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Diverse programs for any business type to get a micro business loan between $1,500 and $7,500.   Apply below!

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How to get a micro business loan: 

Estimated Cost: $0
Total Time: 1 Day
Supplies Needed:   Business bank statements,
Time available.
Phone or Computer

  Get a Micro Business Loan under $5,000

Step 1:  Research

Search programs that are the right match for your business profile based on the extremely low amount requested, as well as the type of business and credit.

Step 2: Have your business financial information at hand.

Tip: If your business is having a good sales month so far, then get a month to date statement reflecting company sales since the 1st of the month.

Have your bank statements for the last 3 months ready to go.  Explain any slowdowns in the most recent quarter.

Step 3:  Pick the programs that best match your business profile and apply.

A phone call is still a good idea in this process, so reach out and contact the lender to discuss your situation.

Give the lender your main company profile statistics such as: sales, time in business, credit and type of business.  Ask to be prequalified.

If you decide there is a match, complete an application for funding. Give any information that will help you case regardless if it is required or not.

Step 4:  Ensure closing success.

Review the terms and conditions of any business micro loan offers, since most have such conditions.  For example, closing requirements include information you must provide and actions you must take in order to have a successful closing.

Make sure you can meet all the closing conditions.   Above all, try to negotiate that any you cannot meet be waived or altered to allow closing to take place.

Micro Business Loan Features

1.  As low as $2,000.
2. Limited business cash flow required.
3. Bad credit acceptable.
4. Unsecured and secured options.

1.  Amounts as low as $2,000 

Because amounts go down to $2,000, almost all businesses can cash flow qualify.   Micro business loans this low are much easier to qualify for.

2.   Limited business cash flow required.

Significant cash flow is not needed, but your business will still have to show some revenue.   Don’t expect to qualify if there has not been any recent revenue, especially in the last 30 to 60 days.

3. Bad credit acceptable.

Very low credit scores are often accepted, so scores below 600 are qualifying scores for many programs.   Scores below 550 become increasingly difficult to qualify and scores below 500 are challenging but not disqualifying.

4. Unsecured and secured micro loans are available .

These micro business loan programs have flexible secured and unsecured options, so businesses have several to choose from.

For businesses needing over $7,500, consider bank statement loans or loans against equipment.

FAQ’s: How to get a business micro loan

How much are micro business loans for ?
Most fund businesses between $2,000 and $5,000 but some will go up to $10,000.

Is it easier to qualify for these?

It is easier to qualify, and business sales minimums are lower.  Since there are also fewer restrictions on things like type and time in business, fewer conditions have to be met.

Do I need a business license to qualify ?

Yes, your business must have a business license because the micro loan is in the name of your business.  Still, business licenses can be obtained within days, so register with the secretary of state immediately.

Conclusion:  Almost all businesses can qualify.  

Micro business loans are attractive to apply for because they have fewer requirements to qualify for approval.   Even more, businesses do not need significant cash flow for approval since the loan amount is low.

As a result, get started and apply above for this very favorable small business option today!