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SBA offers research grants for small businesses

The SBA is currently offering research grants for small businesses that are engaged in research and development.

According to the Small business administration, such companies may qualify under the Small Business Innovation Research program, and the Small Business Technology Transfer program.

According to the SBA, these programs encourage small business to undertake research programs that:

  • Meet Federal Research & Development objectives
  • Have a high potential for Commercialization

Examples of companies that have used the SBIR program successfully include Symantec, Qualcomm, and Viasat.    These companies have used the SBIR program to further their technology driven businesses. Qualcomm used it’s SBIR grants in the early years and has now grown to employ over 17,000 people.

The SBA states that Symantec grew out of an SBIR Research Project which eventually led do the company Norton Internet Security products,  which has created over 18,000 jobs in 40 countries.