Personal Income up .1% in October 2012

According to the 8:30 A.M., November 30th, release by the Bureau of Economic analysis, Personal income increased only slightly, $.4 Billion in October 2012, or less than .1%, according to the bureau of economic analysis.

The bureau further reported that (DPI), disposable personal income, increased $.8 Billion, or less than .1% in October, according to the bureau of economic analysis.   (PCE), personal consumption expenditures,  decreased $20.2 billion, or .2%.    In September, personal income increased $47.8 Billion, or .4%.   DPI increased $42.1 Billion, or .4%, and personal consumption expenditures increased $84 Billion, or .8%, based on revised estimates.

Real disposable income decreased .1% in October 2012, compared with an increase of less than .1% in September.  Real Personal Consumption Expenditures decreased .3%, in contrast to an increase of .4%.

Personal Income up .1% in October 2012

Stay tuned to upcoming market reports by the Federal Reserve and by media outlets on Personal Income.   Personal income in relation to inflation is a key statistic.   Determine if the personal income figure provided is with or without inflation taken into account.
If Personal income is being reported as up by 1%, is that with inflation taken into account?
If it is, then real personal income is up.   If it is not, then real personal income may be down rather than up.

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