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Will the Auto Bailout help Obama win?

Will the Auto Bailout help Obama win and give him a second term?

The Obama administration did push for and get the Auto industry bailout.   Will it give him a second term?

The answer to this will come down to messaging and marketing.   The public has proven over and over that so often it is how the messenger says something, or how the messenger sells something that is more important than what all of the true facts may be.    This is true in most cases because people aren’t paying close attention, and aren’t interested in the details anyway.

Republicans were totally against the Auto industry bailout and said so, loudly and clearly at the time, including Mitt Romney.   However, George Bush said he felt he needed to do it to save over a million jobs, maybe more.    Now Governor Romney said his plan was better than Obama’s for the auto industry and would have helped the industry more.    Romney stated,  more or less, that he would have had them go into bankruptcy, re-organize, and then have private investors buy the companies and bring the companies back up and thriving far better than the Government could.

This is considered pure fantasy by most experts in the Auto industry simply because there were no legitimate private investors of any significance that were interested in GM and Chrysler at the time that would have helped them reshape and succeed.    The Government had to bail them out for precisely that reason – no real player wanted them.    The government was not competing against private investors to buy GM or take them over.   If it were, they would have backed off and let private investors take them over, saving themselves of this burden.

The key will come in messaging and how this is explained.   The people in Michigan and Ohio know enough about it to know who was right.     Considering unemployment in Ohio is lower than the national average and that a chunk of that is owed to the bailout, it is a curiosity that Obama is not leading by more than he is.