Jun 16, 2011 Dept of labor unemployment

According to the Department of Labor the advance figure for seasonally adjusted unemployment claims was 414,000.

This is a decrease of 16,000 from the previous weeks figure of 430,000.

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Statistics include New York.   New York had fewer layoffs in the construction, including retail industries.

Massachusetts reported fewer layoffs in the construction and service industries.   Florida reporting fewer layoffs in many sectors.

This post contains information from the department of labor found in 2011.

Unemployment claims for all year since 2011 were not updated.  Visit the department of labor to find more updated information on unemployment insurance claims.    End of year information was not cited in this article.

Related statistics such as the number of discourage workers may be reported in other articles from the department of labor.   Statistics are broken down by state or national.   Review year end figures for an accurate annual review of unemployment.
The economy has added significant jobs since approximately 2010 and 2011.    Millions of additional jobs have been added since 2011.   Please refer to the department of labor or bureau of labor statistics for additional information.

State labor departments will have detailed unemployment information by state.