How to prove your business address and business location

Definition of business location.  What is proof of business address?

Proof of business location are documents provided that prove the physical address of a business.   What can a business owner show as  proof of business location or proof of business address?   Learn which documents you can use to prove to prove the business address or business location, and how to get them.
Common problem:  I can’t prove my business address or business location.  Contact us or apply below today.   We are experts and can easily show you how to prove business address and business location.   You will learn what the easiest and fastest way is to show proof of business location for your business.
Examples of proof of business location and proof of business address.

A business owner applies for a small business loan and is approved.
Closing requirements almost always require the owner to provide documentation of proof of the address of the business, or location of the business.  There are several options in showing proof of business address.

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The business owner can submit any of the following because almost all are accepted.

  1. Business rental lease agreement, or a copy of the business rental lease agreement.
  2. Mortgage statement showing the business address.   If the business purchased the real estate through a commercial real estate loan, then a current mortgage statement can be provided.
  3. A current business license if the business address has stayed the same since
    the business was established and the original business license was obtained. An option a  sole proprietor can provide is a business license or a schedule C.
  4. Articles of Incorporation or a partnership agreement that has the same address on it.
  5. The most recent business tax return if the address is the same as the address of the business loan application and approval.

How to prove your business address and business location

Step 1: When making any request or application in the name of your business, review in advance what may be required to prove your business location or business address.

Step 2: Tip: Gather information you have on your business location and business address in advance.  Have the items available or make a list to discuss.

Step 3: Do business with companies that will accept the proof of business address that you have, or can get.

Do business with companies that accept the proof of business address you can provide
Narrow down your list of businesses you will do business with to the ones that accept the proof of business location that you can provide.

Step 4: Make contact with funding programs and confirm your business address information will be enough.

Make contact with funding programs and confirm your business address information with be enough.
Try to confirm ahead of time that the business address information will be satisfactory.

Step 5: Submit a request or application.

Submit a request or application.
When satisfied you will meet the requirements, apply.

Step 6: If you receive an offer, first review the terms including the items required to prove the location and address of your business. If ready to complete an offer, submit the required items. Get final questions answered before closing. Finalize the transaction.

If you do not have, or cannot provide the types of documentation for proof of business location or business address,   contact us below.   We can guide you, and give you tips on how you can get proof of your business location.

You don’t have any proof of business location and don’t know what to do and how to get it?

Sometimes business owners cannot prove the address of a business that is required to close a business loan.
How to prove business location.  Are there other ways?  What is the lender asking for?  There are other options in addition to the ones listed above.
If you cannot prove your business address now, review your options and fixes below:

How you can fix the following problem:   “I can’t prove my business address and business location.”

  1. Get an updated business license. Your city or county can reprint or resend a copy of your business license that shows the updated business address.  If the city or county shows a previous and outdated business address, then provide the current address before requesting a reprint of the business license.
  2. Review the address at the secretary of state to see the current business address and business location listed.  If the current business address is wrong, contact the secretary of state and update the articles of incorporation to update and list your current address.

Remember:  Evidence of your business address and business location is often required for small business loans.  The person applying in the name of the company has to be able to prove where the business is located.   This prevents mail correspondences from going to the wrong address and also helps prevent owners from making changes without the knowledge of the other owners.

F.A.Q., Frequently asked Questions:

The following are frequent requests and statements:

Question: How can I prove my business address?   I don’t have proof of my business location and cannot provide it.   What can I do?

Answer: Find and provide either a copy of the business lease, rental agreement, business utility bill, mortgage statement, business license or articles of incorporation.

Question: I’m having trouble getting proof of my business location. The lender will not accept my website as proof of business location. What should I do now?

Answer: If you are close to an approval, ask the lender for all the options they will accept to provide the location of your business. The lender may accept more for proof of business address than what they are saying.   If you are still having trouble, contact us. We can provide information on you will need to get what are want – “Proof of my business location” and “proof of my business address”.  You can apply with us for a small business loan.  We have the expertise to best solve this problem.
Examples of what generally will not work for proof of address:
  1. Virtual office address
  2. P.O. Box: post office box
  3. Address to a vacant lot
  4. Raw land
  5. Address to a physical location that does not have a building or structure on it
  6. An out of state address.   This happens when the business is located in one state but a business address to a different location or another location in another state is provided.
  7. When the business address is in one state and the owners home address is in another state.   This is referred to as an absentee owner or out of state owner.

There are exceptions to some out of state owner situations.     If the business address is on the border of one state and the owner lives within a reasonable distance in a neighboring state.    A business owner that lives less than 50 miles from their business is usually acceptable.  Examples are a business that is listed in Kansas City, KS, and the owner lives in Missouri.    Other examples are a business in Chicago, IL, and the owner’s home address is in northwest Indiana, less than 50 miles away.

Consider other financing options. Review funding program details below.

How to get a very low fico credit score business loan

Get a very low credit score business loan.

Business loans with very low credit scores.   Credit scores below 500 and as low as 383 are considered for a small business loan.  This low fico credit score business loan program is a good match for below 500 and sub 500 credit bureau fico scores for small business loans.

Many programs do not offer small business loans with the owner’s credit score below 500, or have limited offers.    Get up to $150,000 in business funding with credit bureau and fico scores below 400 and down to 383.   Business funding is based mostly on the revenue of the business, not the credit score.

Contact us below or first read the “Howto” section steps, direction and tips to getting low fico credit score business loan and also other business financing and then apply below.   so call us. We will be happy to discuss your situation first.  Almost all callers will find out if they have a strong chance for approval after calling in.

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How to get a very low fico credit score business loan

Step 1: Research companies that have low fico credit score business loans as main programs.   Review minimum funding amounts, rates, features and benefits and processing time from application to completion.

Step 2: Tip:  Prepare explanations or documentation for any unfavorable or incomplete information in your business profile.   This can be slow business periods or limited information on your business.

Step 3: Choose the program that most fits your very low fico credit score and overall customer profile.

Choose the program that most fits your very low fico credit score and overall customer profile
Pick the program that you think is going to be the best match for your business.

Step 4: Make contact with funding programs and confirm your business criteria meets minimum funding program requirements.

Make contact with funding programs and confirm your business criteria meets minimum funding program requirements.
Contact the lender and talk about whether your business meets the requirements.

Step 5: Submit an application for funding.  Provide documentation you have that improves your chance for an approval, higher offer amounts and better terms.   This can include financial statements, additional bank statements or tax returns.

Provide documentation that improves your chance for a higher offer
Get a higher offer by submitting documentation that shows your business to be stronger.

F.A.Q., Frequently asked Questions:

Question:  Will you really approve customers with credit scores that low?

Answer:  Yes.   Not all applicants will qualify.   Many will qualify because approval is based more on the stability of the cash flow of the business, not the credit.

Question: I have terrible credit and a very bad credit score, maybe under 400. Do I have a chance to get funding?


You have a chance. The reasons for the low credit score will be looked at to see what is happening currently. The raw score is not the reason for any denial.

Question: My credit was hurt due to a divorce and is also severely damaged. Does that disqualify me?

Answer: Not automatically. While approval is not guaranteed and the credit will still be reviewed, this program is focused on the ability of your business to pay, not focused on credit.

Also consider other financing options.

Review funding program details below.

How to get same day and next day business loans

How to get same day business loans and next day business loans.  The following are steps, direction and how to tips:

Search online for lenders that specialize in getting a business loan the same day you apply. Consider reviews if available.

Read program requirements to determine if you qualify to get a business loan the same day or the next day. Verify they are not payday loans or title loans.

After reviewing, make a list of the top two or three funding programs that best match your business.

Pick the top programs that match your business.
Make a list of the top two or three funding programs that best match your business.

Contact those funding programs. Verify features, benefits and requirements with a representative. Ask if there are cut off times or deadlines during the day for providing information, documentation, or other stipulations.

Contact those funding programs. Verify features, benefits and requirements with a representative.

If your business meets the requirements, consider applying for the program that best aligns with your business.

If your business meets the requirements, consider applying for the best matching program

On any offer made to your business, review the terms with a representative. Before closing, verify with the representative that you will be funded by the day and time of day your business needs to receive funding into your business account. Confirm that funds will be wired by a certain time and that your bank immediately credits incoming wires into your business account. Complete the transaction and receive funding.

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F.A.Q.:  Frequently asked questions:

How can I know for sure I will get a business loan the same day or the next day?

There isn’t a good way to confirm or guarantee you will get funding by the time your business needs it. The best way to handle this is to ask all the details.  Ask about cut off times and deadlines you have to provide the required information on any approval or offer for a same day business loan or next day business loan.

If I don’t get the money by a certain day, I don’t need it. What can I do?

Ask if you can return the funds and cancel or void the contract if funds are not sent out by the lender by an agreed time and day. If the lender agrees to this, try to get that in writing. If you cannot get it in writing, then you can choose to accept a verbal confirmation.  Some programs are automatically set up for you to be able to return funds or cancel the contract within 72 hours of closing. This may vary by lender by state.

I did not receive my business funding by the time and day I needed it. What can I do?

First contact your bank, the receiving bank. Find out what their rules and regulations are for incoming wires. How long does it take them to process and credit a wire once it is received. You can ask questions such as does an incoming wire go directly into your business account, or does it first go into a general wire account at your banK?   Does your bank have to transfer funds from a general wire account into your business checking account?  How long does that take?

Get money to pay IRS business taxes

Does your business need money to pay business taxes?     Funding programs are available that cover federal IRS taxes, state taxes and local taxes.     Funding can also be used for quarterly tax payments , OIC offer in compromise settlements,  income tax settlements.

Contact us below or follow the “Howto” section, steps and tips to getting funds to pay business back taxes here:

Identify business funding programs that offer money to pay IRS Taxes, including business back taxes, tax liens and OIC, offer

in compromise, and tax settlements.

If your business has the cash flow, select programs are available to satisfy the need to pay your specific tax debt.  Tax debt and liens of all amounts are usually considered by these specialty programs.  Some may require additional collateral such as real estate, listed stock, or other collateral that covers the amount of the tax debt.   Open tax liens over $10,000 are more difficult to get funding for without collateral.

After evaluating, choose the program that is most likely to provide the funding needed for your business to pay and satisfy the required tax debt.

Choose the program to pay business tax debt
Choose the program to pay business tax debt

Contact the lender.  Check features, benefits and program requirements.  Ask about restrictions, including what is needed for approval and closing.

Check features, benefits and program requirements
Check features, benefits and program requirements

When you determine your business meets the requirements, apply for funding.

When you determine your business meets the requirements for a loan to pay business taxes, apply for funding.
When you determine your business meets the requirements for a loan to pay business taxes, apply for funding.

For any offers made, review the full terms and determine if your business can make the payments.   If so, provide the items needed by the funder to close the transaction.

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F.A.Q. Frequently asked Questions:

Do I have to be in a payment plan?

Your business does not always have to be in a business tax payment plan. Being in a payment plan helps, and may be required, but it is not always required. This is especially true if the amount of the delinquent tax is under $10,000

Do I have to provide information on the payment plan?

If you or your business has a payment plan, it is better to provide the payment plan documentation.   Doing so will help you secure the funding you need.

What if I have an open tax lien?

Programs are available to handle and allow you or your business to payoff an open tax lien, if approved.   Whether an offer can be made depends primarily on the amount of the open tax lien, the cash flow of the business, and the owner’s credit score. Other factors include the average daily balance of the business, the time in business, and if the business has NSF or overdraft history.
If the cash flow and revenues of your business show that you can handle the payment amount needed for funding to payoff the open tax lien, then your business has an excellent chance of being approved.

How long does it take to get the funding?

Processing time from application to funding on approved requests, to funding is 2-3 days in most cases.

What if I have a lien on my credit?  Can I get funding to pay the IRS if there
is a lien on my credit?

Having a lien on your credit is usually not the deciding factor and you still often have an excellent opportunity to get funding. The cash flow of the business and being able to provide documentation on the lien is more important. The information from the IRS on the lien will provide all the details needed on the lien
With programs that specialize in making Business loans to pay taxes, the applicant can have a tax lien on their credit report. The lien can be on any bureau report, Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian. Click on the application above to apply for a program in which there can be a lien on your credit. The owner can use the funds to pay off and satisfy the lien.

Is the tax lien paid off at closing with proceeds, or do I payoff and satisfy the IRS tax lien?

This will vary from one program to another. In most cases, you are funded into your business checking account. You then use the funds to payoff and satisfy the IRS Federal Tax lien.
A stipulation for closing may be to provide details on the lien and underwriting may issue funds directly to payoff the IRS lien. This may be the case for federal BUSINESS tax liens, state tax liens or local taxes.

Do I need collateral for a business loan to pay back IRS taxes?

You do not have to have collateral to try to qualify for funding to pay an IRS business taxes with most programs.
If you do not qualify for programs that do not require collateral, there are programs available that consider and use commercial real estate with enough equity, or other assets.

How to get a used car dealer business loan

Programs for used car dealer loans, small used car dealer loans, exotic car dealer loans and program information.
How to get used car dealer loan:

Find lenders that offer a used car dealer business loan

If your used car lot has more than $15,000 per month in revenues and bank deposits, then your business has an excellent chance to be approved for a used car dealer loan

Select the program and approval requirements that best matches your business profile

Ask the representative what their approval requirements are for that program. If your used car dealership meets those approval requirements, apply for funding

Complete application and provide any additional documentation requested to show business revenues, like bank statements or financial statements

Review approval terms and closing requirements. Submit the items requested. Complete closing and receive funding into your business checking account

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F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions, comments and inquiries on how to get a used car dealer business loan.

What car dealer loans are available

Buy here pay here used car dealer loans,  new car dealer loans , specialty car dealer loans, luxury car dealer loans, exotic car dealer loans and short time in business car dealer loans, and new used car dealer loans.  Newer programs include small car dealer loans, auto sales loans, used car lot loans, and longer term used car dealer loans.

How long do we have to be in business to get a used car dealer business loan?   We have only been open 5 months.   Can we expect to get funding following your how to get a used car dealer business loan steps?

The dealer needs to have three months time in business and 3 months business checking account statements to pre-qualify.

How much does credit matter?

Credit scores are not the biggest factors.   Credit scores can also be as low as 500 and below.

We are a small car dealer.   How much can we get?

The amount you can get depends mostly on the average daily deposits.   Most offers are between 35% and 75% of average monthly deposits.
as an example, we can calculate the following:
ABC Auto Sales has the following total monthly business checking account Deposits:
July business checking account Deposits =    $30,000
June business checking account Deposits = $20,000
May business checking account Deposits  = $25,000
Based on the mathematical formula, first add each month’s deposits and get a total.
$30,000 + $20,000 + 25,000 = 75,000
So it follows that:
75,000 % 3 = $25,000

If an offer is 50% of monthly deposits, then:
$25,000 X .50 = $12,500
Therefore a typical offer with these numbers would usually
be approximately $10,000 – $15,000
Because this is the average offer,  the maximum and minimum expect offers can be calculated.
The maximum expected offer is calculated as $25,000 X .65 = $16,250.
Similarly, the minimum expected offer is calculated as
$25,000 X .35=$8,750

We sell our used car dealer notes.  Does that matter?

Selling notes does not affect an offer amount because notes are future income.   offers and approvals are calculated using the most recent cash flow.
If the car lot has been selling notes for some time, then the recent cash flow already takes that into account.

Our dealership specializes in exotic cars.   Can we still get financing?

Yes.  specialty used car dealers fall into the same used car dealer business loan funding program and are not restricted.

Can we use this financing to buy cars?

Yes.  This financing and working capital can also be used to buy cars at auction.   Used car dealers can also use the loan proceeds or funding proceeds to buy cars from wholesalers and customers.

Are used car dealer business loans restricted?

Used car dealer business loans are not restricted.  They fall under the same approval guidelines.

Do you have longer term used car dealer loan programs?

Yes.  One used car dealer business program offers terms up to 10 years.   This program is available in certain states. Ask if your state is in the program.

We want to buy a property and lot for our used car lot.  Can we use this financing for it?

Yes.   This financing can be used to buy real estate, and also a building including repairs
and improvements.    The funding does not have to be used for revenue generating activities.

We hope our “How to get a used car dealer business loan” tips and direction have been helpful.    Contact us with questions.

How to get a large business loan

Search and contact lenders that offer a big business loan and review their approval criteria

If your business generates more than $50,000 per month in gross revenue, or your personal credit score is over 700, then your business has a good chance to be approved for a large business loan

Identify the program that best matches your business profile

Ask the representative what their approval guidelines are for that program

Complete application for funding and provide any supporting documentation requested to show business revenues such as bank statements or tax returns

Once approved, verify closing terms and conditions. Provide required items. Complete transaction and receive funding.

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FAQ, Frequently asked questions, comments and inquiries.

Is more financial information required for higher amounts?

The higher the dollar amount, the more financial information that is required.  For amounts over $500,000 and over $1,000,000, more business tax returns and financial information is required.

How many months of information do you need?

Between 3 and 12 months of the most recent business checking account statements are needed.

We are a startup business.   Can we get a large business loan as a start up business?

Your business can get large business funding amounts if you have had significant revenue in the first few months of operation.   The business will need to have been operating and generating significant revenue for at least three (3) months.    The longer the time in business, the more likely an offer will be for a higher amount.

We will need large amounts of business funding in the future.  Can we use this like a business line of credit?

Yes.   Once you repay the balance down to 50% or more, you may qualify for more funding immediately.   Programs are available that allow businesses to re-draw funds after every 30 days of repayment.
On monthly repayment loans, that will be after only 1 payment.

Do larger business loans take longer to close?

Larger business loans often do not take longer than smaller business loans.  Since the repayment will be based on the cash flow of the business, most of the same information is reviewed.

Will Real Estate and other assets be required?

This is decided on a case by case basis.   Most businesses accept the maximum they qualify for without needing real estate or other assets.    Real estate is not required for the cash flow product.

I do not have the most recent business tax return available yet.   Will this be a problem?

Not if the amounts are less than $100,000.  Amounts over $100,000 may require the completed tax  return.

What are the main reasons businesses are declined for a large business loan?
The main reasons are:

Low business revenues
Credit score below minimum
Declined for time in business

My business partner has bad credit.   Will that stop us from getting a larger business loan?

Business owners with bad credit that have less than 20% ownership will not cause a decline.   Business owners with bad credit over 50% ownership percentage may cause a lower approval amount or a decline of the request.
If you have a bad credit business partner there are ways to fix the problem.

Are monthly repayment loans available under this program?

Yes and monthly repayment loans are also available for businesses and are up to 36 months.

For other financing options, please review alternate financing programs that may better match your business needs, below:

How to get the best merchant cash advance renewal terms

Get excellent merchant cash advance renewal terms your business will qualify for.

Get terms as long as 12, 16, and 18 months and lower rates.  In some cases, 24 months and low rate factors.

How to get the best merchant cash advance renewal terms, lower rates and longer terms.  How to Direction:

  1. Step 1 Talk with a representative at your current mca company.  Give them your most recent three months business checking account statements and ask them to review your file in advance of their underwriting reviewing your request.
  2. Step 2 Ask the representative to estimate the renewal amount, the number of months and rates.  Ask for a better rate on a renewal.
    How to Tip: If a renewal offer is made, ask for  at least a 2% lower rate on each renewal.   Some cash advance companies will not pre-review your file.  If they won’t,  let underwriting process your file.
  3. Step 3 Tell your current cash advance company that you are shopping for a better offer and are comparing their offer to others.
  4. Step 4 Apply with one or two competitors. If they beat your current mca cash advance companies rate and terms, take their approval offer and ask your current cash advance company to beat that offer.   Review the funding stipulations to make sure you can provide everything needed to close.
  5. Step 5 Decide on the best of the offer terms, complete the transaction and receive funding.

Complete the secure DocuSign here Secure DocuSign 30 Second Application here
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What are renewal options ?
Get a mca merchant cash advance or business loan with the best and longest renewal terms of up to 18 months.
Get a better and less expensive cash advance renewal.   Also available are  large business loans,   bank statement loans, loans against equipment, asset based loans and other options such as paying off your mca merchant cash advances.
Click and apply above now to get your longest merchant cash advance renewal terms.

How to get the best cash advance renewal terms
What can you do to get the best cash advance renewal terms possible? Follow these tips.

People also ask, F.A.Q.’s frequently asked questions and comments.

Why is my renewal not longer than before?

In most cases, the cash advance renewal term will be the same as the one you originally took out. You must ask for a longer term.
If you have had a good pay history or your credit score has gone up, then the funder may give you a longer term on a renewal, but only if you request it.
Do not expect the funder to offer you longer terms on their own. MCA Companies want to put you in the shortest term possible and the shortest term you will accept.
Many businesses believe that if they had an excellent repayment history on their first cash advance, then they should get a much longer term and much better rates on all renewals.    Your business may qualify for a longer term on a renewal.  Request that immediately when you request the renewal.

What if my company’s situation has gotten worse since I took out the advance? Should I even apply for a renewal of my cash advance?

Contact your representative before you apply for a renewal and ask them, “what would prevent my company from getting another cash advance renewal?”
Listen to what the Representative says. Ask him what are the most common reasons companies are declined for a renewal. If he does not mention decline reasons that your company has, then you have already gone through a partial pre-review.

What can I do myself to get a better offer for my mca cash advance renewal?

  1. Review your most recent 3 months business checking account statements yourself.
  2. Compare the average monthly deposits, average daily balance, if you had any NSF Overdraft activity with the same numbers on the statements you provided when you received your first advance.
  3. If the numbers are better than they were when you received your first advance and your credit is the same or better, then you have a good chance to  qualify to get a better renewal offer from your current mca cash advance company, or a competitor.

Make a list of this specific information.   Discuss it in advance of applying with all cash advance companies you want to talk to. You may be able to either pre-approve yourself or pre-decline yourself before applying. It is better to know you will likely be declined before applying, rather than applying and being declined.

If the cash advance company is not willing to seriously pre-review your file, you can choose to apply anyway.   Your goal is to get as many cash advance companies to pre-assess your file as possible.   Do not demand they do in order to apply.   If you demand that the cash advance company pre-reviews your file, you may be eliminating yourself from the best option available.

Representatives are available to discuss financing for business owners in the following cities and states:

Alaska, Hawaii and California

In Anaheim, CA and Anchorage, AK. Bakersfield, CA and also in Carlsbad, CA. Chula Vista and also Fontana, CA. Fremont, CA and in Fresno, CA. Hayward, CA and Honolulu HI.  Irvine, CA and in Madera, CA. Modesto, CA and also Merced, CA.  Oakland, CA and in Ontario, CA. Oxnard, CA and Riverside, CA. Roseville, CA and in San Francisco, CA. San Jose, CA and also San Diego, CA. Santa Ana, CA and in Santa Clara, CA. Santa Rosa, CA and Sacramento, CA. Salinas, CA and in San Bernardino, CA. In Santa Barbara, CA and also Santa Maria, CA. Sunnyvale, CA and in Stockton, CA. Thousand Oaks, CA and Vallejo, CA. Ventura, CA and also in Visalia, CA.

West Region:

Representatives in the following cities may also be contacted:

Nevada, Oregon and Washington:

In Bellevue, Washington and Eugene, OR. Everett, WA and in Henderson, NV.  Kent, Washington in addition to Las Vegas, NV.  Olympia, WA and also Portland.  Reno, NV and Seattle, WA. Olympia, WA and in Paradise, NV.  Portland, OR in Renton, Washington.   Salem, OR and in Seattle, WA.  Sparks, NV as well as Spokane, WA. Tacoma, WA, Vancouver, Washington and Yakima, Washington.

Arizona and Utah:

Albuquerque, AZ and Avondale, AZ.  Chandler, AZ and in Flagstaff, AZ.  Gilbert, AZ and in Glendale, AZ.  Goodyear, AZ and also Mesa, AZ. Nogales, AZ as well as Ogden, UT.  Phoenix, AZ and in Peoria, AZ.  Provo, UT and Scottsdale, AZ. Salt Lake City, UT and also Scottsdale, AZ.  Surprise, AZ and aslo in Tempe, Arizona.  Tucson, AZ, Yuma, AZ and San Tan Valley, AZ.

Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming:

In Albuquerque, NM, Aurora, CO.  Boise, ID and in Cheyenne, WY.  Colorado Springs, CO as well as Denver, CO.  Helena, MT and Lakewood, CO as well as Santa Fe, NM.

South Region:  

Consultants in the following cities can be called to schedule a same day appointment
or call: 

Kentucky, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia: In Alexandria, VA and Arlington, VA. Chesapeake, VA and in Hampton, VA.  Huntington, WV and also in Kenner, VA and Lexington, KY. Louisville, KY as well as Lynchburg, Virginia.  Newport News, VA and in Norfolk, VA.  Petersburg, VA and also in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Richmond, VA and Roanoke, Virginia.  In Suffolk, Virginia and also Virginia Beach, VA.

North Carolina, South Carolina:

In Anderson, SC and Asheville, NC.  Cary, North Carolina and also in Chapel Hill, NC. Charleston, SC and in Charlotte, NC. Chattanooga, TN as well as Columbia, SC. Concord, NC and Davidson, TN. Dunn, NC, Durham, NC and Fayetteville, NC. Franklin, TN, Gastonia, NC. as also in Greensboro, NC. Greenville, SC,  Henderson, NC as well as Hickory, NC. High Point, NC, Kingsport, TN and Knoxville, TN.  In Maudlin, SC, Memphis, TN and also Morristown, TN. Murfreesboro, TN, Myrtle Beach, SC and Nashville, TN.  North Charleston, South Carolina as well as Raleigh, NC. Sanford, NC, Lenoir City, TN and in Shelbyville, TN. Spartanburg, SC, Wilmington, North Carolina and Winston-Salem, NC.


In Cape Coral, FL, Clearwater, FL and Daytona Beach, FL. In Jupiter, FL, Fort Myers, FL as well as Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Hialeah, FL, Jacksonville, FL and Lakeland, FL.  Melbourne, FL, Miami, FL and Ocala, FL.  Pensacola, FL, Kissimmee, FL as well as Naples, FL. Orlando, FL, Ormond Beach, FL and also in Palatka, FL.   In Palm Bay, FL, Pensacola, FL and also Port St. Lucie, FL. Saint Petersburg, FL, Sanford, FL and Tallahassee, FL. In Tampa, FL, West Palm Beach, FL as well as Winter Haven, FL.

Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi:

In Atlanta, GA, Augusta, GA and Birmingham, AL.  Gulfport, MS, Hoover, AL and also Huntsville, AL. Jackson, MS, Mobile, AL as well as Montgomery, AL. Savannah, GA,  St. Mary’s GA and also in Talladega, AL.

Arkansas and Louisiana:

In Baton Rouge, LA and Fayetteville, AR.  Forrest City, AR,  Lafayette, LA and Little Rock, AR. Metairie, LA and New Orleans, Louisiana. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Shreveport, Louisiana and also Lafayette, Louisiana.

Oklahoma and Texas:

In Arlington, TX and Austin, TX.  Bartlesville, OK, Beaumont, TX and in Corpus Christi, TX. Dallas, TX, Edinburg, TX and in El Paso, TX.  Ft. Worth, TX, Houston, TX as well as Killeen, TX. Lafayette, LA, Mission, TX and Muskogee, OK.  Oklahoma City, OK, McAllen, TX and also in New Braunfels, TX.  Round Rock, TX, San Antonio, TX, as well as Shawnee, OK.  Sugarland, TX, and The Woodlands, TX as well as Tulsa, OK.

Midwest Region:
Representatives in the following Midwest cities can be contacted:

Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin:

In Anderson, IN, Carmel, IN, and Aurora, Illinois.  Chicago, Illinois, Elgin, Illinois as well as Rockford, Illinois.  Joliet, Illinois, Lee’s Summit, Missouri and in Naperville, Illinois.  Springfield,  Illinois,  Peoria, Illinois and also in Elgin, Illinois.  Waukegan, Illinois, Cicero Town, Illinois as well as Champaign, Illinois.  Bloomington, Illinois, Decatur, Illinois and Eau Claire, WI.  Fort Wayne, IN, Gary, IN and in Indianapolis, IN.  Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI and Naperville, IL.  Green Bay, Wisconsin, Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Peoria, IL.  Racine, WI, Springfield, IL and also Waukesha, WI.

Michigan and Ohio:

In Akron, OH, Ann Arbor, MI and Canton, OH.  Cincinnati, OH, Cleveland, OH and also Columbus, OH.  Dayton, OH, Dearborn, MI and in Detroit, MI.  Flint, MI, Grand Rapids, MI as well as Marion, OH. Maysville, OH, Muskegon, MI and Parma, Ohio.  Toledo, OH, Wilmington, OH, Wyoming, MI and also  Youngstown, OH.

Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota:

In Council Bluffs, NE and Kansas City, MO.  Lawrence, KS, Omaha, NE as well as Wichita, KS.

Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri:

In Bloomington, MN and Columbia, MO. Davenport, IA, and also Des Moines, IA.  Duluth, MN and also Independence, Missouri.  Kansas City, Missouri and Minneapolis, MN. Overland Park, MO as well as Rochester, Minnesota.  Springfield, MO, St. Charles, MO as well as St. Joseph, MO.   Springfield, Missouri and St. Louis, Missouri.  St. Paul, Minnesota and St. Cloud, MN.

Northeast Region:

New York:

In Albany, NY,  Batavia, NY and Buffalo, NY.  Cheektowaga, NY, New York City, NY as well as Niagara Falls, NY.  Rochester, NY, Schenectady, NY, Seneca Falls, NY and Syracuse, NY.

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts:

In Bangor, ME and Boston, MA. Burlington, VT, Cambridge, MA and Concord, NH. Montpelier, VT, Newton, MA as well as Portland, ME.  Providence, MA and Springfield, MA. In Warwick, MA as well as Worcester, MA.

Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware:

In Allentown, PA and Baltimore, MD.  Bethlehem, PA, Columbia, MD and Dover, DE. Harrisburg, PA, Lancaster, PA and in Lansing, MI.  Lebanon, PA, Manchester, PA as well as New Castle, PA.  Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA and also Reading, PA. In Salisbury, MD, Scranton, PA and Towson, MD.  In Weirton, PA, Wilmington, DE and also in York, PA.

Connecticut, New Jersey and Rhode Island:

In Bridgeport, CT and Camden, NJ.  Hartford, CT, Jersey City, NJ as well as Milford, CT.  New Haven, CT,  New London, CT and Newark, NJ.  Norwalk, CT and Norwich, CT.  Providence, RI, Stamford, CT and also in Trenton, NJ.

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How to get a business loan with low deposit volume

Low deposit volume

If your business was turned down for a business loan for having low deposit volume, programs are now available to get approved for business funding.   You can get approved with deposits of less than $10,000 per month. Your business can even get funding with deposits as low as $7,500 per month and as low as $5,000 per month.

How to get a business loan with low deposit volume

  1. Step 1  Look at your last 3 months business checking account statements and document your total deposits.
  2. Step 2  Search for a business loan program that specializes in funding with average deposits of less than $10,000 per month.
  3. Step 3  Review approval requirements and terms and conditions as much as you are able prior to applying
  4. Step 4  If satisfied, apply for funding.   When you are approved, review approval terms. If you want to close the transaction, request and complete closing documents.
  5. Step 5  Close transaction

span style=”font-size: x-large;”>Secure DocuSign 30 Second Low Deposit Volume Application here.
Or call us at Tel:  1-919-771-4177, or Question?

How to get a business loan with low deposit volume
Does your business have low monthly deposit volume? Find a program that your business will be approved for.

People also ask, F.A.Q., Frequently asked Questions

My business deposit volume is less than $10,000 per month. Can I get business funding with deposit volume that low?

Yes. Your business can get funding with monthly revenues as low as $7,500. In some cases, low business revenue can be as low as $5,000 per month and your business can still get funding.

Why do lenders require $10,000 per month in deposits?

Many funders believe that after a business deducts basic expenses such as lease rental payments, utilities, insurance and inventory, they will not have enough revenue to repay any loans or advances of any kind. Many funders believe a business has to have at least $10,000 to $15,000 or more per month in gross revenues to be able to handle any kind of funding.
Lenders believe if revenues are less than that, a business will get behind on payments and default.

How much can I get if my deposits are minimal or reduced amounts?

It depends on how low the deposits are, your personal credit score, average daily balances, time in business and some other approval requirements.
In most cases, if your average monthly deposits are between $5,000 and $10,000 per month, an approval offer will in the $2,500 to $5,000 range. It is not as likely to get approvals in the $10,000 or higher range.

My business needs more than what we were approved for.   The approval amount was too low and we need more. Can we get more funding for our business?

Your business may be able to get more funding. If your business needs more funding than the approval amount, you can either get a 2nd position funding or another type of funding. Bank statement loans often allow for a supplemental funding.   Consider other funding programs. Your business may be a good fit for other options that are based on Accounts Receivables or Real Estate and others.

Our deposit volume is under $5,000 per month and we had some overdrafts. Can we still get funding?

There are other programs your business may qualify for. If your credit score is high enough, or your business has accounts receivables or other assets, you may be able to qualify for these other programs. Contact us to discuss and review.

How to lower daily mca merchant cash advance payments

Do you need to lower daily mca merchant cash advance payments immediately?  Is your account overdrawn because the mca companies keep debiting the daily payment?   What can you do?   Apply for one of several options below that do not involve settlements, closing your bank account, being declared in default, nor having a cash advance company file a coj certificate of judgement against you.

How to lower daily mca merchant cash advance payments

Secure DocuSign 30 Second application here.
Or call us at Tel:  1-919-771-4177, or Question? Tell us what do you want to do?

How to lower your daily mca merchant cash advance payments.

  1. Step 1  Negotiate with the mca merchant cash companies to extend the term and lower the payments.     Offer to pay a lower amount for a longer amount of time.
  2. Step 2  Give the cash advance company solid reasons why you cannot pay the current daily advances.
  3. Step 3  Get an alternative loan or consolidation loan to payoff the advances.
  4. Step 4  Use the equity in assets such as a real estate loan or loan against equipment to payoff the advances.
How to lower daily mca merchant cash advance payments
Get lower daily payments now without adverse action against you or your business.

People also ask, FAQ, Frequently asked Questions

Can I get a monthly payment loan to pay these off?

Yes. One of the ways to lower your daily mca merchant cash advance payments is to get an alternative loan to pay off the mca cash advances. By doing so, you will be lowering the payment because your monthly payment on the loan to pay off the mca’s will be much lower than the monthly amount you were paying on the daily cash advances.
Usually, you will be paying 50% to 75% less if you are successful in securing a monthly loan to pay the mca’s off.

What if the cash advance companies do not want to lower the payments?

You may have to push hard to get a concession. If your business had a true hardship, such as a hurricane or another type of hardship, make that known.
If that fails, read the mca merchant cash advance contract in detail.
Make sure you know exactly what can happen if you do not pay. It may be advisable to seek legal advice through an attorney if you know you cannot repay the advances.
If you know in advance your business will not be able to repay the advances, you can use the time in advance to:
– Determine what your options are
– Know what actions you can legally take

I cannot pay my advance. What can I do?

Check your state laws to find out if your state has special protections and laws. Some laws vary by state. Negotiate with the cash advance company either directly final options may include bankruptcy.

Should I get my Attorney to contact the mca merchant cash advance companies?

Whether you should get an Attorney involved in talking with the cash advance companies varies on a case by case basis. In some cases, having your Attorney contact and negotiate with the cash advance companies is a good idea.
If you are offering to work with the merchant cash advance companies and they are not working with you, this may be a good situation in which your attorney contacts them.
Some mca merchant cash advance companies are more willing to work with customers than others.
If you do not feel comfortable negotiating or discussing your past due debt with mca merchant advance companies, this may be another reason to involve an Attorney.