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On the brink with Moodys and S & P?

Moody’s, the legendary bond rating agency, has stated that if the government does not raise the debt ceiling, they may review the pristine U.S. Treasury bond rating, held for decades by the U.S..

As Moodys and Standard & Poors may be the trigger for a domino like series of negative events, it is critical that the significant budget challenges the government does have, are solved by upcoming budget sacrifices and compromises, rather than by not raising the debt ceiling.

U.S. Debt increased from approximately $9 Trillion in 2008 to $14 Trillion in 2011.  Even if Moody’s and S & P refrain  at the end of any given review to lower the bond rating,  if the debt does not decrease, or does not slow down dramatically, future downgrades seem virtually assured.
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