For a sale-leaseback, Small Business Loans Depot offers a niche sale-leaseback loan based on equity Real Estate.

For this sale leaseback or real estate sale leaseback loan, business owners use equity in their Real Estate. 

  • Difficult transactions are routinely completed.
  • Application is simple with an expedited funding process.    Only a one page online application is required
  • There are no application or upfront fees.
  • Your request is completed by an experienced consultant

Callers will call in with varying requests.   Each week, callers will ask for either a
“Real Estate sale leaseback”, “sale leaseback on Real Estate” or a “leaseback”.

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A significant tax savings may be obtained in this sale-leaseback against Real Estate.

Your business generates revenue by using Real Estate rather than owning it.   This sale-leaseback takes advantage of the untapped equity in Real Estate and uses it instead for cash flow.

The one page application is submitted by completing the online application in the menu bar above, or Faxing to Fax: 919-882-8541, or E-Mailed to  The general processing time is one to three business days.   Upon approval, time for final funding is approximately one to three days.

Other Options:
Gross Sales Cash-flow-loan –  This financing product can be ideal for many businesses by being based on the Gross Sales and cash flow of the business.  Many businesses  have significant cash flow.  As a result, substantive working capital can be obtained by the business through this product.

This sale-leaseback product is used, in effect as a loan against cash flow.   The business provides the most recent 3 months business checking account statements along with a one page application.    The average daily collected balance, beginning balances, ending balances, and the amount and number of deposits per month are analyzed in order to determine the approved amount.

Repayment terms on this sale-leaseback range up to 72 months.

By providing the last 2 years tax returns,  and if they are strong, the initial line size can be significantly higher and future line increases can also be more.

Sample Asset based Equipment refinance transaction:

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