Leaseback opportunities – Bureau of Economic Analysis – Corporate profits increase – April 10th review of March 25th report

According to Small Business Loans depot’s April 10th’s updated review of the the Bureau of Economic Analysis, leaseback opportunities are on the increase.

Based on the report, corporate profits increased $38.2 billion in the fourth quarter, compared to an increase of $26 billion in the third quarter.    Leaseback opportunities, such as through equipment, is evidenced in final sales of computers added .35 percentage point to the fourth quarter change in real Gross domestic product,  after adding .29 percentage point in the third quarter.

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The increase on goods purchased by both companies and consumers,  in addition to increased profits, will allow companies increased leaseback opportunities through the use of their assets, such as increased equipment inventory, or real estate.     Increased profits will allow companies greater cash flow to service any new leaseback obligations.

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