How can I get out of multiple advances?

What are multiple cash advances?

When a business has more than 1 cash advance, they have multiple advances .  Does the example below look like your business?:    

A business has three mca positions:
# 1:   Balance of $20,000 with daily payments at $333 per day.
Merchant has 60 business days left or approximately 3 months.
#2:    Balance of $10,000 with daily payments at $166 per day.
Merchant has 60 days left or 3 months.
#3:  Balance of $5,000 with daily payments of $83 per business day.
Merchant has 60 days left which equals 3 months.

If your business has advances from stacking, complete the secure 30 second application below to rescue your business today!   Get payments you can afford that will not hurt your business, or credit or reputation.
Several options to reduce your daily and weekly cash flow for advances.  Longer term options are also available, such as weekly and monthly payments.

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How you can get out of multiple advances.

  1. Add up and know your total daily, weekly and monthly payments on the advances as well as how much longer you have to pay on them.   Also get your total payoff balances.    Know your approximate credit score.
  2. Search for lenders that either payoff or restructure your debt as earlier options.    Funding programs that recommend you close your business checking account or negotiate a settlement hurt you the most and should be your last possible options.
  3. Choose a program that best matches your business profile for your amount of debt, ability to pay and urgency for a fast loan on any new program that allows you to get out of your advances.
  4. Talk to a representative of the program.   Tell them about your business and ask them about their underwriting criteria.   Try to assess what your chances of approval or being declined are for each program.   Once you find the best matching program, then apply.
  5. If approved, review the terms of the approval.   If you are satisfied, close the transaction.
  6. Receive funds into your business account and begin repayment with improved cash flow.

We have excellent programs with a high approval rate to fix your multiple mca multiple positions problem.  Almost all businesses can improve their cash flow.   Take actions before you have missed mca payments.   Apply above or call us at Tel: 919-771-4177.

Get out of multiple advances today
If your business has several short term advances, contact us and get this solved today.

FAQ Frequently asked Questions on getting out of multiple cash advances:

How can I get out of these without missing payments or defaulting?
You can either pay them all off through a consolidation or refinance them and extend the term several more months. You may qualify to extend the term for up to 10 years.
How much lower can you get my Payment? I need to reduce my payment by half or more. Can you do that?
We have programs available that can reduce your payment between approximately a third to more than half. In some cases your payment can be lowered as much as two thirds.

There are links to several other financing options above and also helpful articles.  Review funding program details below.    We offer free consultation because we want your business to succeed.

Pick your escape from MCA merchant Cash Advances

There are several ways to escape from mca cash advances.  The livelihood of your business may be at risk.  Choose from several options.  Get your cash flow back.  You will get you the best merchant cash advance relief program for your business.   Smallbusinessloansdepot, the first choice for safe merchant cash advance.   Apply below now.
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Pick your escape from MCA merchant cash advances.

Permanent relief from your mca merchant cash advance problem:

1) Call the merchant cash advance companies and negotiate a solution. 
Tell them the pressure on your cash flow has been far greater than you thought and ask if you can negotiate the terms.  If the Merchant Cash Advance company agrees, they normally lower the daily or weekly payment and the term is extended.

2) Try to qualify for a different loan to payoff the merchant cash advances.

Faq frequently asked questions on picking your escape from mca merchant cash advances

What ways can my business escape cash advances?
There are unsecured and secured options. Terms are available that go up to 10 years in some states.Your escape from the cash advances could be a consolidation or a term loan. If the balances are very high then real estate can be used. If the business has extensive and valuable equipment then it can be used to payoff the short term advances.
My credit score is very low. Can I still get out of the advances?
Yes, even with a low credit score you can get out of the daily advances. Many of the other options do not require a very high credit score to either refinance, consolidate or payoff your existing payments.
I want a monthly payment for my business. Will this be a monthly payment to pay these off?
Your business will get the most and best option it qualifies for. Whatever your business qualifies for you will be offered that and you can choose the best option

Options are an asset based loan such a loan against real estate.    There are other loans that may be able to help business cash flow such as Factoring.
Factoring helps you get money owed to you much sooner.
If you cannot get one of these loans and the time left on your advances is only 2 or 3 months, another option is a bank statement loan.  If you can get approved for
6 to 10 month funding that pays off advances you only have 2 to 3 months
left on, then you may be able to extend the term of your existing debt by 7 or 8 months.  This can cut your daily payment by 75%.

3) Ask for a pause in your merchant cash advance payments.  
This works best if your business only needs a pause in the payments.  In most cases, the mca merchant  ash advance companies will stop the payments completely for 1 or 2 weeks.  If you know your business needs much more relief than this, you probably should not request this option as it will not be enough to solve your problem.   If you request temporary relief, then ask for a permanent reduction right away.

Tips and information

Reduce your payments be as much as 25% to 50%.   Some funders give merchants more time to pay it back or a permanent reduction in the payments.    First decide if lower payments are enough.  Will you be able to handle lower payments permanently?
Do cash flow calculations to determine if your business can afford the payments, even if they are lowered as much as 50%.

4) Find a traditional consolidation program
Such a program will payoff the other advances at closing.  This is not a program that advertises consolidation but then sells another cash advance.    If you can qualify for such a consolidation program, it will often be the best choice.   The terms will vary greatly depending on the strength or weakness of your profile.    These programs also have the biggest advantage because they almost always extend the term and lower your payment a lot at the same time.   Break away from merchant cash advances.

escape from mca merchant cash advances
How would you like to escape your mca merchant cash advances?

More drastic measures

5) Hiring and involving an Attorney. 
This option can be considered if you have tried your best to work with the merchant cash advance companies and they did not offer a solution that would allow you to stay in business.   If this happens, consulting an attorney and considering your options may be in your best interest.   It could be that having an attorney contact the merchant cash advance companies to request terms that are sustainable for your business  brings you a better offer.

6) Bankruptcy.
This may be a final but viable option.  In the event you cannot work anything out and you will go out of business, bankruptcy may be the best choice.   Contact a bankruptcy attorney to discuss this.   If you have signed a COJ confession of Judgement, then make your attorney aware the merchant cash advance company has a COJ from you.   Another power the confession of Judgement also gives a creditor is to immediately access and also debit from any bank account you have an any bank.   Bankruptcy may be able to prevent this and allow your true escape from mca merchant cash advances.

Choose one of these options and start on your path to escape from mca merchant cash advances.   Break out and escape from merchant cash advances today!

Stacking Merchant Cash Advances – Fix Stacked Advances Now!

What is stacking merchant cash advances? Businesses that take multiple short term cash advances are stacking cash advances.   Loan stacking may be hurting your cash flow.    Save your business now with several choices to get out of advances, pay them down, or pay them off.   Apply below.

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Stacking merchant cash advances? Tips and steps on fixing
Need emergency rescue from stacked merchant cash advances? Complete fast online app or click on image

Get a 2nd position cash advance or a 3rd position mca advance if your company can handle the payments but did not get enough funding from the 1st position merchant cash advance.

FAQ Frequently asked questions about stacking merchant cash advances

What is stacking merchant cash advances?

Stacking is a term used in the mca merchant cash advance industry when a business has more than 1 merchant cash advance at the same time. Businesses sometimes need a 2nd position merchant cash advance or even a 3rd position mca merchant cash advance.

Can you take out an advance or loan if you already have one?

You can can take out more advances loans if you already have one. If your business has the cash flow to afford more loans then you should be able to get another approval.

Can I get a loan from two different places?

Your business can get a loan from two different places. You will be approved if you meet each lenders requirements. As a result, talk to each lender about your business and how much money it needs.

I have several merchant cash advances. How to I get rid of them?

There are several solutions businesses can take to get out of the problem of multiple cash advances. They can get a monthly payment loan to pay them all off. Another way is to use other funding programs such as accounts receivables. Accounts receivables financing allows you to pay off the advances without even having another loan. In addition, it allows your business to improve it’s cash flow by getting paid sooner on the money it is waiting to collect.

How can my business be approved for a consolidation?

Contact lenders that specialize in consolidating merchant cash advances. They should be able to give you criteria over the phone. If you and the lender agree you have a strong chance of qualifying, consider applying for the consolidation.

Stacked merchant cash advances
Need saving from merchant cash advances? Programs now to get out of stacked advances and save your cash flow and business.

Get a consolidation loan to payoff the advances

Through a consolidation loan for instance, the daily debit payment is lowered and term extended.
How can my business be approved for a consolidation?   Contact lenders that specialize in consolidating merchant cash advances.   They should be able to give you criteria over the phone.   If you and the lender agree you have a strong chance of qualifying, consider applying for the consolidation.

Example of too many stacked cash advances:

A company obtains a first position Merchant Cash Advance, then a 2nd Merchant Cash Advance after the 1st one.   The second (2nd) Cash advance is stacked on top of the first (1st) merchant cash advance.  Then they get a third (3rd) Merchant Cash Advance.   The third (3rd) Merchant Cash Advance is stacked on top of the first (1st) and second (2nd) Merchant Cash advance.
The company’s cash flow is too restricted because it may not be able to pay other critical business expenses.  For instance, the business may not be able to pay for advertising, product development and expansion plans it has.

Stacking Example

Below is an example of how consolidating stacked merchant cash advances works.  The required multiple daily payments that are now being debited from your business checking account take away from critical marketing, inventory, and even being able to meet payroll.  As a result, how can your business solve cash flow problems from stacking merchant cash advances?

Acme, Inc.

Acme, Inc.  has 2 merchant cash advances.
Cash Advance # 1  current balance  $10,000  @ $100 per day.

Cash Advance # 2 current  balance $10,000 @ $100 per day

This merchant has 100 days left paying on these 2 advances.   They are paying $1,000 per week and about $4,000 per month.   On a typical consolidation, they will lower their payment by about 50%, thereby lowering their daily payment from $200 to $100.    This lowers their monthly repayment from $4,000 to $2,000 and saves them $2,000 per month.   Sometimes the savings is even more.

Negotiate with cash advance companies to lower the daily payments

How do you negotiate with cash advance companies to lower the daily payments?

Each cash advance company may have a different policy on negotiating to lower your daily payment.   The Lender will consider your specific situation,  and how the request is handled by the borrower.

Review the basic terms of each current advance because the cash advance company has stipulations in the contract you may violate.  The stipulations may say the borrower cannot obtain another cash advance until the contract is paid off.   This is an example of how you may have already violated the terms of the contract.   As a result, the lender may have the option of declaring a default.  For instance, they may require or demand full payment of the remaining balance immediately.  So review the contract carefully before contacting the cash advance company.

Ask for a lower daily payment

Your business can contact the cash advance company and let them know you cannot handle the daily payment.   You need to have the daily payment lowered for your business to be able to continue making the payment.    You will be asked some questions and may have to complete paperwork.  Ask for a pause or break in the payments

Ask for a pause in payments

If your business is only going through a short term slow period in business, it may be better to ask for a pause in the payments for a week or two.   Funders are less restrictive on pausing payments than they are on lowering the daily payments.

Pay off the cash advances with other loans

If the problem of stacking merchant cash advances cannot be solved through a consolidation or negotiation with the lender, another solution is to pay them off because that will fully solve your problem.   For example, some other types of loans are:
–  Asset based loan.   This can be based on Real Estate, Equipment, or both.
Accounts receivables financing.

You can use the proceeds from one of these other loans to payoff the short term merchant cash advances.    You may be able to extend the term to several years, which can dramatically lower your monthly payments.

Using these strategies and tips are the best ways to lower your daily merchant cash advance payments.

The SBA has tips, suggestions and hints at finding solutions to cash flow problems as well as how to create business plans and other business statements that may be requested for any type of financing transaction.

Consolidate merchant cash advances

How to consolidate merchant cash advances.  Many businesses have multiple mca merchant cash advances through stacking cash advances and are looking for major relief to lower their daily and weekly payments.   A regular consolidation and reverse consolidation are ways to improve cash flow by as much as 25% to 50%.

How to get a merchant cash advance consolidation:

  1. Calculate how much you can afford to pay per day, week and month compared
    to what you are paying now.
  2. Research and contact companies that offer consolidation programs that match your business needs and daily budget.
  3. Review the qualification requirements and choose from programs that you have the best chance to qualify for.
  4. Do not get another mca merchant cash advance during the term of the consolidation.

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FAQ Frequently asked questions on merchant cash advance consolidation.

What is a merchant cash advance consolidation?
A merchant cash advance consolidation is usually one large loan used to payoff several smaller cash advances.  The goal is to lower total daily payments by extending the term, lowering the rate, or both. However, there are several programs that work differently to lower your payments. Not all of these programs will help your business, so contact us to discuss
I want a merchant cash advance consolidation. How do I qualify?
Keep paying all your current advances on time
Wait until 30 days after the most recent cash advance if possible before applying for a consolidation.   Most consolidation requests are declined if a business took out a cash advance in the last 30 days.    Lenders want to see how a business is paying the most recent advance before a consolidation request is approved.
Your business should not have more than five overdrafts or five NSFs per month.  Then complete the 30 second application above.
How can I get the best Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation?
Complete the one page application.  Provide information on the existing advances.  Give the approximate balance and the daily payment.   List how many months are left on the existing merchant cash advances.  Determine how much per day, week and month your business can afford.
A business may be able to cut their monthly payment up to 50% to 75%.   As an example a business has a $3000 monthly payment on two merchant cash advances combined.   By paying those off with one 48 month loan, the payment can be cut as much as $1750 per month.  By doing so the business now has an extra $1750 per month  cash flow.   It can use the savings for other business expenses.
How much can I save per day or per week?
In most cases, your business can lower payments between 25% and 50%.
How does the consolidation work?
Your business submits an application and the most recent three months bank statements. Your business cash flow is analyzed to determine what your business can successfully pay in full. If it is determined that your business can pay a lower amount for a longer term, an offer may be made. Your current advances are either paid off or the daily payment is covered while you pay a much lower amount for a longer period of time.
Do you offer reverse consolidations?
Yes, we offer reverse consolidation options
What is a reverse consolidation
In reverse consolidation of mca merchant cash advances the merchant lowers their daily as well as weekly and monthly payments by having their total debt extended for a longer period of time

h5>How does a reverse consolidation work?

In a reverse consolidation, the current mca merchant cash advances are covered and paid on a weekly basis. An amount equal to one week of all mca payments are deposited into the business checking account of the merchant. The business then makes a reduced longer term daily payment to repay the reverse consolidation financing. The consolidation financing is for a longer term and often a lower rate than the merchants current mca advances. This allows the merchant to have a lower daily payment and improve their daily and weekly cash flow. Payments are often between 20% to 50% lower than their current advances.
Can you consolidate business debt?
You can consolidate business debt. There are several programs available to consolidate business debt. Other consolidation programs include consolidating merchant cash advances. Real Estate or other assets may be required to qualify for the consolidation of business debt. Some program options include a monthly payment and favorable early payoff options. Other features include higher consolidation approval amounts with high credit bureau scores or using real estate or other assets as collateral.

These businesses want to consolidate mca merchant cash advances, which consolidating an ach loan, or consolidating and ach business loan.    If your business does, it may be able to consolidate merchant cash advances into 1 loan.    Your business may also be able to extend out the term of the advances.   We can assist in paying off 2, 3 or 4 other advances and lowing your payment by as much as 50% or more.

Some businesses have more than one merchant cash advance. Some businesses have 2, 3 or more short term advances.  Due to the monthly cash flow impact, they cannot pay the advances and need cash flow relief.  They need to either consolidate or extend the term.   Consolidation and extending the term is an ideal solution.

Funding can be advanced to allow your business to consolidate merchant cash advances into 1 loan.

Tips on how to get approved for a cash advance consolidation:

–  Keep paying all your current advances on time before applying for a consolidation.
–   Wait until 30 days after the most recent cash advance to apply for a consolidation.   Most consolidation requests be declined if a business took out it’s most recent advance in the last 30 days.    Lenders want to see how a business is paying it’s most recent debt before it agrees to approve a consolidation application.
–  Don’t have more than 5 overdrafts or 5 NSF’s per month.

Consolidate merchant cash advances
Consolidate your merchant cash advances today.

Common concerns and requests we hear:

– I need a mca merchant cash consolidation.
– Help me consolidate my mca merchant cash advances.
– I need to lower my merchant cash advance daily debits.
– My merchant cash advances are devastating my business
– I need help immediately from mca merchant cash advances”
– Please help me save my business.   My cash advances are suffocation my cash flow destroying my business.

Frequent consolidation program features:
– No net funding requirement.
– Any number of positions consolidated.
There are daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly repayment options for several consolidation options and loans.
We try to tie payment frequency to your deposit volume.  In consolidations, the main things at are looked at are:

The repayment history on current advances.

– If we are materially cheaper, and if your business has been able to pay your existing higher cost advances with minimal NSFs, we will aggressively pursue a consolidation.
– Deposit volume and consistency are reviewed.  If deposits vary significantly from month to month, we will typically look at the lowest month when calculating an amount to offer.  Up to 1.25 times your deposits with a 6 to 12 month term are offered.
– (NSF) insufficient funds and overdraft frequency are looked at.

Other features of the Merchant Cash Advance and other loan products:

1. Advances are available in almost all states EXCEPT California.   Term loans are available.

Merchant cash advance consolidation benefits

2. Your future consolidation advance acts like more of a line of credit than a typical advance — a merchant can request additional capital at anytime from us.  We will quickly re-underwrite it with no fee and offer additional funds and keep your scheduled payment the same.

You do not have to pay off our advance with us in order to get more capital.  This holds true if your business requests more capital after one month, or after six months.  Your business saves money at renewal. Your business will not pay interest on interest if you renew for premium programs.

– No origination or underwriting fees unless three or more advances are consolidated.  Then those fees are still lower, $250 to consolidate 3 to 4 advances, $500 to $750 for 5 or more advances).  No NSF fees or other junk fees are charged.
– The maximum initial advance or loan is $100,000.
– This is first position funding only.   This funding can be the only funding following a consolidation.  A standard line of credit, credit card split loan, traditional bank loan.
– SBA loan, car loan, student loans and home loans can be left in place.
– Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payment options are available.
Your business may need help creating a business plan.  The SBA can also assist with ideas and programs to develop a business plan.

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