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U.S. Government assists farmers with Drought Relief

The Agriculture department announced on August 8th, 2012, that as part of the administration’s efforts to assist livestock producers in response to the historic drought, the Agriculture Secretary highlighted that the USDA will utilize $16 million in financial assistance to immediately help crop and livestock producers in 19 states cope with the adverse impacts of the drought.

The Agriculture department further explained that an additional $14 million in funds would be used to move water to livestock in need an rehabilitate land devastated by the drought.

In Washington, President Barack Obama and his White House Rural Council met to review Executive Branch response actions and to create additional policy initiatives to assist drought-stricken Americans in need. Following the meeting, the White House announced a number of new actions the Administration is taking, including USDA’s assistance for livestock and crop producers, the National Credit Union Administration’s increased ability for lending to customers including farmers, and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s waivers for federal truck weight regulations and hours of service requirements to drought-stricken communities. President Obama also emphasized the need for the entire Administration to continue to look at further steps it can take to lessen the pain of this historic drought.


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