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Will hiring take off after the election?

Will hiring take off after the election?   There seems to be some reasons to believe so.

Chief among these reasons is probably the fact that the unemployment rate is declining just before national elections.    This is relevant because larger companies traditionally wait until after elections before proceeding on any business changes, including expansion, hiring and any significant changes.

Companies wait not just because they may proceed or not proceed depending upon who wins.   In many cases, companies will proceed with their general plan or direction regardless.   The results of the elections will give them certainty on many details such as specific regulations, philosophy of the government.    Simply having certainty on certain details may be more important than the actual results.

Since unemployment just went down, this may well be a precursor for after the elections, since hiring should increase in the months after the elections due to the certainty the results bring, which causes companies to stop holding back their hiring process.