How much would Medicare Vouchers be for?

Under the current Republican proposal for Medicare, Medicare would be transferred into a Voucher system.

But how much will the Vouchers be for?   Very curiously, this information has not been provided by the politicians proposing turning Medicare into a Voucher system.    More curiously, citizens have not been asking this question.

It is one of several incredibly important questions.   If a patient goes to get Medical treatment currently, they may pay some at the doctor’s office upon arrival.   They may also be responsible for a relatively minor percentage of the bill after the procedure.  However, Medicare pays for the vast majority of the bill.   If the bill is $5,000, Medicare may end up paying $4,000 or more.

Under the Voucher system plan, we have no idea whatsoever what the Voucher amount will be for.  What if it is for $2,000 maximum if you go to the doctor?   What happens if the Medical procedure is for $10,000 and the Voucher is for $2,000?   Does the Senior citizen get stuck paying the $8,000?

All of these issues are critically important and need to be answered.

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