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SBA Small Business Loan Lending Report 06/30/12

The SBA Small Business Loan Lending Report dated 06/30/12 reflects total loan amounts of over $10 Milllion dollars for 7 (A) and ARC Loans.

As previously indicated by the SBA, total loan volume has seen an increase for the year versus the previous two annual cycles.    The statistics continue to be broken down into all racial and gender categories.

Loans made to women owned businesses totaled $1,351,000.   Of  these totals, SBA Express loans totaled $5,905,000.     African American loans represented $2,727,000 total.  Hispanic represented $517,000 in total loans with Asian representing almost $2,000,000 in loans.   Veterans represented $461,000 for the period.     International trade loans represented $445,000 in loan volume.    Community Express loans amounted to $1,338,000.