Business loans with No Tax Returns: How to Get Them

Need to get a business loan with no tax returns?

Several programs are available to get approved for a fast and easy business loan with no tax returns.  Businesses often cannot provide tax returns for loans. Programs are available to get a loan without returns hassle free.


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How to get a small business loan with no tax returns: How to steps, direction, and tips:

Get a small business loan without having to provide tax returns.

Need a small business loan but do not have business tax returns? For businesses that need funding without tax returns asap,
fast programs are available that can get funding in your account the same day or the next day.

Estimated Cost: $0
Total Time: 1 Day
Supplies Needed:  Business bank statements. Financial statements if available.  Time Available.
Tools needed: Internet connection, phone, computer

Step 1:  Preparation

Review your company’s cash flow information such as bank statements and financial statements.

Contact your accountant to get financial statements.  Determine how much your business needs, for how long and how soon.

Review your company’s cash flow strengths by looking over your bank statements and financials.
Step 2:  Gather the documentation you do have on hand.
Tip: Start the process at least a week or longer before needing business funding, especially when business tax returns are not

available and if your business needs larger amounts

Review the bank statements and any financial information before providing.

prepare an explanation for any slow and low cash flow periods or other issues, before applying.

Giving yourself a week or two lead time will help you find the right programs, apply and get funding.
Step 3:  Research companies that offer business loans with no tax returns required.
Filter your search for programs that best matches your business for the amount requested, your credit, time in business, annual sales and the reason you want the loan.
Look for those companies that meet your specific needs and requirements.
Talk to those companies and find out about their terms and conditions.
Match up with the company that most closely meets your needs.
Find out if your business will qualify or prequalify.   Lenders may be able to prequalify you over the phone
Do a final review of your documentation based on the lender’s requirements
Asking the lender what the qualifying requirements are can save you from even applying.
Step 4: Submit your company’s application

Go with the most qualifying program for your business without tax returns.

No business tax returns required? Is the program a good fit? Then apply
Step 5: Approved or declined
Review terms if your business is approved.  To accept, provide all closing stipulations to fund the transaction.
Was your business denied? Contact the lender and find out why you were declined.  What can you do to get the decision reversed?
If you cannot get the lender to approve your business, then go back to other lenders you looked at during your search.

Ask the other lenders if you will be declined for the same reason.   If not, then consider applying with them.

If you are satisfied with the approval terms, then provide the items needed to close and get funding.

FAQ Frequently asked questions on getting a business loan with no tax returns

Can I get a business loan with no tax returns?

Yes, we have several strong programs that can get your business approved and funded quickly without having to submit
tax returns.

Can we still get higher approval amounts without returns?

Businesses with high revenues can get approved for larger amounts based on the strength of their sales.
No federal or state returns needed.

Will we have to provide other proof of income like financial statements, bank statements or pay stubs?

Cash flow through the bank statements may be requested for the lender to make the maximum offer and calculate
how much your business can pay. Financial statements such as balance sheets and profit and loss are not required.

Example of what to do if your business is asked for returns.

Your company applies for a loan and is approved.   However, the Lender requires the most recent tax return or 2 years tax returns.   If you are new, or have filed an extension, your business cannot provide this information.

Don’t have Tax Returns? Before applying, simply ask if returns will be required.  If so, try to apply for programs that does NOT require returns.   Instead of providing tax returns, you can offer cash flow information from previous years.   This may be referred to as payback months, meaning banks statements for the same months as the repayment of any new loan.

Want a business loan but do not have Tax returns?
Choose these options







Lenders will not scrutinize the returns even if they require them.   They will not review Gross and Net Profit, Business Tax Write Offs and other parts of the return.  However, if they ask for a return, you have to provide it.

Business owners are often afraid to provide a return because they show a net loss.  What can you do?

Ask the lender in advance how closely the return will be scrutinized.  Many loan programs will just get the return to verify it has been filed.

The request for returns are also part of ¬†‚Äúclosing stipulations‚ÄĚ. ¬† ¬†Other items that are usually required for closing stipulations include a copy of current driver‚Äôs license, in addition to a clear copy of voided business check or copy of a license.

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