Small Business Loans: Fast & Easy

Small Business Loans from $2,000 Up

Small business loans including low credit scores, newer businesses, large business loans,  asset based and high approval amounts.

What is available?  Small business loans that are fast and flexible such as bank statement loans and a loan against equipment. Other unique programs include a loan on a truck or accounts receivables.    Funding also for payroll and emergency situations
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Up to $2,000,000 and more



    • 5 business loan options for slow sales.
      Tough transactions such as companies with a default are done routinely.
    • Do you need funding fast?   We specialize in small business loans with same day and next day funding in most cases.
    • Unsecured cash flow programs widely available!
    • Quick approval and closing process.   The revenue loan and gross sales loan are as fast as 1 to 3 business days with same day funding in some cases.
    • No upfront fees
    • Traditional programs have a high decline rate because traditional lenders require financial information.  As a result,  we developed programs  with almost no paperwork that have a high approval rate.
    • An experienced Representative handles the entire process.
    • Time in business for as little as 3 months.
    • Low credit scores approved and scores as low as 400 for several programs.
    • Options available for U.S. including Puerto Rico and companies in Canada.


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F.A.Q. Frequently asked small business loan questions:

How can we qualify for a small business loan?
Businesses with $5,000 per month or more in sales, or assets such as equipment or Real Estate may qualify for many programs with very low credit scores.

How much can my business qualify for?
Higher sales or longer time in business will be offered higher approvals. Offers are usually up to 75% of monthly sales for unsecured, or 40% to 60% of asset values on secured programs.

How fast can we get funding?
Funding can be as fast as same day or next day for unsecured. For larger amounts or backed by real estate or other assets, funding can be a few days or longer.

What do credit scores need to be?
Credit does not need to be strong for many programs. Many options are available with credit below 500. Applicants with higher credit scores can get more with longer and better terms.

What types of small business loans are available?
Unsecured business loans based on sales or loans secured by equipment, real estate and accounts
receivables are available.

How are approvals handled?

They are approved more on your company’s strengths rather than  declined for your company’s weaknesses. We look at all your company’s strengths and put it in a program that approves is based on those strengths.

Approvals and funding are NOT based on traits a business may not have:

– Good credit
– Strong and current Tax Returns
– Strong revenue or recent strong deposits

For example, if your company’s strength is in the cash flow but not financials,
then applying for the bank statement loan will have the highest approval rate and amount in the marketplace.

Only some of the business assets are used in most cases, compared to other assed based programs that usually take all of a company’s assets as collateral.

There are often tax advantages for the asset based equipment and real estate program.  Deduct the entire payment instead of just the interest portion of the payment.  As a result, businesses lower their tax obligation.

In Summary:

There are currently several options specially created to help businesses that have had lower monthly sales and lower deposits on their most recent three months bank statements.

In addition, programs are available that offer unique business loan alternatives based on the assets of the company such as equipment assets and vehicles.

Pick and apply for the program that best matches your business.

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