Top 4 Tips: Pass a DecisionLogic Check

You are trying to close a business loan. The lender says you have to pass a DecisionLogic check. Consider the top 4 ways further below to help you complete an account verification to get funding asap.

Pass a DecisonLogic check

First of all, what is DecisionLogic or an account verification?  DecisonLogic is a company that many lenders use to verify a bank account and it’s activity.   They review the current month to date balances, recent negative days or overdrafts, the average balance, and other factors. Apply Below now!

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How to Pass a DecisonLogic Bank Account Check:

    • Have at least 2 to 3 times the new loan payment in your account.   
    • No negative days, NSF’s or Overdrafts in the last week and less than 5 in any of the last 3 months.
    • Recent average balances should be strong.  
    • No new loans taken out in the current month.

1. 3 Times the Loan Payment.

Your account must have a positive balance. An overdrawn will result in an immediate decline.

At the time of the check, have at least 2 to 3 times the amount of the new loan payment in your account. If you do not, you may be declined. Do not move forward with the check if your balance does not reflect at least twice the new payment.

For Example:

If the new payment is $400, then you should try to have $800 to $1,200 in the account to help insure you will pass a Decisionlogic check.  If you have less, it puts the closing at a higher risk and your recent activity will then be very closely reviewed in the decision process.

2. No Negative Days.

Your account should not have ended the day negative in the last week.  On statements, negative days usually appear towards the end of the statement.

Negative days in the last week will not automatically result in your approval being reversed and declined. One overdrawn day for a small amount and NSF will often be overlooked. If you had more than one overdrawn day, the risk of a reversal of the approval increases. You definitely want less than 5 total negative days in any of the last 3 months bank statements to close the loan.

3. Strong Average Balances

The current month’s average daily balances should be strong.  The  amount depends a lot on your overall business sales and any new debt.   For smaller businesses getting a loan less than $25,000, the average daily balance could be as low as $1,000 and still be approved.    Pay close attention to this if your business has had recent low sales.

Businesses with higher annual revenues must have higher average balances in their checking account.

Lenders look at this number to help them decide if the business will have the cash flow to handle expenses and all required payments.   Strong average balances will help you successfully pass a decisionlogic check.

4. No New Loans

Your business should not have taken out any new loans during the last 30 days. The lender will know if you took out any loans through the end of the previous month, but not the current month.

Did you take out a new loan in the current month?   Approvals will be re-evaluated when new loans are taken out in the current month.

FAQ: How to pass a DecisionLogic Check:

What is a Decisionlogic check?

The lender securely reviews the current and most recent cash flow in your business checking account. They use that information as part of their final closing items to decide if the loan will close and fund.

What can I do after failing DecisionLogic?

Talk to the lender. Try to find out as much as you can about why you did not pass the account verification review. Also ask if you can wait a few days and try DecisionLogic again. Some declines are based on low balances that day and very recent NSF’s.
Significant deposits in the next few days along with a clean account can change a decline back into an approval.

How do I pass a DecisionLogic check?

Discuss with the lender in advance what will be required for you to pass. They may not tell you but find out as much information as you can. If you are not given the criteria, tell them what your current and recent balances are and ask if that will be good enough to pass and close the loan.


If any lender wants to do an account verification such as Decisionlogic, ask beforehand what they are looking for and also what will be required for your request to be completed and funded.

If you fail DecisionLogic, ask if you can try it again after you make substantial deposits or overcome the obstacles that caused the verification to fail. These 2 main ways should allow you to overcome the verification hurdle and get funding!

What other ways have helped you pass a bank verification check?