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Ask Paul Ryan these Questions

Paul Ryan says his plan will save Medicare and that Medicare will not survive under Obama’s plan.  What does the public know today about Paul Ryan’s Medicare Voucher plan?    Virtually nothing besides the fact that the Government will be sending recipients a check of some amount of money to be determined later.

We do know today that Medicare will not be sustainable much beyond the next decade and some type of reform will have to happen.    We know now that in it’s current form, Medicare works for millions of Americans and covers a satisfactory amount of their Medical needs.

Before deciding on Paul Ryan’s Medicare Voucher plan, or any Medicare Voucher plan,  we need answers to these critical questions.

– Will Seniors have any options if the cost of Medical coverage or treatment exceeds, or far exceeds the value of the Vouchers?

–  Will the Government guarantee increasing the amount of the Voucher every year matching average increases in Healthcare premiums and medical costs to prevent Americans from becoming significantly health care poorer every year?

– About how much will the Vouchers be for?

– Will Seniors receive the Vouchers before, or after incurring any health care costs, including health care premiums?

– Will Seniors get vouchers even if the don’t seek medical treatment, allowing them the opportunity to accumulate savings by receiving vouchers?

– Will the Vouchers be paid monthly, annually?

– If Obama care is repealed, will private insurance companies be able to deny coverage for Seniors, the group of insured that statistically are far and away the biggest expense to private insurance companies?

The Obama administration’s plan on Medicare sustainability still has a ways to go and the president will have to show a more developed plan on how it will survive long term if it is to remain in it’s general coverage form.

We need to demand answers to these questions to allow citizens to make informed decisions,  or we may find out too late that the plan we got is worse than the plan we had or could have had.