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Leaseback of Industrial Equipment

Businesses considering an industrial leaseback, which is a loan against industrial equipment, are in a strong position to obtain working capital if they have free and clear industrial equipment with significant value.  Often, industrial equipment is valuable and does not lose it’s worth as quickly compared to other types of equipment.

Equipment often used in an industrial equipment leaseback include CNC Milling Machines, manufacturing equipment, conveyor systems, interior cranes, automotive manufacturing equipment, steel manufacturing and producing equipment and molding equipment.

An industrial equipment leaseback is often not as dependent on business credit and personal credit as many other forms of financing are, as long as there is significant value in the equipment.   Other industrial type of equipment may be used such as large Trucks.
Over the Road Trucks, 18-Wheelers can be used to obtain capital.   Terms between 24 and 48 months are available on these.
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Terms on a loan using industrial equipment are 24, 36, 48, or 60 months.   The customer submits a one page application and list of equipment they currently have.    In some cases, if the equipment is free and clear but has a very low balance, the amount owed can be paid off from the proceeds.  For amounts up to $50,000, only a 1 page application and equipment list is required in most cases.  If the request is for over $50,000 then 1 or 2 years financial statements may be required.

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