal credit, business revenue  and also the type of business.   In addition, other factors may include business credit and the average daily balances of your business checking account.
I need $100,000 and we only qualify for $50,000?  How can I get a $100,000 total?
Answer: There are several funding programs available.   Your business may be able to get $50,000 under a first funding program and then qualify for another $50,000 under a second program.  A customer can often get the first $50,000 under a revenue based business loan, and then get another $50,000 under an asset based business loan.
Do you offer business loans just in the company name with no guarantor?
Answer: No guarantor business loans are also referred to as corp only and corporation only business loans.  These are approvals for small business loans that are just in the company name and are much more difficult to get approved.   A business must usually have over 5 years time in business under the same name and provide financial statements.

Features in a sample transaction:

Significant tax advantages for some programs.  For instance, payments on asset based loans may be 100% deductible.

Assets are used as collateral and only part of the business assets are used in many cases.  Most other business loan programs often take all of a company’s assets as collateral.

There are often tax advantages for an asset based real estate program, comparable to the traditional home mortgage deduction.   The entire payment is deducted instead of just the interest portion of the payment.  As a result, businesses lower their tax obligation.

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