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Is Software the biggest hurdle to hiring?

Many medium and larger companies have been evermore using software with the goal of finding the very specific employees they are looking for.     However, is some of the software itself now the biggest obstacle to achieving the goal of hiring needed employees?

The software is in some instances coded to only allow through those applicants that meet all the criteria the company is looking for.   In doing so, there have been complaints by job seekers that the software is looking for an absolutely perfect candidate – possibly a unicorn.

Some of these positions may be well filled by applicants that come close to qualifying, who can perform well with some minor additional training.    Companies are fearful to providing additional training in many cases for fear they are training an employee who will leave to get paid higher compensation by other companies.

Still more alarming, there have been some companies who have done internal testing and realized that many of their current employees would not pass through the software if they applied today.

Time to tweek the software and add back some more human analysis into the decision making.

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