Need a first position merchant cash advance?

Get a  1st first position merchant cash advance.   Same day funding available.  If your business is interested in a 1st position cash advance with low rates available, apply now below:
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How to get first 1st first position cash advance:

  1. Review your funding requirements.  Calculate how much you can afford to pay per day or per week.
  2. Apply with a merchant cash advance company or funder that offers the best  products that match your businesses’ cash flow, credit and time in business.
  3. If your business is approved, review the daily or weekly repayment terms and the merchant contract.  If you agree, submit all the required closing documentation and close  transaction.
  4. Receive funds into your business checking account.

Need a 1st position merchant cash advance?

F.A.Q.’s, Frequently asked questions, comments and requests.

I am looking for a 1st first position merchant cash advance.  Do you offer a 1st first position with lower rates?
Answer:  yes.   You can be approved for a  1st first position and also get rates as low as 1.18.   If you have an existing position now, another benefit is paying off your existing 1st first position cash advance.   Buying out your existing 1st first position will mean you will still only have 1 merchant cash advance position after funding.

We may need funding again later.  Can you help ?

Yes. Renew at 50% and 75% paid down.

“How long is the cash advance for?”

Terms are usually 60 days to 360 days. Options are available for 3, 4 and 5 years if your business qualifies.


Need a 1st position merchant cash advance?
Need a 1st first position merchant cash advance? Lower your daily or weekly payment.

F.A.Q’s. frequently asked questions on getting a first position merchant cash advance

What is a first position merchant cash advance?

A first position cash advance is when you do not have any existing cash advances and get one
advance. This is called a first position

Are there longer term programs available for a first position?

There are longer term programs between 1 year or 252 business days, 18 months or 378 business days, or 2 years and 504 business days available. Fast funding. 1 to 2 hour approvals and same day funding available in many cases.

Is credit important on an initial advance?

Credit is not a main factor. The company’s cash flow is more important.

I need a lower daily payment or a lower weekly payment. Can I get a lower daily payment on a first position cash advance?

Lower daily, weekly and monthly payments are available. Terms can also be extended up to 12 or 15 months or longer to lower your payment.

How can my payment be lower on a 1st position if I have an existing advance?

Your payment can be lowered by buying out your 1st first position merchant cash advance. If the balance of your first position has been paid down more than 50%, then the 1st position can be paid out. A longer term of 12, 15 or 18 months can be approved and your daily payment will be lowered as much as 25% to 50%.

what is the most I can qualify for on a first position?

It depends on your business revenues, average daily balances and the cash flow in the accounts. The more your business deposits, the more it will
qualify for.

Accounts receivables financing
If a merchant cash advance cannot be obtained, a further option is also accounts receivables financing.  When your business has to wait more than 2 weeks to get paid on invoices but needs funding in one or two days, review accounts receivables financing.    Get paid about 75% of the face value of the invoice immediately.   Once the company you have invoiced pays, get the remainder less a 1% to 4% fee.

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