3rd Position Merchant Cash Advance: (Max Offers)

The most money on a 3rd position merchant cash advance is what you need, and fast?

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We specialize in 3rd positions. We will help you structure your existing business cash flow as well to insure your payments can safely be made. Apply below now to get your offer and funding quickly!

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F.A.Q.’s, Frequently asked questions on getting a 3rd position

How much can we get on a third position cash advance?

You will get the highest offer that your business cash flow can handle which will be reviewed through the bank statements. If the balance on one of your other advances is low enough, it can be paid off to get an ever higher offer.

What is the longest term we can get?

Payments and terms on 3rd position advances can go up to 1 year, though most are 6 months. The longest term depends on the balances of your current advances, your business cash flow and the ability to handle the new payment.

How fast can I get funded?

Submit your application and last three months statements in the morning and it is possible to be funded the same day.

How to get a 3rd position merchant cash advance:

        1. Decide how much money your business needs.  Then calculate how much the business can afford to pay each day.   For a 3rd position advance, figure out how much is the maximum you can afford per day and the total your business can pay for cash advances overall.
        2. Apply for the cash advance program that best matches your business cash flow.   Review your current loans and know what counts as an existing mca position.
        3. If approved, review all closing documentation and requirements.   If needed have a specialist review the contracts and return completed contracts and all documentation for funding.   Complete merchant funding call with the funder. Funds are deposited into your business checking account the same day or next day.
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