Leasebacks – Are They Done By The Banks?

When a banker is asked if they do a certain type of loan, such as “will you do a leaseback”  the banks will almost always say yes.   The prospective customer will believe that the bank actively does leasebacks and that they have a good chance to be approved for one.

When a bankers says the bank will do a loan, they only mean that the bank has the ability of doing such a specific type of loan and will consider it.   It does not mean they will do it for you although most customers believe that.

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Further, the chances of the bank approving and closing the loan is very low.   The bank’s decline rate is very high and additionally, the bank may have a preference for other loans.

Banks want to close loans secured with excellent collateral.   If a customer defaults, they want to be able to quickly liquidate the asset and payoff the debt owed to them.   This is why they want collateral such as desirable Real Estate with a low loan to value, or deposit accounts, certificates of deposit and listed stock as security.

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