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Why Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan isn’t better

Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan is not better.    Why?  Until some basic questions are answered about it, no one can say it is better, since we don’t have even approximate answers to some basic questions that future recipients will have to know.

Time for folks to wake up and realize that before they decide whether they like his plan or are terrified by it, it’s time to ask some really basic need to know questions.    The scary part is we don’t know the answer to any of them, and most people have made up their minds about it without knowing 101 basics.      Here we go.

How much are the Vouchers going to be for?

How will they keep up with health care costs rising roughly in double digits every year?

If the cost of my care is much more than the Vouchers, am I out of luck?

Will the Vouchers be paid after my care?

Will we have Medicare savings account in which Vouchers can be saved in case we critically need an expensive surgery?

We don’t have the first clue to the answers to these questions and we are making up our minds about this?

Ryan and Romney cannot say their plan is better that the current Medicare plan until these questions are answered