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Green Goods employment in millions

The number of people employed in the U.S. in the green goods and services sector is in the millions.

According to the Thursday, March 22nd, 10:00 A.M. EST release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “in 2010, 3.1 million jobs in the United States were associated with the production of green goods and services.    Green goods and services (GGS) jobs are found in businesses  that produce goods or provide services either benefit the environment or conserve natural resources, or both.”

In comparison to the economy as a whole, GGS jobs represent 2.4 percent of total U.S. employment in 2010.   The private sector had 2.3 million green goods and services jobs and the public sector had 860,300 green goods and services jobs.

As a result,  this sector represents a significant employment sector in the U.S. economy.    With jobs in the millions this industry cannot be discounted.

This post includes statistics and information from 2012. The information related to the number of people employed in the U.S. in the sector was not updated for each year after 2012.    To obtain and review updated information, please visit the bureau of labor statistics.   The percentage of jobs in green goods and services may have increased or decreased from 2.4% of total U.S. employments since 2010.

Employment in related industries such as solar power and wind power may affect these numbers significantly.