Top Ten Reasons to watch the original Star Trek

10.   You can watch Sulu before he comes out.

9.    See William Shatner doing his last work with his real hair.

8.    Absorb Spock’s ultra cool responses to the most intense circumstances.

7.   Watch Klingon’s before they appear in St. Patrick’s day Parades in American cities

6.   No one wants to see that dude in the later Star Treks with the 1/2 Car air  filter               around his face.

5.   Scream at the T.V. to “give me more power Scottie”

4.   Be a candidate for the fraternity of nerds living in their parent’s Garage that worship the show and have watched each episode at least 100 times.

3.   Get fully prepped for your first Star Trek convention

2.   Watch each episode with baited breath for your “beam me up Scottie” orgasm

1.   Watch carefully to see if anyone besides Kirk was checking out Uhura.