Business Bank Account Verification and Login

A Bank verification or bank login is often required to complete a financing transaction. Unsecured transactions that depend on the cash flow of the borrower are more likely to have this requirement. Programs available that do not require a bank login or decisionlogic check.


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Examples of Example of verification of information are many including a business loan closing call.
There are business loan options that often do not require a business bank account verification.  Click below for a business loan for funding that handles this issue!

Faq, frequently asked questions on bank account verification and login

What is a bank account verification?

A bank verification is when a lender validates the transaction information on statements used to approve a loan request.

Is my account information kept safe?

Your information is encrypted and 100% safe. Your account is not accessed. Nothing can be changed, transacted, or altered and information is confirmed in read-only.

Why do lenders want to verify my bank account?

Some lenders want confirmation of bank information as a general anti fraud effort. They do so by checking to make sure that the real activity seen in the account matches what is on the bank statements. Alterations of statements occurs to the extent that this verification must be done before funds are wired to customers.

How does the lender verify my account information?

Underwriting sends out a verification link, usually via DecisionLogic, a leader in the industry. The customer completes the link which verifies the account. The verification is done after an approval and just before closing.

Who sees my bank information?

Only underwriting sees the information to complete the funding process. Once verification is complete, the customer is funded.

What does read only mean?

Read-only means that the viewer of information can only see and read information. They cannot take any actions or make any changes. It is like looking at a traditional picture.

How a Bank verification and Bank Login works

Information on how bank accounts are verified: Examples of bank account verification including DecisionLogic, joinme, and 3 way telephone verification.

Did you know?

Bank verification requests can be totally secure.   The borrower’s account is not accessed and no activity can be done during the verification.   The transfer of information is encrypted.   The verifier cannot make transfers, credit, debits or changes of any kind.

Other methods include the Account Holder accessing their own Account.  Once they have accessed their account, the verification department sees the same screen.   However, it is a “Read Only”.

Applicants sometimes express concern about verification and also being asked to provide bank access information required for closing.     Using the methods above, their Account will be secure and no one else will have access to their business checking account.    This is often accomplished through one of 3 methods:
– Decisionlogic
– Joinme
– 3 way telephone verification

In addition,  the Account holder can change their password after the verification has been completed.    If they use the dual screen method, they can be sure that the other party only sees the Account Screen.   The lender that verifies Banking Information does not see the login screen and does not even see the password the Account holder is entering.

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