How To Get a Month To Date Bank Statement

What is a month to date (MTD) business bank statement?

It is less than a full month and shows the activity since the beginning of the cycle which is usually the beginning of the month.

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Example of the layout lenders want for a month to date bank statement. Give them a .pdf, .jpeg or .png format. Do not give them a .csv or .text type

How to get a MTD month to date bank statement

Estimated Cost: $0 USD
Supply: Bank Statements
Tools: Internet Connection, Desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
Total Time: 10 Minutes

How to Step 1: Print your bank statement:

Open your statement. While online and viewing your statement, right click either on trackpad or mouse and choose print on the drop down menu that pops up. After selecting print, a dialog box pops up.

How to Step 2: Save statement as:

Tip: The print process begins with the same first step. The next dialog box opens. At the top right under Print Destination, select As PDF in the Drop down menu.

View dialog box. At the bottom right, select save. Another dialog box pops up.

How to Step 3: Name the File:

View pop up box. Name the file as you wish and click Save. By clicking Save, the file has been automatically downloaded to your device’s default or chosen download section.

Tip: Include Bank Name, Month, Year and MTD in the name

How to Step 4: Send Month to Date Statement:

Many users are required to send a Month To Date Statement.

Go to your regular email service. Start a normal email. Click Attach. Go to your download & attach the PDF File & send E-Mail once complete.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is a month to date bank statement?

A statement that shows the activity since the beginning of the cycle. The beginning of the cycle is usually the beginning of the month.

Why are lenders asking me for the most recent activity on my account?

Lenders want to see how your business cash flow has been since the beginning of the month. They also want to compare your current cash flow to last month and the most recent months.

What are lenders looking at in a month to date bank statement?

Lenders look at total deposits compared to previous months, the current balance and if the account is overdrawn or currently has a positive balance.   Has there been an increase or drop in month to date revenues? They also look at average balances, the number of deposits and whether there were any overdrafts or nsf’s. Business transfers and other loans received during the month are considered.

Bank Statement Image Formats

The following types are the most common and are supported in all browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera:

1. PDF (Portable document format) is among the most common and preferred layout. It can be opened and viewed by the highest number of programs and devices. If you must send a month to date statement that is not in pdf, try to convert it.

2. JPEG.  Joint Photographic Expert Group image.

3. GIF. Graphics Interchange Format. Common image style.

4. PNG. Portable Network Graphics. Good for compressing files.

5. APNG. Animated Portable Network Graphics.

6. ICO. Microsoft Icon

7. SVG. Scalable Vector Graphics. More commonly used in graphics

Image Format Table

Here are the most common image file types, which are supported in all browsers
(Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera):

Abbreviation File Format File Extension
PDF Portable Document Format .pdf
APNG Animated Portable Network Graphics .apng
GIF Graphics Interchange Format .gif
ICO Microsoft Icon .ico, .cur
JPEG Joint Photographic Expert Group image .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, .pjpeg, .pjp
PNG Portable Network Graphics .png
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics .svg

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What are the lenders looking for?

Total deposits from true business revenue in the current cycle.   Transfers, rebates and other credits that do not look like real business revenue are not counted.

5 or more on average per month is ideal, and more are better.

Expect the loan to be declined with a currently overdrawn account.    The most recent activity shows the current balance.  Make a deposit if overdrawn and then provide a current monthly activity statement.

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