Asset Based Loan

Leaseback terms; Number of Months

Typically, the maximum term for leaseback transactions involving equipment is 60 months.    In some cases, the term may be longer, though this is not common.    The clear rational for the shorter term on leasebacks is that the equipment’s value will deteriorate too much and the equipment itself will obsolete prior to the completion of the lease, both closely related reasons.

For technology, or computer leasebacks, the maximum term is often 36 months, somewhat inhibiting the size of technology leaseback transactions.   If the Asset is Real Estate, the number of Months may be much longer.   The number of Months may be up to 180 Months or 360 Months with.   If the term is that long, there is often an early payoff option after 24 Months as well as an exit strategy for the borrower.   The exit strategy often involves selling
selling the property.

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