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Business Loan Killed Just Before Closing?: Video

Our Business Loan was Killed just before Closing!

If your small business loan got killed in final underwriting just before closing and funding, call us. We will get you past the problems and funded.
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We keep your loan from being killed just before closing and funding!  No more last minute turndowns for low or negative balances, low month to date deposits, overdrafts, background problems and defaults.  We stop it all for customers and brokers.

Watch: Denied and died just before being closed, above! Apply below now or call 919-771-4177.  Transcript here

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How did your Loan die right before closing?

Killed for low month to date deposits.   Your account did not have have enough revenue since the beginning of last month.

Most applicants provide the most recent (3) months statements and not the current month.

Killed because your current balance was too low.    Your balance must be 2 to 3 times the payment amount.

Negative account balance (Overdrawn).   An overdrawn account is a reason for a last minute decline for most business loans.

Killed at the last minute for personal Background history. Your personal history has either a Felony, Misdemeanor, drug charges, or other convictions.

Died after the Decisionlogic bank verification.  There was some problem with the account.

Previous defaults.   Your business has an old default and it was discovered during the final check before completion.

New recent funding since the beginning of last month.  Your company just borrowed before now trying to close out the current request.

This is in the last 30 days or during the current month.

How do WE save your Commercial Loan?

  • We ask you the RIGHT questions before funding.
  • We prepare you for closing.
  • Instruct you on what to fix.
  • Any other challenges?  We will solve those too! 

How do you win?

  • Get funding instead of a shock at the last minute.

Apply above so you can get fixes and expert guidance to help you get results immediately!

Video Transcript: In minutes and seconds followed by video transcript.
0:00 Introduction
0:05 killed in final underwriting
0:12 problems fixed
0:21 Credit
0:22 How to apply

[ swords clanking ] Did your business ever fight to get
A Business Loan or MCA, And then, right before closing……….

Get Killed in final underwriting? Apply with us instead.

[ race car engines ] We’ll get your Loan past the finish line, and Funded.

[ cash rustling ] From low current month deposits, low bank balances,
[ police siren ] Background problems and more,
[ desert wind ] We’ll get you back up [ water splashes ]
And on to Smooth Sailing and Funding.[ water bubbles ] Low Credit Scores OK.

Find out how much Money you can get TODAY.

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In summary, your deal died in final underwriting because no one was looking out for you.

There is much more than credit, start time and recent monthly deposits to getting an approval, and funding.

For tips on planning far ahead for borrowing needs, check out the SBA’s complete business plan kit.

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