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Personal Income up $50.3 Billion

According to the Monday, April 30th, 2012 8:30 A.M. release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Personal Income increased $50.3 Billion, or .4% in March of 2012.

According to the Bureau, Personal Consumption Expenditures, (PCE), increased $29.6 Billion, or .3%. In February of 2012, Personal Income increased $39.6 Billion or .3%, DPI increased $29.4 Billion, or .2%. PCE increased $93.7 Billion, or .9% based on revised estimates.

Real disposable income increased .2% in March 2012, in contrast to a decrease of .1% in February. Real PCE increased .1%, compared with an increase of .5%

Further, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Private Wage and Salary Disbursements increased $17.3 Billion in March 2012, compared to an increase of $24.1 Billion in February 2012. Goods producing industries decreased $1.3 Billion, in contrast to an increase of $1.8 Billion in February.

In general, trends are favorable and upward.