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Bureau of Labor Statistics – apolitical?

A funny thing happened on the way to the November 6th election.   The bureau of Labor Statistics, an agency that tries it’s best to be as grey and boring as the former East German people and landscape were,  has been accused by conservative and republican politicians of having a hand in doctoring the books to help Obama win the election.

This agency tries as hard as possible to stay out of partisan politics has been accuses of partisan politics.     The agency reported that the unemployment rate went below 8%, down to 7.8% for the first time since Barack Obama took office.    Some conservatives and Republicans pounced, and without apparently a shred of evidence, accused the agency of cooking the books for Obama.

Evidence should of course consist of E-Mails or correspondences between employees, or whistle blowers that would testify.   The “proof” that is being offered by the accusers is the fact that the unemployment rate went down.    Until there is real proof of misdeeds, pundits on either side of the political fray would be best served by holding their thoughts to themselves before shotgunning accusations.