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Bureau of Labor Statistics Youth Employment Increases

According to the Tuesday, August 21st, 10:00 A.M. report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics,  from April to June 2012, the number of employed Youth ages 16 to 24 years old rose 2.1 million, from 17.4 Million to 19.5 million.

The Bureau reported further that for this year, the share of employed youth is 50.2%.   July is typically the summertime peak for youth employment.    The July 2012 labor force participation rate for all youths, the proportion of the population 16 to 24 years looking for work was 60.5% in July, up from July 2011.    In July, the youth employment population ratio for men was 51.9% and the ratio for women was 48.4%.

The ratio for whites was 53.5%, for blacks 38.9%, 37.4% for Asians, and 46.5% for hispanics.