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Employment by major work groups in October

Per the Bureau of Labor statistics, the economy added 171,000 jobs in October 2012.

The bureau further reported that among the major work groups, the unemployment rate for blacks increased to 14.3% in October, while the rate for adult men, 7.3%, adult women, 7.2%, teenagers, 23.7%, whites, 7.0%, and hispanics, 10.0%, showed little or no change.

The bureau reported that the unemployment rate was lowest for Asians at 4.9% in October, down from 7.3% from a year ago for this group.   The civilian work force rose by 578,000, to a total of 155.6 million in October.   Total employment rose by 410,000 for the month.     The number of persons employed part time for economic reasons fell by 269,000 to 8.3 million in October.