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Wages up only .3% June to September 2012

Wage and salary increases were almost stagnant from June to September 2012, rising only .3% during those 3 months, according to the 8:30 A.M. October 31st release by the BLS, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Bureau further reported that compensation costs increased .4% during the same period.   Benefits increase .8% during the same period.   Total Wages and Salaries increased  1.7% for the 12 month period.   Benefit costs increased 2.6% for the 12 month period from September to September of this year.   This was down from the September 2011 increase, which was 3.2%.     The bureau further reported that among industry supersectors,  compensation cost increases for private industry workers for the current 12 month period ranged from .8% in leisure and hospitality, to 3.7% for information.