Average daily balance for a business loan

What is average daily balance?   How does it affect my getting a business loan?   The average daily balance, also known as average ledger balance and average collected balance is the average of your daily balances for one month at your bank.   If it is not high enough, it may be a reason for a decline with a lender who does not tell you what the requirement is.
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Average daily balance

Faq frequently asked questions and comments:
Why does the average daily balance matter?  How does it affect my business loan request?
If your average daily balance is too low, it can be a major factor in your business loan request being denied.    Lenders have different numbers they look for in the average daily balance.   However, most want to see an average  balance of at least $1,000.    Many want to see a $1,500 average ledger balance and some want as high as $2,500 average collected balance.

Keeping high daily balances is too much for many businesses.    Many businesses use almost all of the funds that are in their account immediately after it is deposited.   If a business would leave deposited funds in their account longer, their average balances would increase significantly.

What is average daily balance and why does it matter?

Why do lenders care about average daily balances?

Lenders, especially short term lenders want to know that you keep enough in your account than what the payment to them will be.   The lower your average bank balance is, the more worried they are you will not be able to make payments to them.

Customers sometimes call in who have been declined for this reason.   They want to understanding this decline reason and also see what their other options are.   They call in and say they were declined because they do not keep enough money in the bank.    The problem usually is they take money out of their account as soon as they put it in.   Many businesses that are declined for this reason may get declined for having less than $10,000 in deposits per month.
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