How to get money for Payroll

This article will direct you on how to get money for payroll during covid-19 coronavirus today.   Same day funding available.  If your business is interested in getting money for payroll immediately,  then apply now below or call:

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How to get money for payroll: How to steps, direction, and tips:

Does your business need money for payroll? Follow the steps and tips provided. Apply today for fast and the best options to finance payroll.

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Estimated Cost: $0
Total Time: Up to 2 days
Supplies Needed: Monthly payroll information, Time available
Tools needed: Internet connection, phone, computer

Step 1: Preparation

Review your current month’s payroll expenses

Calculate how much your business needs, for how long and how soon.

Run the numbers to verify how much your business needs in payroll for the month and a deadline.


Step 2: Prepare your documentation

Tip: Start the process a week before needing payroll funding if possible to avoid missing your deadline payroll date.

Get your business financial information together. This includes an interim or monthly profit and loss statement, copy of your monthly payroll, tax returns and bank statements.

Begin the process several days early and avoid missing your deadline payroll date

Step 3: Research payroll financing companies and programs

Look for payroll finance companies that meet your needs and requirements.
Contact qualifying companies and request their qualifying criteria
Match and prioritize your needs with the company that meets your criteria and you appear to qualify with.
Ask if your business will qualify or prequalify. Some lenders may be able to prequalify you over the phone prepare to submit your documentation

Ask the lender representative to review your information and if you will qualify.

Step 4: Submit application information

Apply with the best qualifying company for your business.

Apply for the best matching payroll financing program for your business.

Step 5: Approved or declined

Approved? Review terms. If you want to accept, provide all closing documentation and complete transaction denied? Contact lender to find out why you were declined and if there is anything that can be done to get approved.
If you cannot get approved, consider the reasons for the denial. Go back to other lenders you previously considered.
Ask those lenders if that will be a decline reason. If not, consider applying with that alternative lender.

If your business is approved, review all the terms. Provide closing items and stipulations to fund payroll into your account.
Get money for payroll same day or next day. Use the financing each time you need funds for payroll.

Get money for payroll immediately. Have Questions

FAQ Frequently asked Questions on how to get money for payroll fast

We need emergency money for payroll because of the Coronavirus Covid-19. Can you finance our payroll?

Yes, we can provide emergency payroll financing because of the virus. There are several programs to decide from depending on the best fit for your business.

We need money for payroll fast. Can you get money for our payroll the same week?

We can get money for your business to make payroll as fast as one or two days. If your business applies for payroll financing early in the day then there is an excellent chance your business can meet payroll the next day.

We may need money for payroll again. Can we use this financing in the future to financing payroll?

You can use the financing like a line of credit. You borrow, repay and reuse the line again.

What if I have 1099 contractors and are not official employees of the company?

There are programs available to financing your employees if they are 1099 employees. Indicate this when applying

Is credit important when applying for payroll financing?

Credit is not a main factor in payroll financing. The strength of your business and cash flow of your business is more important.

If I do not qualify for payroll financing, are there other programs available?

If your business does not qualify for payroll financing, there are other programs you may qualify for to meet payroll. These include Bank statement loans based on the cash flow of your business. If your business generates more than $7,500 per month in deposits and has more then 4 deposits per month.

I need payroll financing now but am not sure I will need it again. Can we get money immediately if we need it again?

If the companies you are being paid from are the same then your business should be able to get funding immediately again. If it is a different company than a quick check will be done. Money the same day may still be possible then.

Will we get 100% of the payroll that we need?

If your business is approved then you will get 100% of the funding that you need.