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SCORE – After Counseling Funding

Get success in getting a business loan after counseling from SCORE.   After SCORE has assisted your business, get funding through these pre-qualified niche products.Use

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and requests:

What is SCORE Business Mentoring?

Can I get a business loan from SCORE?

SCORE does not offer business loans, only advice on all the stages of the life cycle of a company, including getting a business loan. Afterwards, the business owner uses this information to help them get a business loan.

Get a business loan from SCORE

There are multiple counseling programs available.   If a customer is approved for $50,000 and needs $100,000, we help them get another funding part.   Most transactions require only a one page application.   If the customer’s financial statements are strong and they are readily accessible, the customer should provide financial statements as they will strengthen the request.

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A major tax savings can be utilized through these  funding programs.   For the loan against equipment program, the entire monthly payment may be deductible, rather than just the interest payment.   This ranks the tax advantages for this program on par with the revered Home  Mortgage tax deduction.   Other than Real Estate backed loans, there are not any other loan programs available that offer this advantage.

If there are multiple deposit accounts, for their benefit for this  business loan, the customer should provide the information on all the accounts in order to maximize the funding available.   The minimum time in business is 9 months, however if the time in business is greater than two years, it may significantly increase any approved amount.

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