Low Repay Business Loans During Covid-19

How to get a small business loan during Coronavirus covid-19
Programs are available to fund your business during Coronavirus-19. Many programs and options are available to get funding now. Choose from programs that are not restricted by industry type.

Low Repayment Business Loans During Covid-19

Understand which lenders to go to and how to get a small business loan during Covid-19.   Consider how they look at your business and choose the right alternative business loans including bank statement loans, asset based loans, loans against equipment, vehicles or real estate.


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How to get a low repayment business loan during Coronavirus Covid-19. How to steps, direction and tips.

Step 1.  Preparation:

Check the approval requirements for that specific program.

Decide on the main strengths of your business right now. Don’t apply with a program that considers where your business is weak right now.

Step 2.  Have your information ready to go:

Tip:  Consider all alternative programs that may be a better match for your business now.
Example:  Cash flow and sales averages are down in the last month.    Look at an asset based loan.

Business loans now during Coronavirus covid-19

Step 3. Contact lenders that clearly say they are making small business loans during the Coronavirus Covid-19

Review the programs available and continue to match the strengths combined with the needs of your business in deciding which program you should apply for or not.

Tip: Try to pre-qualify over the phone by calling.   With a representative, match the programs available with your company’s profile. List as much business income, collateral, and documentation of both you can to strengthen your request.

Documentation or proof may include bank statements, tax returns, copy of titles of equipment or vehicles.    List the stronger credit owner first because you will increase your chances for approval and also get higher offers.  For equipment purchases tell the lender how much down you have.

Call or complete an app to those lenders that are open and funding business loans during Coronavirus Covid-19

Step 4. Complete application for funding.

If you are approved, review terms and conditions including down payment requirements, fees and time to close.   If you are not approved contact the lender to discuss available options.

Submit the app to get small business loan options for your business during the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic.

Step 5.  When you are approved, request documents.

Review terms and conditions including any down payment requirements, fees and time to close.  If you are not approved contact the lender to discuss available options.

When you are ready to close, complete all closing items required and receive funding

Your decision on which business loan to close during Coronavirus Covid-19 should be heavily weighted in the short term on how likely your business can re-borrow under that program.


Data Secure 15 Second Info Form Here.

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FAQ Frequently asked questions on how to get a small business loan during Coronavirus (Covid-19)

How can I get a small business loan during Coronavirus Covid-19?

Read what the lender is saying about any lending restrictions.  Ask if they will decline because of recent low sales due to the virus.    Look at every alternative program that is available and ask if they are funding businesses with those programs.  Often there will be other alternative programs that your business can be approved for.

All lenders declined our business because our sales are down during Coronavirus.  What kind of business loan can we get?

Apply for an alternate program.  As mentioned you will want to consider business loans you would not have considered in the past.  These include loans against equipment, vehicles, real estate or accounts receivables.

Our sales are down during this pandemic and also my credit is bad.  Do we have any chance to get a business loan?

There are still business loan options available.   Most of these options will likely asset based collateral loans.    These include business loans against trucks, trailers, construction equipment and real estate.

We need emergency funding for our business because of Coronavirus but no lender is approving because of the virus.   What can we do?

Your business needs to look carefully at what it’s strengths and assets are.  Then you will need to closely match those to programs that are still open, approving and funding.   Securing working capital during this time may be far more critical than details of loan terms during normal conditions.

The emergency sba loans for coronavirus will take too long and have a lot of paperwork I don’t have.    How can we get a business loan faster?

It will likely need to be a program that is asset based such as equipment or real estate.   If your business has maintained it’s cash flow, then there may still be fast options.

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