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Who would not get paid if we pass the fiscal cliff?

The so called fiscal cliff is approaching, again.   So what question should, or would the average citizen be most interested in?    Maybe the first question would be, who will and won’t get paid?

There will be a lot of talk about how every one will be taken care of, but the harsh reality is that someone won’t get paid.   It will be a sure thing that that someone, of which there would be many, won’t be happy.  That may end up being the understatement of the year.  If this happens, in the end, all of the current politicians will end up being the big losers and public anger will be targeted in their direction.

As far as who won’t get paid?   Probably defense contractors will be very high on the list.   They are paid great sums of money but it is not a payment direct to the people.   It won’t make much difference though as it won’t be long before their employees aren’t paid.

Highway departments and maybe some unemployment recipients would be next on the target list.   Basically, the Government would want to keep paying interest on it’s debt but soon after, many citizens would stop receiving money.