What is a coj certificate of judgement?

What is a coj certificate of judgement?

A coj certificate of judgement is a legal document lenders can use to take quick and easy legal action against their customer.   If you want funding without a COJ, apply below now.    Get a loan without a coj.
When the merchant cash advance company declares a default, a completed coj certificate of judgement allows mca companies to easily take legal action against a merchant.  This usually happens without traditional court proceedings or a trial.  The merchant has already providing a notarized signature authorizing the merchant cash advance company to get a default judgement or summary default judgement against them.
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What are your options ?
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What is a coj certificate of judgement
What is a coj certificate of judgement? I need to stop a coj.

F.A.Q.’s frequently asked questions and comments.   Different ways to stop a coj, get out of a coj and deal with a coj certificate of judgement.

How can I stop a coj certificate of judgement?
I need to get out of a coj certificate of judgement proceeding.

If you feel a lender is about to take action against you, you can do the following to try to stop it.

  1. Contact the lender to try to come to a last minute agreement on a repayment plan, payment arrangement, settlement, or any type of agreement.
  2. Continue to actively communicate with the mca merchant advance company.   When the merchant does not communicate with the funder or lender, such as avoiding calls and not reply to correspondences, the merchant cash company takes the strongest action.
  3. Keep paying the daily payments if possible while you work towards a solution.  When the merchant stops payment on their daily advance causing the daily merchant cash advance payment to not be paid and rejected, the mca merchant cash advance company may declare a default.
  4. Keep the business checking account from which the daily payment is drawn open.   Anytime the merchant closes their business checking account and the daily merchant cash advance payment bounces and is rejected, the mca merchant cash company can declare it an immediate default.
  5. Stay visible, open and available.    Sometimes a merchant disappears or if you go out of business, it  shows the mca merchant cash advance company that you are still trying to work with them and reduce their losses.   They may still decide to negotiate with you and agree to a workout solution.

Should I close a loan if the lender or mca company is asking for a coj certificate of judgement?
First decide what is the likelihood of your defaulting.    If you feel there may be too much of a chance of your having cash flow problems, try to obtain a business loan that does not require this.   Apply with us above.

What can a lender do with a certificate of judgement?
It depends on the company you are dealing with and your cash flow situation.  Most funders or lenders normally do not follow through and take court action with the coj certificate of judgement unless the customer intentionally and actively does not communicate.

More faq’s frequently asked coj certificate of judgement questions:

Question: What will an mca merchant cash advance company do to me with a coj certificate of judgement?   I want to stop a coj certificate of judgement against me.
The lender can get a court that day to automatically request and receive a default judgement.   Once they receive this, they can contact your banks and have available funds debited to pay your debt with them.
Read the certificate closely.   Clearly understand under what circumstances the coj certificate of judgement allows the lender to take court action against your business.

Question: Can the merchant cash advance company shut down my business and shut my doors?
In practice it is rare.  While there may be language in the contracts that states they can do this, it is rarely done in practice.   If the merchant is making a good faith effort to payoff the debt or even come to a workout solution, this will rarely happen.  Even rarer will be for the lender to come to the physical location and attempt to lock the doors.   This can be challenged.

Question: How can I get a mca merchant cash advance or business loan without a coj certificate of judgement?
Contact us above today.    We offer many business loans that do not require this.

Question: How can I protect myself against a coj?
Get a business loan or merchant cash advance that does not require a coj certificate of Judgement.   In addition, you can ask a Lender if it is required when you first apply.

Question: I signed a coj certificate of judgement.   Can I cancel a coj?   How do I stop the lender from filing a coj?
Call the lender to see if you can still work out a repayment solution.
If not, consider contacting an attorney to represent your rights to avoid
your account being overdrawn or shut down.
Contact your bank and ask them if you can prevent them from acting on a court order or if there are any ways to delay a court order or stay a court order.

If your business is behind on a Merchant cash advance, try to work with the lenders as much as possible on a workout solution.   When you work with the lenders as much as possible, their tendency is much more to not exercise a COJ Certificate of Judgement.

Third party options involving a COJ Certificate of Judgement

We are of the opinion your business should not hire or contract with a debt settlement relief company.   Lenders do not like these arrangements.   Their contract is with your business, not a 3rd party.

Can I get an attorney to take court action to get me out of a COJ Certificate of Judgement?
This will be difficult.   If your business has defaulted and the funder has declared a default, there may be little that can be done quickly.    You can seek counsel quickly to determine your options and if legal intervention on your part is still possible and makes sense.   There may be bankruptcy relief options as a last resort although workout solutions are usually a better and less drastic action.

I am not signing a COJ Certificate of Judgement.
You do not have to sign it.   You can look for a lending program that does not require this.   We offer multiple programs without a COJ.

How do I know the lender won’t take action against me anytime once they have a COJ Certificate of Judgement?
If you have not defaulted, then action on the lender’s part should not be expected.

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