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If Ryan’s plan fails, how will Medicare be reformed?

Paul Ryan has pushed for a grand Medicare reform.   The downside to Ryan’s plan is that it is not really a plan at this time, it is really nothing more than a Grand idea.   Ryan has not provided any information for even the most basic questions that any future Senior would want to know.

However, we also know that Medicare in it’s current format is not sustainable.   Both parties have agreed to this fact.   If Medicare is not overhauled for the long haul, it seems that the Obama administration has not given a detailed long term plan of how, in the absence of the Ryan model, it’s plan would make Medicare solvent long term.

It seems that both parties know that if they spell out the details now, it will require either a large infusion of cash or reduced benefits.   Neither of these are anything good to tell the public if you are a politician running for office or running for re-election.

So why doesn’t some politician with courage simply come out and say a price will need to be paid, nothing is free?    A huge gamble like that will either sink that politician like the titanic or make them the rock star of a generation.   It depends on who says it and how they deliver the message.