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What if the cost of care far exceeds Medicare Vouchers?

Under the new proposed Medicare Voucher system, Seniors have to ask several important questions.     One question is if a Medicare recipient receives care and the cost of care exceeds the amount of the Voucher, are they stuck having to make up the difference?

To date, very few, if any people, even those that support the Medicare Voucher system have any idea how much the Vouchers will be for.     So this begs the question, under this system, when Seniors go to receive care, what happens when the cost of the care far exceeds the value of the Voucher?

If a Medicare recipient has a Surgery which costs $20,000 and the value of the Voucher ends up being $5,000, does this mean that the Medicare recipient is left to pay the $15,000 balance?   How many Seniors would be able to handle this type of situation?

Not many in our estimate.    The very real circumstance of a large difference between the cost of procedures and the value of the Voucher has to be discussed and settled in a manner that will not Bankrupt and make the lives of Seniors miserable.

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