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Why the home mortgage deduction won’t be eliminated

In the current political race for president, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has stated that as part of his new policies, he will close government revenue and tax loopholes as part of his plan to balance the budget.   He has stated that closings of loopholes will offset revenue rate reductions.

But he has not indicated which loopholes he would want to close.   This has left many to wonder, would he advocate closing the home mortgage deduction?    He may advocate doing so, but the chances that he will succeed are extremely low for many reasons, as follows:

The general public.   There are millions of homeowners today who use the homeowners mortgage deduction.   If any serious possibility were on the horizon to eliminate this deductions, there would be a fierce backlash by consumer groups, including grass roots efforts by citizens to fight elimination of this deduction.    Citizen’s would undoubtedly breath fire onto any politician that advocates eliminating this deduction.

Other groups would intensely fight eliminating this deduction.   These groups include any groups associated with Real Estate, such as Realtor groups, banks, mortgage companies, loan officers, and any associated groups.

In truth, there will be much talk on this and very little action.    This is being proposed as a tool to justify revenue rate increases.   It would not be possible to propose revenue rate increases without closing loopholes.

If this course of action occurs, look for a further blowup of the budget deficit and for the economy to be put at further long term risk.

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