Alternatives to merchant cash advance

Alternatives to merchant cash advance

There are several types of business loans that are alternatives to merchant cash advance and ach bank loan.  Many businesses can qualify for these other options.  Call us for several other options to the daily and weekly repayment merchant cash advance loan.

Complaints about mca merchant cash advance financing , constantly heard from customers and we can provide answers and relief.
– mca’s too expensive need alternative 
– Lower rate mca’s 
– Predatory mca’s 
– Don’t like mca’s   
– Mca’s are too short term 
– Need longer term Loan

If you need a business loan instead of an ach merchant cash advance, apply below now.

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Frequent complaints:
– “I hate this cash advance”.  “These cash advances are killing my business.”
– “Cash advance is too short”; These cash advances are killing me;
Some customers call in and tell us, “The cash advance company lied to me”; The cash advance company won’t work with me.  They won’t lower the payments.   How do I get out of it?  

Most customers just say that they don’t want a cash advance.   They say they need funding but they don’t want a merchant cash advance.   They ask for longer terms such as 24 months or 36 months.

Longer term mca consolidation programs are being offered by some alternative funders to improve or rescue businesses from cash flow emergencies.    One asset based loan program is a real estate cash advance program.  It offers longer terms and higher dollar amounts.

Getting this help is sometimes the difference between the life and death of a business.
Consolidation programs are being offered by some alternative funders to improve or rescue businesses from cash flow emergencies.  Getting this help is sometimes the difference between the life and death of some businesses.

Alternatives to a merchant cash advance
Other options to a merchant cash advance

What are alternatives to the merchant cash advance loan and ach daily repayment loans?

Businesses may qualify for several options that are not daily repayment loans as well as weekly repayment loans.   They include Factoring,  real estate backed loans, business Lines of credit,  and an asset based loan.

Most frequent requests and calls include the following:
We want another option to the merchant cash advance.  Other calls include:
“I need another loan instead of the merchant cash advance”
“I don’t want a daily repayment loan”, or “no daily repayment”,
as well as “I don’t want a merchant cash advance”.   Many callers
will just say they “want a monthly payment loan”
Cheaper mca merchant cash advances

Need a lower rate merchant cash advance?   Contact us for low rate cash advance options. Rates as low as the low teens.

Longer term mca merchant cash advances

Most merchant cash advances are for between 3 and 9 Months.    Much longer term options are available.   Get a 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and up to 24 Month mca merchant cash advance.

Other options than the merchant cash advance
Business have other needs including money to pay for inventory.  Consider information on how to get money for product orders. Monthly repayment business loans.
Accounts Receivables financing
There are significant benefits to the accounts receivables financing, also known as
factoring.   The  biggest benefit may be that it is not a loan.   Another big advantage is
that they are not really an advance of future receivables.  Your business is
not getting money now in advance of money it will earn in the future.
In fact, it is the opposite.

With factoring, your business gets money that
it already earned and is owed for a relatively small fee, between 1.5% and 5%.   There
is no daily or weekly payment, since your business is getting money that
is due to it.
asset based loans, asset based business loans or a loan against equipment.
These loans are almost all monthly repayment loans and normally begin
with terms starting at 12 months to 60 months.   Some have even longer terms, especially if they include real estate.
real estate backed loans
As mentioned above, real estate backed asset backed business loans will be monthly payment loans, not daily or weekly repayment loans.

Get a different business loan than the merchant cash advance mca or ach business loan

Businesses that have been denied by a lender for an mca merchant cash advance may have to get a business loan another way.   Consider one of the options above.   You can call
one of the representatives to discuss the options.   Call us at Tel: 919-771-4177 and a representative will be glad to discuss which options may be best for your business.

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Alternative Loans

Alternative Loans for businesses

This article will assist small businesses in learning where to find and secure alternative loans.  A full range of topics will be discussed.   This includes:

The formation of businesses, business credit, loan types and amounts.  Hispanic business loan and other hurdles to minority business loans are considered.   LGBT and gay friendly loan resources are provided.  Also included is how they all affect a business’s ability in obtaining credit.    A number of topics will be detailed and address subjects known by very few business owners nor discussed by credit specialists.    Many of these are critical for businesses to understand in order to secure credit.

Topics include how to apply for a small business loan.   Things not do when applying for a small business loan will be discussed.   Businesses do not need to try to apply for the highest loan possible or use just one loan type to get financing.
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Many business owners request the highest amount possible when applying for a business loan.   This is not the best approach.   If a business requests too much they may be declined simply for asking for too much.   A business may qualify for $100,000.   However, if they apply for $150,000, they may be declined because they do not qualify for $150,000.   If the business only wants $100,000, they should only apply for $100,000.

A business does not need to get all the capital they need from one program and one loan.   A business may be able to get $50,000 on an asset based loan and another $50,000 through a business line of credit.  This tactic will allow the business to obtain all of what they need rather than only getting $50,000 if they had applied for one type of loan.

When forming the business, the business owner should pick the business type they think they will stay with for a few years.   If the begin as a sole proprietor then switch to a Corporation after only 1 year, they should probably start as a Corporation.

Small Business Loan Resources:

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